February 2020 (1) Candygrams

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Saturday, February 15, 2020---USC Men's Basketball vs. Washington State University

Trojan Candy was able to visit with several alumni friends at USC's Men Basketball game vs the Washington State University Cougars.

The first basketball alumnus friend was Elijah Stewart (3/30/2015). FIGHT ON, Elijah!
One of Elijah's USC tutors, Ashley Zeldin, came to visit Elijah next.
As Trojan Candy was walking back to her seat, I saw friend Bennie Boatwright (8/28/2015). FIGHT ON, Bennie!
What a night to see basketball alumni friends. Jordan McLaughlin (5/26/2015) and Anissa Claiborne posed for this beautiful picture. What a lovely couple! FIGHT ON, Jordan and Anissa!

0015Later, Trojan Candy saw him sitting courtside at the bottom of my aisle. It was so nice to see De'Anthony Melton (4/12/2017) again. FIGHT ON, De'Anthony!

0028Now, about a future USC Men's Basketball star. Two sport athlete---football and basketball---Drake London was able to play in this game. FIGHT ON, Drake!

Our men beat WSU 70-51.

What an exciting evening!

FIGHT ON, USC Men's basketball!

Thursday, February 13, 2020---USC Men's Basketball vs. Washington

Trojan Candy attended the Men's basketball game against the Washington Huskies at Galen Center.

Before the game started, I took a picture of my sister Patti Poon with our TGLA friend Mary Anne Cogbill and her husband Brian.
Midway through the first half of the game, Trojan Candy saw two friends sitting courtside at the south end. Naturally, I walked down there to take a picture of Kevin Porter Jr. (10/16/2018) and Bennie Boatwright (8/28/2015).
Now it was halftime. Unfortunately, Washington was ahead 30 to 25. But, this halftime was special. Friend DeMar DeRozan, who played at USC in 2008-2009, had his #10 jersey retired. Here is my video of his ceremony.
This is his banner. Congratulations, DeMar!
Football team
Trojan Candy recorded this video of DeMar leading the 2017 USC football team out of the Coliseum tunnel prior to the Stanford football game(9/9/2017).
Gregory Yee and DeMar DeRozan
I also took this picture of DeMar with my son Greg (3/31/2009).
After the halftime ceremony ended, DeMar walked over to lead the Spirit of Troy.
After DeMar sat down for the start of the second half, Trojan Candy tapped my friend on his shoulder and took his picture.
Sitting nearby I saw another friend. Desmon Farmer (12/20/2019) turned around and smiled for my picture.
During a break in the second half, Trojan Candy realized that I didn't take a picture of another friend, when he was shown on the Galen Center big screen.
So Trojan Candy walked down to get his picture. Chimezie Metu (9/28/2015) turned around after I tapped him on the shoulder. Then I took his picture with his close friend Bennie Boatwright.

What a special USC Men's basketball game. Trojan Candy was able to see so many friends!

By the way, our Men of Troy beat Washington 62-56.

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Basketball!

Thursday, February 6, 2020---Student-Athletes at the Half Century Trojans Event

Trojan Candy attended the Half Century Trojans (HCT) Going Back to College Day luncheon event at the Town and Gown.

At the luncheon the keynote speaker was Denise Kwok MS '02, Ph. D '04. She is the Director of Student-Athlete Academic Services (SAAS).
After her explanation of SAAS, Dr. Kwok introduced four USC student-athletes to the audience. They were John Jackson III (football), TeeTee (Twanisha) Terry (track), John Thomas (baseball) and Bayley Weber (water polo).
Here is Trojan Candy's video of the four athletes speaking.
The HCT Going Back to College Day ended with the Spirit of Troy performance.

Then, Trojan Candy walked over to the athletes to take what else? Pictures!

9739I took a picture of TeeTee Terry and Bayley Weber first.

9743Then I was determined to interview TeeTee and Bayley. TeeTee Terry was first. TeeTee, a Junior, is from Miami, Florida. She is majoring in Communication and minoring in Forensics and Criminality. TeeTee said that she likes to help others. Her track teammates call her, "Mom." TeeTee loves babies and likes to babysit for relatives and family friends. Her favorite foods are shrimp and steak. As for music, TeeTee likes Old School and R&B music the best. Her favorite artists are the Isley Brothers. FIGHT ON, TeeTee!

9749Sophomore Bayley Weber is from Los Alamitos. She is majoring in Sociology and minoring in Political Science, Forensics and Criminology. Currently, she is very active in church activities and Athletes in Action on campus. After graduation, Bayley plans to compete in the 2024 and 2028 Olympics in water polo. More personally, Bayley's favorite foods are peanut butter, watermelon and macaroni and cheese. For fun, she likes to go to the beach. FIGHT ON, Bayley!

9746After I interviewed Bayley, Trojan Candy took this picture of her with HCT Advisor Tanya Moran-Adolph.

9752The third athlete that Trojan Candy interviewed was John Thomas. John, who plays both infield and outfield in baseball, is a Senior from Los Angeles. He wants to be a clothes designer after he graduates. For hobbies, John likes to play golf and sew. He also enjoys choosing new fabrics. John's biggest sports hero is Kobe Bryant. His favorite movie is "Radio," and his favorite actor is Cuba Gooding, Jr. John's favorite food is barbecue. Yum! FIGHT ON, John!

9685Trojan Candy wasn't able to interview friend John Jackson III, because it was almost 1:00 pm and he told me that had to go to a football workout. Trojan Candy will interview John eventually. However, I did take this picture of him earlier when he walked into the Town and Gown patio. FIGHT ON, John!

It was so nice to meet and interview three new USC athletes---TeeTee, Bayley and John---and visit with John III.

Dr. Kwok, thank you for introducing all four of these outstanding student-athletes to us!

Saturday, February 1, 2020---Another Good Friend at the Colorado Game

9595Trojan Candy saw him walk by. As soon as I put the flash on my camera, my sister Patti Poon and I walked down to see him. Good friend Jordan McLaughlin (5/26/2015) gave both of us big hugs. Then he posed for my picture of Patti and him. Jordan is currently playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Keep FIGHTING ON, Jordan!

9598Later, Jordan and his girlfriend Anissa Claiborne were shown on the Galen Center big screen.

Unfortunately, our men lost the game to Colorado.