May (3) 2020 Candygrams

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Thursday, May 14, 2020---2020 USC Student-Athlete Graduation Celebration Part 3

The galleries are from screen captures of the Student-Athlete Graduation Celebration.


from video
Lauren Blonien, Mireille Codjia, Sawyer Chenen, and Katarzyna Pilch
from video
Lena Schroder, Astrid Steensberg, and Alice Thompson

It was so fortunate that Trojan Candy was able to take pictures at the 2019 "A Day in Troy" that occurred before the Women of Troy basketball game vs. Utah (3/3/2019). It was there that I was able to take pictures of USC athletes signing autographs for the kids. The USC sports that were represented were Track and Field, Soccer, Rowing and Golf.

Trojan Candy was able to meet and take pictures of four 2020 Rowing Seniors when they were Juniors.

7921Senior Rower Lauren Blonien at far left smiled for this picture. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Lauren!

7926My second picture was of three 2020 Rowing Seniors. Lena Schroder, Katarzyna Pilch and Astrid Steensberg smiled and posed for me. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Lena, Katarzyna and Astrid!


from video
Julia Bingham, Samantha Bruder, Kaylie Collins, Emity Cuthbert, Jessica Haidet, and Alea Hyatt
from video
Natalie Jacobs, Megan McCashland, Taylor Brenna McMorrow, Daria Petredes, Ashleigh Plumptre, and Jalen Woodward

7918On Sunday, March 3, 2019, Trojan Candy took a picture of 2020 Soccer Senior Jessica Haidet at "A Day in Troy" that took place before the Women of Troy basketball game vs. Utah. Jessica is pictured on the left. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Jessica!


from video
Joao Ama, Piper Brockley, Kyle Grissom, Louise Hansson, and Mark Jurek
from video
Catherine-Elizabeth Sanchez, Alex Valente, Carsten Vissering, and Tatum Wade

3129At the September 21, 2018 USC football game vs. WSU, two 2020 USC Swimming Seniors, who were sophomores in 2018, were honored on the Coliseum Big Screen. 2020 Senior Carsten Vissering won his NCAA Championship Title in the Men's 200 yard Medley Relay Team. The second 2020 Senior Louise Hansson won her NCAA Championship Title in the 100 yard Butterfly. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Carsten! Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Louise!

4060Senior Louise Hansson was honored another time on the Coliseum Big Screen during the USC vs Stanford football game on September 7, 2019. Louise won her second NCAA Championship Title in the 200 yard Butterfly. Congratulations again and FIGHT ON, Louise!

Men's and Women's Tennis

from video
Brandon Holt, Rae Lan, and Riley Smith
from video
Constance Branstine, Angela Kulikov, Sydney Van Alphen, and Rebecca Weissmann

My husband Jim and I love to go to USC Men's and Women's Tennis matches. Our Men's Tennis Team was ranked #1 in the polls before the novel coronavirus shut down all spring sports. Here are the Seniors on the Men's Team---Brandon Holt, Rae Lan, and Riley Smith.

Trojan Candy interviewed Brandon Holt when he was a freshman on April 14, 2017.
I took this picture of Brandon and his mom Tracy Austin at a tennis fund raiser on November 15, 2018. It's been so nice to watch Brandon play great competitive tennis for almost four years. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Brandon!
Rae Lan is sitting far right with his teammates (5/13/2017). Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Rae!
Trojan Candy interviewed Riley Smith on November 15, 2018.
Riley and Brandon Holt were Double's partners from their freshmen year in 2017. Here they are playing together on January 29, 2017. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Riley!

Now, meet our 2020 Women of Troy Tennis Seniors---Constance Branstine, Angela Kulikov, Sydney Van Alphen and Becca Weissmann.

Trojan Candy interviewed Constance Branstine at the 2018 Women's Tennis banquet (4/13/2018).
Constance posed with 2020 Seniors Becca Weissmann and Angela Kulikov and 2019 Senior Rianna Valdes at a tennis fundraiser (11/15/2018). Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Constance!
Trojan Candy interviewed Angela Kulikov at the Women of Troy tennis banquet on April 5, 2019.
Angela posed with Gabby Smith and Madison Westby at the 2018 Women's Tennis banquet (4/13/2018). Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Angela!
Sydney Van Alphen was with her mom Lisa and her friend Patricia at the 2018 Women's Tennis banquet (4/13/2018).
Here is Sydney in action vs. UCLA (2/28/2020). Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Sydney!
The last 2020 Women's Tennis Senior is Becca Weissmann. I interviewed Becca at the 2018 Women's Tennis banquet (4/13/2018).
Here is Becca in action on the court on January 30, 2019. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Becca!

Track and Field

from video
Alexander Barnum, Chloe Berry, Chanel Brissett, Nathan Bultman, Damiano Carrioli, and Courtney Corrin
from video
Matthew Myrtue, Colette Putnam, Twanisha Terry, Kamryn Weber, and Joshua Zavala

7952Trojan Candy was able to take a picture of the USC Track and Field Seniors at their annual banquet at Town and Gown on December 1, 2019.

4370I also took two videos of the 2020 Seniors as they were introduced. In the first video the Seniors were Chloe Berry, Nicolaus Jakowec, Isaiah Jewett, Captain Matthew Myrtue, Kamryn Weber, Josh Zavala, Damiano Carrioli, Michael Gonzalez Jr (9/1/2018), Darryl Shaw, Nathan Bultman, Captain Matthew Katnik, Jason Kim and Collette (CoCo) Putnam. Sorry, Collette, my camera went blurry.

Trojan Candy was able to take additional pictures of three Seniors who were in the first video.

Trojan Candy interviewed Michael Gonzalez at Heritage Hall on 9/1/2018. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Michael!
Isaiah Jewett ran a great 800m race in the meet against the Bruins on 4/28/2019. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Isaiah!
My last Senior from the first video was Matt Katnik. Matt wore his cap and gown at the 2019 Student-Athlete Graduation Ceremony (5/9/2019). Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Matt!
My second video of the 2020 Seniors is shorter. The Seniors were Angie Annelus, Alexander Barnum, Captain Anna Cockrell, Kyra Constantine and Mecca McGlaston.

Trojan Candy was able to take additional pictures of all five Seniors in the second video.

Alexander Barnum stood in Lane 5 of the 100 meters race against the Bruins in 2019. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Alexander!
Angie Annelus celebrated our win in the 4x100 relay over the Bruins in 2019. From left to right were teammates TeeTee Terry, Lanae-Tava Thomas and Angie.
Anna Cockrell graduated last year, presented her speech at the 2019 Student-Athlete Graduation Ceremony, and posed in her gown for Trojan Candy. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Anna!
from Ray
Kyra Constantine celebrated her anchor victory against the Bruins in the 4x400m relay in 2019. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Kyra!
The fifth Senior Mecca McGlaston was getting ready in lane #6 in the 100m hurdles versus the Bruins in 2019. Our Women ran 1-2-3-4! Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Mecca!
TeeTee Terry was not in either video but I did interview TeeTee (2/6/2020) at the Half Century Trojans event for Going Back to College Day. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, TeeTee!