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Saturday, April 6, 2019---USC Men's Volleyball vs. UCLA and the Senior Salute

USC versus UCLA...nothing else needs to be said.

Pre-game greetings
The two teams met at the net before the match began.
USC Starters
The USC Starters were introduced.
Spirit of Troy and Song Girls
The Spirit of Troy and the Song Girls came to support the team.

Our men beat the Bruins three out of five sets: 2nd Set 25-15, 4th Set 25-20 and 5th Set 15-11.

End of fifth set
Here is the end of the fifth set VICTORY!
Tyler Resnick
Now it was time for the Senior Salute. #16 Tyler Resnick was introduced first.
Tyler Resnick and Family
Then Tyler posed with his family.
Matt Douglas
#5 Matt Douglas was next.
Jeff Nygaard, Matt Douglas and Family
Matt posed with his family and Coach Jeff Nygaard.
Gianluca Grasso
The third Senior, #9 Gianluca Grasso, walked out next.
Jeff Nygaard, Gianluca Grasso and Family
Gianluca joined his family and Coach Nygaard at the net for this picture.
Ryan Moss
Fourth Senior #24 Ryan Moss shook hands with his teammates on his way to the net.
Ryan Moss, Family and Jeff Nygaard
Then Ryan posed with his family and Coach Nygaard.
Seniors, Families and Jeff Nygaard
Next, the four Seniors and their families joined together with Coach Nygaard at the net.
Matt Douglas, Tyler Resnick, Gianluca Grasso, Ryan Moss and Jeff Nygaard
The four Seniors, who were introduced, posed with Coach Nygaard.
Jack Wyett, Matt Douglas, Tyler Resnick, Gianluca Grasso, Ryan Moss and Jeff Nygaard
Red-shirt-Senior #20 Jack Wyett came out late from the locker room and posed with his teammates and Coach Nygaard.
Spirit of Troy and Team
The Spirit of Troy joined the team at the net next.
Song Girls, Team and Jeff Nygaard
Next, Coach Nygaard and the Song Girls posed with the team.
Senior Salute
My husband Jim stayed in the stands with my Canon camera and recorded the entire Senior Salute. Thank you so much, Jim!

Meanwhile, Trojan Candy remained on the court and took a few more pictures.

Spirit of Troy and Team
Ryan Moss and his nephew Bruce posed with the Song Girls.
Gianluca Grasso and Parents
Senior Gianluca Grasso posed with his mom and dad.

Congratulations and FIGHT ON Tyler, Matt, Gianluca, Ryan and Jack!

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Volleyball!

Saturday, April 6, 2019---Women of Troy Tennis Senior Day

Trojan Candy was at a convention downtown all day, so my husband Jim took these pictures for this blog article.

After our Women of Troy Tennis Team won the Doubles competition against Utah, our coaches started the Senior Day.

Christopher Wootten, Rachel Manasse, Alison Swain, Jae-Jae Segal, Rianna Valdes and Rianna's Uncle
Coaches Christopher Wootten, Rachel Manasse, and Alison Swain posed with Senior Manager Jae-Jae Segal and Senior Rianna Valdes (3/23/2018) and Rianna's Uncle.
Salma Ewing, Danielle Willson, Becca Weissmann, Estella Jaeger, Angela Kulikov, Ana Neffa, and Constance Branstine
Teammates Salma Ewing (4/5/2019), Danielle Willson, Becca Weissmann (4/13/2018), Estella Jaeger, Angela Kulikov (4/5/2019), Ana Neffa, and Constance Branstine (4/13/2018) cheered the two Seniors on.
Rianna Valdes and her uncle
Rianna posed with her Uncle.
Jae-Jae Segal and Rianna Valdes
Then, Seniors Jae-Jae Segal and Rianna Valdes smiled together.
Ana Neffa, Sydney Van Alphen, Estella Jaeger, Becca Weissmann, Jae-Jae Segal, Rianna Valdes, Angela Kulikov, Danielle Willson, Salma Ewing, and Constance Branstine
Here is the entire team with the Seniors.
Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Jae-Jae and Rianna!
Danielle Willson
Now it was time to play the Singles. On Court 5 Danielle Willson was waiting for the serve.
Angela Kulikov
Angela Kulikov was getting ready to return the ball on Court 3.
Rianna Valdes
Rianna Valdes just served on Court 2.
Salma Ewing
On Center Court Salma Ewing made a powerful return.
Anna Neffa
Anna Neffa was waiting for the ball on Court 4.
Constance Branstine
Court 6 was where Constance Branstine waited to return a volley.

Fight On!Our team, beat Utah 4-0. They celebrated after the VICTORY!

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Tennis!

