April 2018 (4) Candygrams

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Saturday, April 14, 2018---A Friend at the Women of Troy Tennis Match

Jordan DunnAs Trojan Candy was sitting in the Marks Tennis Stadium waiting for the Women of Troy Tennis match vs Arizona State to start, I saw a familiar face. She was Women of Troy Volleyball Senior Jordan Dunn.

I went over to catch up with her. Jordan told me that she is working for the USC Athletic Department until she graduates in May and starts her full-time job. Jordan said that after graduation on Friday, May 11th, she will travel to Greece and Italy with friends for two months. Then, she will start working at KPMG Accounting.

Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Jordan!

Friday, April 13, 2018---Women of Troy Tennis Banquet

Trojan Candy saw my Women of Troy Tennis Team defeat Arizona 4-0 earlier in the day (See the article on the Previous Page). Now it was time to go to our first Women's Tennis banquet ever. It was located in the lobby of Heritage Hall.

Alison Swain, Constance Branstine, Angela Kulikov, Alexa Corcoleotes, Becca Weismann and Kristina HovsepyanAs soon as my husband Jim and I walked into the lobby, we saw some of the team watching a video that was showing team activities and highlights of the past year. Trojan Candy had Coach Alison Swain, Constance Branstine, Angela Kulikov, Alexa Corcoleotes, Becca Weismann and volunteer Assistant Coach Kristina Hovsepyan pose for my first picture.

Alison Swain, Constance Branstine, Angela Kulikov, Alexa Corcoleotes, Becca Weismann and Kristina HovsepyanI was able to take a picture of Senior Madison Westby and finally interview her. Madison majored in Communication. As a child, Madison started playing tennis when she was ten years old. She also played volleyball and basketball. She chose USC because she loved the "tradition" and the "culture." Also, her grandfather was a big fan of USC. On a more personal level, Madison's favorite food is chocolate peanut butter ice cream. "The Blind Side" is her favorite movie. When asked about her hobby, Madison said that it is being with her family. She said that her older brothers still call her "Princess." FIGHT ON, Madison!

Allie, Leslie, Madison, Mark and Chase Westby
Madison's family joined her for this picture. Sister-in-law Allie, mom Leslie, Madison, dad Mark and brother Chase Westby.
Madison Westby and Gabby Smith
Then, fellow Senior and roommate Gabby Smith (2/10/2018) joined Madison.

Becca WeismannNow, Trojan Candy was looking for another teammate to interview. I found Gabby's double partner sophomore Becca Weissmann. Becca transferred from L.S.U. She told me that USC was her "dream school" since she was a high school sophomore. Trojan Candy is certainly glad that Becca is a Trojan now! More personally, Becca is majoring in Health and Human Services. She loves to be in the outdoors in nature and to go hiking. Becca loves to read Nickolas Sparks books and romance novels like "Titanic." "Remember the Titans" is her favorite movie. As for her favorite foods, they are Mexican food and the salad bar at Whole Foods. Becca is one of seven children. Most of her family lives in Colorado, but her older brother Ryan lives in Los Angeles. FIGHT ON, Becca!

Cuyapi Jacobson, Gabby Smith, Scott Jacobson and Madison Westby
I saw friend Scott Jacobson and his wife Cuyapi enter the lobby doors. They met Seniors Gabby Smith and Madison Westby first.
Trojan Candy, Gabby Smith, Madison Westby and Jim Yee
Next, Trojan Candy had a tennis teammate take a picture of my husband Jim and me with Gabby and Madison.
Gabby Smith, Sydney Van Alphen and Madison Westby
Now, various tennis teammates wanted to take pictures with Gabby and Madison. Sydney Van Alphen.
Gabby Smith, Constance Branstine and Madison Westby
Constance Branstine.
Gabby Smith, Becca Weissmann and Madison Westby
Becca Weissmann.
Gabby Smith, Alexa Corcoleotes and Madison Westby
Alexa Corcoleotes.
Gabby Smith, Angela Kulikow and Madison Westby
Angela Kulikow.
Ryan and Becca Weissmann and Angela Kulikov
It was now time to be seated for dinner. At our table were Becca's brother Ryan, Becca and Angela Kulikov to our left.
Constance Branstine, Darian and Kristina Hovsepyan
On our right were teammate Constance Branstine, Trainer Darian and Volunteer Assistant Coach Kristina Hovsepyan.

The program started after dinner.

Alison Swain
Head Coach Alison Swain welcomed everyone and then spoke about Seniors Gabby and Madison.
Alison Swain
Then, Coach Swain gave pictures to Gabby and Madison.
Chris Wootten, Madison Westby, Alison Swain, Gabby Smith and Kristina Hovsepyan
Coaches Wootten and Hovsepyan joined Madison, Coach Swain and Gabby in this picture.

Two teammates spoke fondly of Gabby.

Angela Kulikov
Angela Kulikov went first.
Becca Weissmann
Then it was Becca Weissmann's turn.
Sydney Van Alphen
Now it was Madison's turn to be toasted. Sydney Van Alphen spoke highly of her.
Constance Branstine
Constance Branstine followed with more praise about Madison.
Madison Westby and Gabby Smith
The program closed with Madison and Gabby reminiscing about their four years at USC and thanking everyone who helped them along the way.
Greg, Margie, Madison, and Gabby Smith and Madison, Leslie, Mark, Allie and Chase Westby
Trojan Candy now roamed around taking even more pictures. Gabby's and Madison's families posed together.
Angela Kulikov, Kristina Hovsepyan, Alison Swain, Madison Westby, Alexa Corcoleotes, Christopher Wootten, Constance Branstine, Sydney Van Alphen, Becca Weissmann, Gabby Smith and Darian
Then the team gathered for a group picture.
Angela Kulikov, Alexa Corcoleotes, Sydney Van Alphen and Constance Branstine
Four teammates stood together for my picture. Angela Kulikov, Alexa Corcoleotes, Sydney Van Alphen and Constance Branstine.
Sydney and Lisa Van Alphen and Patricia
Sydney Van Alphen's mother Lisa and her mother's friend Patricia came to meet me.

Constance BranstineMy last picture of the evening was for my last interview. Constance Branstine played at UCI for one year before transferring to USC. She is a Sophomore majoring in Communications. Constance has many hobbies. She is so competitive, so that is why she likes to play games. Constance likes to go to the beach, play tennis with her two sisters and have family tennis matches. Her favorite food is Iced Coffee from Starbucks. Before matches Constance likes to listen to many kinds of music. Country, Alternative, Disco and Hip Hop are her favorites. Her two favorite movies are "Boogey Nights" and, like Madison, "The Blind Side." FIGHT ON, Constance!

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Tennis!