April 2017 (4) Candygrams

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Saturday, April 15, 2017---USC Spring Football Game

As soon as Trojan Candy entered the Coliseum to see the USC Spring Football game, I saw the Athletic Department merchandise table crowded beyond belief. The throng wanted to buy USC apparel and souvenirs. I managed to push my way in to the table from the outside. I bought lots of USC items for my four grandsons and me too.

Then, I met my sister Patti Poon, brother-in-law Dudley, and friend Michael Yee in the stands.

Spirit of Troy
The Spirit of Troy was on the field.
Our placekickers practiced on the field.
Red team
The red team was on the west side.
White team
The white team was at the east side.
Red team
Red team again
Both teams
Both teams were together.
Song Girls and the Spirit of Troy
The Song Girls and the Spirit of Troy performed for the fans.
Team and former players
The Spring Practice Team and some former players were on the field.

At this point of the Spring Practice, Trojan Candy had to leave and walk to the Marks Tennis Stadium. The USC Men's Tennis Team was going to honor its three Seniors. The ceremony will be my next blog article.

FIGHT ON, USC Football!

Friday, April 14, 2017---USC Men's Tennis vs. Arizona

Trojan Candy arrived at Marks Stadium just in time to watch the Men's Tennis match with Arizona.

Jack Jaede and David Laser
Head Coach Peter Smith included Senior David Laser in the Double's lineup with Jack Jaede on Court 3.
Laurens Verboven and Nick Crystal
Senior Nick Crystal (3/31/2017) played on Court 2 with his partner Laurens Verboven.
Riley Smith and Brandon Holt
Center Court featured Freshmen Riley Smith and Brandon Holt.

USC won the Double's Point to go ahead 1-0 over Arizona.

Jack Jaede was the first to win his singles match, and Brandon Holt followed suit on Court 1.

Riley Smith
Riley Smith won his Single's Match on court six 6-4, 6-2 to secure a USC victory over Arizona 4-0.
The scoreboard shows the other two winners, Jack Jaede and Brandon Holt.
Peter and Riley Smith
Head Coach Peter Smith, Riley's dad, congratulated him.
Riley Smith
Pac-12 broadcasters from the booth upstairs interviewed Riley after the match.
Riley and Tanner Smith
Trojan Candy saw it coming, but I couldn't videorecord it fast enough. Tanner Smith, Riley's older brother and teammate, "creamed" him!
Riley Smith
Riley was a "good sport" and finished the interview.

Tanner SmithHere is Tanner with the incriminating evidence.

Brandon HoltAfter the match, Trojan Candy stayed upstairs with the hope of interviewing Freshman Brandon Holt's mom, Tracy Austin. However I saw Brandon walking up the stairs. I had to do it! I walked up to Brandon and asked if I could take his picture and interview him. Brandon graciously said, "Yes." Brandon started playing tennis when he was four years old! He grew up holding a tennis racket and hitting tennis balls. That has truly paid off now! Brandon has two brothers. His older brother Dylan also attends USC and is a manager for the Tennis team. Brandon's younger brother Sean is a Freshman at Palos Verdes High School and also plays tennis. More personally, macaroni and cheese is Brandon's favorite food. His favorite movie is "Gladiator." As for television, Brandon likes "Sons of Anarchy" and "Breaking Bad" the best. Brandon told me that he could have gone to Stanford, UCLA, or USC. Now that he is a Trojan, Brandon told me that USC treats its athletes very well. FIGHT ON, Brandon!

Stan, Brandon, and Fredith HoltWith the interview finished, Brandon walked over to greet his grandparents. He introduced me to Stan and Fredith Holt. Fredith told me that her father's name was Fred and her mother's name was Edith. Hence, Fredith! Fredith was a Special Education Teacher in Missouri. A teacher, just like yours truly. Now, I know why I liked her at first sight!

Tracy and Brandon HoltThen, before I left, I was able to take this cute picture of Brandon with his mom Tracy Austin. Tracy told me that she is so glad that Brandon is a Trojan. Me too!