Friday, April 5, 2019---Women of Troy Tennis Banquet

Trojan Candy and my husband Jim arrived at the Heritage Hall Bashor Lounge on time for the Women of Troy Tennis Banquet. When we went to our table, I saw that the seats I wanted in order to take better pictures were taken. Then I saw friend Becca Weissmann's name card at the seats. When I asked Rebecca if Jim and I could sit in the two seats, Becca moved over two seats. Thanks, Becca!

I immediately started taking pictures.

Rianna Valdes
Senior Rianna Valdes (3/23/2018) posed for me first. She is the only Senior Tennis player.
Alison Swain and Gretchen Miller
Before dinner, Head Coach Alison Swain honored two ladies for their support of the Women of Troy Tennis program. The first lady was Gretchen Miller who was named "Friend of the Year" for her contributions to Women of Troy Tennis.
Alison Swain and Whitney Rotrock
Then, Giuliana Olmos (3/23/2012) was honored as "Alumna of the Year." Giuliana was playing in a tournament and couldn't be here, so her friend Whitney Rotrock read a note from Giu Giu.

8903Then, Trojan Candy saw Angela Kulikov. I wanted to interview Ange since I didn't at the Australian Open Fund Raising dinner on November 15, 2018. Ange is a Junior majoring in Cognitive Science, which she told me is "glorified" psychology. She is minoring in Sports Media. Ange's favorite food is chicken tenders. Her favorite music is Alternative Pop. GET THIS: Ange's hobby is football! She has even played Quarterback in a game. What an athlete! Ange also enjoys editing videos. Trojan Candy can't wait to see Ang on television as a Sports Commentator! FIGHT ON, Angela!

Jennifer Noriega, Philip Siordia and Salma Ewing
Next I took pictures of the guests sitting at my table. They were Jennifer Noriega, Philip Siordia and Salma Ewing.
Ryan and Becca Weissmann
Next to Jim and me were Becca Weissmann (4/13/2018) and her brother Ryan.
Lisa and Sydney Van Alphen and Carolyn
To my right was another teammate Sydney Van Alphen. Sydney's mother Lisa was at her right, and her grandmother Carolyn was at her left.
2018-2019 season
After dinner, Head Coach Alison Swain began the program. Coach Alison spoke about the season thus far in this video that Jim took.
Scott Jacobson
Trojan Athletic Fund Associate Athletic Director Scott Jacobson spoke next. He said that he is so proud of the team, which the USC Athletic Department considered to be the "hottest" team in the 2019 Spring semester.
Alison Swain and Becca Weissmann
Now it was time to honor the two Seniors. Jim's video shows Coach Alison and Becca speaking about the Senior Manager Jae-Jae Segal.
Alison Swain, Jae-Jae Segal and Becca Weissmann
Trojan Candy took a picture of Coach Alison, Jae-Jae and Becca.
Alison Swain and Angela Kulikov
Then Coach Alison and Ange Kulikov spoke about Senior Rianna Valdes. Notice Ange wore her special tee shirt.
Alison Swain, Rianna Valdes and Angela Kulikov
Trojan Candy took a picture of Coach Alison, Rianna and Ange.

With the program over, Trojan Candy started taking pictures of the team.

Danielle Willson, Constance Branstine and Estella Jaeger
Danielle Willson, Constance Branstine (4/13/2018) and Estella Jaeger were at a nearby table.
Women's tennis team
Trojan Candy was able to just get this picture of the team.
Jae-Jae Segal, Becca Weissmann and Rianna Valdes
Becca posed with the two Seniors, Jae-Jae and Rianna.
Christopher Wootten, Jae-Jae Segal, Alison Swain, Rachel Manasse, and Rianna Valdes
Assistant Coach Christopher Wootten, Jae-Jae, Coach Alison, Volunteer Tennis Coach Rachel Manasse, and Rianna smiled for this picture.
Angela Kulikov, Rianna Valdes and Becca Weissmann
Then, Ange, Rianna and Becca posed for me.
Salma Ewing and Rianna Valdes
Next, Salma Ewing and Rianna were in this picture.

Salma EwingTrojan Candy was then able to interview Salma Ewing. Salma, who was born in Pasadena, is a Freshman. She started playing tennis at age 10. Her mother Reyana, who lived in South Africa, played tennis at Georgia State and is Salma's only personal coach. Both Reyana and her father Vincent are Bruins. Salma's favorite food is tacos. Her hobby is baking. Salma's favorite music is Pop Alternative. When Salma was recruited, she told me that she visited USC first. Trojan Candy is so glad that Salma is a Trojan. FIGHT ON, Salma!

Rianna Valdes
This is Rianna's beautiful Senior poster.
Brooke Williams, Whitney Rotrock, Catherine Hill and Morgan Dyrek
Then, I took this picture of four lovely ladies. They were Brooke Williams, Whitney Rotrock, Catherine Hill and Morgan Dyrek.
This poster culminated my blog story.