September 2018 (1) Candygrams

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Saturday, September 8, 2018---USC vs. Stanford

Field goalMy husband Jim and I drove up north for the USC Football game versus the Stanford Cardinal. Unfortunately, our Men of Troy could not sustain very many scoring drives and lost 17-3. Trojan Candy did videorecord our only score, a field goal in the third quarter. (video 3043)

The game was not a complete loss. Normally, in the Coliseum, we sit on the south side, far away from the band. But, in this game Jim and I were sitting with the USC Band, Song Girls, Yell Leaders and fans. So, I recorded the Spirit of Troy, the USC Song Girls and the Yell Leaders during the game and in the after-game concert.

Enjoy these five videos. We sure enjoyed the post-game band concert!

William Tell Overture
The Song Girls danced to the "William Tell Overture."
Uptown Funk
The USC Band and Song Girls perform "Uptown Funk."
The USC Band and Song Girls perform "Tusk."
Another song.
Fight On!
The post-game concert ended with a Southern California spellout and "Fight On!"

FIGHT ON, USC Spirit of Troy!

FIGHT ON, USC Song Girls!

FIGHT ON, USC Yell Leaders!

Friday, September 7, 2018---Union Square Pep Rally

My husband Jim and I arrived early at Union Square in downtown San Francisco for the pep rally the night before the Stanford football game. Trojan Candy was hoping to find an elevated location where I could take my pictures and videos. Unfortunately, all of the good spaces were occupied. However, I was able to "squeeze" into an elevated space. Thank you to the two Trojans who let me squeeze in!

Yell Leaders
I took two pictures of the USC Yell Leaders first. The ones on the left were warming up for the pep rally.
Yell Leaders
Here are the rest of the Yell Leaders.
Drums and Cymbals
Everything was going fine until a USC Band staffer came right in front of me and placed the ladder that Dr. Art Bartner usually stands on to conduct the Spirit of Troy. I was recording the drums and cymbals at the time.

For the rest of the pep rally, Trojan Candy could videorecord only one half of the band.

Crowd and Drums
My next video was of the crowd which had grown quite a bit and the drums again.
Song Girls
The USC Song Girls danced to "Heartbreaker."
"Tusk" is always a favorite!

Ron and Rachel Beal, Matt DeGrushe, and Jim YeeAfter the Spirit of Troy marched out, and, as Jim and I walked away from Union Square, we saw three USC Rossier School of Education friends. Naturally, I took their picture with Jim. They were Ron and Rachel Beal and Matt DeGrushe.

What an invigorating evening!

Saturday, September 1, 2018---USC vs UNLV Football game

As my husband Jim and I walked around in the "Fan Fest," I heard his voice.

John Jackson
It was good friend John Jackson. He was broadcasting at the 710 Radio Booth.
Banc of California Stadium
After we left the "Fan Fest" Jim and I walked to the new Banc of California Soccer Stadium.
Inside Banc of California Stadium
Trojan Candy peeked in an open gate and was able to take this picture of the inside of the stadium.
Banc of California Stadium seats
Here are the seats.
Coliseum Press Box
Once inside the Coliseum, Trojan Candy took this picture of our partially completed press box. This giant press box took away our old football seats on Row 69.
Willie Brown
Before the game started, USC Football Alumnus Willie Brown was honored with a moment of silence.
Spirit of Troy
As our Spirit of Troy played the National Anthem,
Fly over
Trojan Candy was able to take this video of the "fly over."
Team banners
The big screen was busy even before the kick-off. Here are the team banners.
USC Reunion Weekend
Next, the USC Reunion Weekend was advertised. Trojan Candy is on the Reunion Committee for the Class of 1968.
Nick Young and team
Now it was time for our team to come out of the locker room. USC Basketball Alumnus Nick Young led the team out of the tunnel.
Cameron Smith, Marvell Tell III, Toa Lobendahn, and Porter Gustin
Our Captains, #35 Cameron Smith (12/13/2017), #7 Marvell Tell III, #50 Toa Lobendahn (12/13/2017) and #45 Porter Gustin met the Washington State Captains at mid-field.
Opening kickoff
Here is our first kick-off of the 2018 Football season.
Chase McGrath
Chase McGrath kicked the first field goal of the 2018 season.
Ronald Jones II, Sam Darnold, and Uchenna Nwosu
Our "Projans" NFL 2018 Draftees were shown on the big screen.

ScoreboardWe came alive in Quarter four and scored 24 points. We won 43-21!

FIGHT ON, USC Football!

Saturday, September 1, 2018---Trojan Force Reception

At 10:00 am Trojan Candy met my sister Patti, brother-in-law Dudley Poon and friends Genaro and Lai-Tan Carapia at the Bashor Lounge in Heritage Hall for a USC Track Trojan Force reception. My husband Jim came later.

