April (2) 2024 Candygrams

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Saturday, April 20, 2024---USC Women’s Water Polo Senior Day

Trojan Candy and my husband Jim arrived early at the Uytengsu Aquatics Center for the Women Water Polo Senior Day.

video 0382
I took this video of the big heads of all the Women of Troy Water Polo Seniors that were displayed near the pool.
video 0022
After the USC Water Polo team finished warming up in the pool, the entire team walked over for the Senior Ceremony. Jim recorded the entire presentation.

Unfortunately, at this point, my Sony camera was accidently set to brighten up the pictures that I was taking. This resulted in unusable pictures. When I noticed what was happening, I changed to another camera. So sorry that I missed so many photographs of the ceremony. However, most of the still pictures below were captured from the videos.

Here is the rest of the ceremony that I photographed and videorecorded.

video 0386
The first Senior was #10 Brooklyn Aguilera. She was greeted by Director of Operations Vanessa Rideau and Coach Casey Moon. Then she was joined by her mother Noel Gittelman and sister Ella.
video 0386
Noel, Ella, and Brooklyn.
video 0387
Senior #12 Alejandra Aznar was next.
video 0387
Alejandra Aznar.
video 0388
#18 Molly Glad was hugged by Vanessa Rideau and greeted by Coach Casey Moon. Her mother Tricia joined her.
video 0388
Molly Glad.
video 0389
Senior #13 Abigail Hendrix’s was next. She was greeted by Vanessa Rideau and Coach Moon. Her parents Wendy and Fred joined her.
video 0389
Vanessa presented a bouquet to Abigail as her parents watched.
video 0390
Trojan Candy took a second video of Abigail’s family.
video 0391
Vanessa Rideau presented flowers to USC Senior #8 Julia Janov as Coach Moon put a lei around her neck.
video 0391
Julia is about to be lei'ed.
video 0395
Senior #9 Hannah Meyer walked up with a big smile.
Hannah's parents Mike and Linda joined in a picture with Coach Moon.
video 0398
The last Senior who was honored was #1 Goalie Carolyne Stern.
Carolyne posed with her mother Jenny, Coach Moon, and father Bill.
This Sony camera picture of all seven USC Water Polo Seniors was photoshopped to the best that could be done.


Friday, April 19, 2024---USC Women of Troy Tennis Senior Day

Trojan Candy and my husband Jim were at Marks Stadium for the Women of Troy's tennis match against crosstown rival UCLA. It was also Senior Day for the Women. Thanks to Coach Alison Swain, Trojan Candy was allowed on the court to take pictures of the 2024 Women of Troy Tennis Seniors.

Trojan Candy took pictures of the parents as they waited for the ceremony to start.

Snow Han’s parents, Jingsong Huang and Xing Han, who came from Wuhan, China, smiled for me.
Naomi Cheong’s parents, Claudia Yang and Renato Cheong, smiled for me next.
Trojan Candy took this picture of Eryn Cayetano with her parents, Noralyn and Edades.
Four people smiled for the last picture I took before the ceremony started. They are the parents and grandparents of McKenna Koenig.
video 0021
Before the ceremony started, there was a video (recorded by Jim) shown on the scoreboard honoring the 2024 Seniors.
Then, the ceremony began. Isabelle Lee (1/21/2022)was honored first.
Isabelle’s twin sister Gabrielle Lee (1/21/2022) was honored secondly.
Snow Han (1/21/2022) was the third Senior honored. She posed with her parents Xing Han and Jingsong Huang.
Then, Senior Naomi Cheong posed with her parents, Claudia Yang and Renato Cheong.
The fifth Senior to be honored was McKenna Koenig (1/21/2022). McKenna posed with her grandparents Jim and Lynn Gabriel on her right and her proud mom Julie and dad William on her left.
The last Senior to be honored was Eryn Cayetano (1/21/2022). She was accompanied by her sister Edalyn, her mom Noralyn, and her dad Edades.

CONGRATULATIONS, Isabelle, Gabrielle, Snow, Naomi, McKenna, and Eryn!

Then, Trojan Candy took a picture of the six Seniors with the coaches. On the left were Coaches Elizabeth Begley and George Wang. On the right was Head Coach Alison Swain.
In my last picture, the entire team joined the Seniors and coaches.

KEEP FIGHTING ON, FOREVER, Women of Troy Tennis!