Karlee Freeman and Jacqueline FieldsAfter getting some delicious food, I didn't have much time to eat it. Trojan Candy saw two Women of Troy Track and Field athletes sitting across the lounge. I walked over to the two young ladies, handed them my card, and asked if I could take their picture and interview them. Both Karlee Freeman and Jacqueline Fields said, "Yes."

Jacqueline FieldsI interviewed Freshman Jacqueline Fields first. She is a High Jumper from Las Vegas. Jacque is majoring in Biology and minoring in Psychology. Her hobbies are playing card games and playing the piano. Jacque's favorite food is tacos, and she likes Bossa Nova music the most. Her favorite movie is "Pride and Prejudice." Welcome to USC, Jacque, and FIGHT ON!

Karlee FreemanSitting next to Jacque was another Freshman, Karlee Freeman. She is from Raymond, Washington, and is majoring in Health and Human Sciences. Karlee is a thrower on the team. She competes in the Shotput, Discus and Hammer. Karlee has similar tastes to her friend Jacque. Karlee's favorite food is quesadillas. Yum! She likes to "hang out" with teammates and friends. Karlee likes just about every kind of music...pop and country, but she doesn't like heavy metal music. She likes "One Tree Hill" on Netflix. Welcome to USC, Karlee, and FIGHT ON!

Next, Trojan Candy heard some drums. Curiously, I walked outside to the Heritage Hall patio. The Spirit of Troy percussions were performing. Here are three pictures of the band.

Tenor drums
There were the tenor drums,
Snare drums
the snare drums,
and the cymbals.

FIGHT ON, USC Spirit of Troy Percussions!

Alitta Boyd and Caryl Smith GilbertBack inside the Bashor Lounge, I heard someone call out my name. It was friend Alitta Boyd (3/11/2010)! She told me that she was just named the Assistant Director of Operations. Congratulations, Alitta! I have known Alitta since 2010. I had Alitta pose with the Director of Track and Field Caryl Smith Gilbert. Trojan Candy congratulated Coach Smith Gilbert on winning the NCAA Women's Track Title. I also told her that she is an excellent teacher!

Quincy WattsNearby was another friend. The Assistant Coach of Sprints, Quincy Watts (4/26/2011) smiled for this picture. In 2011 I interviewed Quincy in Heritage Hall at the Hall of Fame lunch. He was inducted into the USC Hall of Fame then. On February 1, 2014, I gave him his two Heritage Hall medallions at the reopening of Heritage Hall.

Since I had interviewed two Freshmen women already, I looked around the room for two young men to interview. Trojan Candy saw them across the room by the buffet table. I walked over to them, gave them my card, and asked to take their picture and interview them.

Tyler RamboThe first young man was a Sophomore from Los Angeles. This is the first year that Tyler Rambo will be competing in the 400 meters. He is majoring in Business. I had to take his picture outside with no flash because Tyler kept closing his eyes when I used my very bright flash. Tyler's hobby is relaxing. His favorite food is ribeye steak. Yum! Tyler's favorite recording artist is the hip hop duo "Outkast." His favorite movie is "Toy Story." FIGHT ON, Tyler!

Michael Gonzalez, JrTrojan Candy interviewed Michael Gonzalez, Jr. next. Michael is a Junior majoring in Human Biology. He is from Lodi, California. Michael competes in the "Jumps." His hobbies are rock climbing and cliff jumping in northern California. What a brave soul! Michael's favorite music is "Hip Hop" and "Indie" music. His favorite food is fried chicken dumplings and Orange Door sushi. FIGHT ON, Michael!

TrophyTrophy labelTrojan Candy tried to take a close up picture of the NCAA trophy, but could only get the title at the bottom first. Then I was able to take a picture of the entire glass etching. It's beautiful!

Margaux Jones, Lyndsey Lopes, Noah Green, Breanna Bernard-Joseph, Bailey Lear and Quincy WattsI was able to take a picture of five track and field athletes with Coach Watts. They were Senior Long Jumper Margaux Jones, Senior Heptathlon Lyndsey Lopes, Freshman Hurdler Noah Green, Freshman Sprints Breanna Bernard-Joseph, Freshman Sprints Bailey Lear and Coach Quincy Watts.

Margaux Jones, Lyndsey Lopes, Noah Green, Breanna Bernard-Joseph, Bailey Lear, Quincy Watts, and Genaro CarapiaMy friend Genaro Carapia brought over the NCAA trophy so I took one more picture of the group. Thanks, Genaro!

FIGHT ON, USC Track and Field!