March 2014 (3) Candygrams

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Saturday, March 29, 2014---Women of Troy Tennis versus Washington State

Star Spangled Banner
Both teams stood for the playing of the Star Spangled Banner.
Our team huddled before the match.
The line-up for the Doubles was posted.

Let the match versus Washington State begin!

Brynn Boren and Giuliana Olmos
Brynn Boren and Giuliana Olmos(3/23/2012) finished first with an 8-5 win on Court 1.
Gabriella DeSimone and Zoe Scandalis
On Court 2 Gabriella DeSimone and Zoe Scandalis won next by 8-6.
Zoe Katz and Casey Reede
Then, the Zoe Katz, Casey Reede match on Court 3 was suspended at 4-7. This was the first time that Casey competed for USC. Our Women of Troy were now up 1-0!

Ellie Yates, friend, Kaitlyn Christian, Sabrina Santamaria, and Paige KeatingPep SquadDuring the Doubles matches, Trojan Candy took a picture of the Pep Squad. Then, I walked over to the rest of the USC players who were sitting in the stands rooting for their teammates. The ladies posed for a picture. (Ellie Yates, friend, Kaitlyn Christian (11/11/2010), Sabrina Santamaria, and Paige Keating)

Now it was time for the Single matches to begin.

Paige Keating
On Court 6, Paige Keating finished 0-6, 0-6. So the match was tied 1-1.
Giuliana Olmos
Then, Giuliana Olmos won 6-0, 6-3 on Court 4. Our women were now ahead 2-1, and we would stay ahead.
Brynn Boren
Brynn Boren on Court 2 won her match 6-1, 6-1.
Gabriella DeSimone
Finally, on Court 3, Gabriella DeSimone won her match 6-4, 6-4.
Zoe Scandalis
The last two "Zoe" matches were suspended. On Court 1, Zoe Scandalis was at 3-6, 2-2.
Zoe Katz
Zoe Katz was at 6-4, 4-4.

ScoreboardUSC won the match by 4-1!

FIGHT ON, USC Women's Tennis Team to another VICTORY!

Friday, March 28, 2014---Women of Troy Tennis versus Oregon Ducks

What an exciting weekend! My husband Jim and I attended both Women of Troy Tennis matches this weekend. The first match against the Oregon Ducks was on Friday.

Our women begin every match with a huddle.
The Double matches were set.
Brynn Boren and Kaitlyn Christian
Kaitlyn Christian (11/11/2010) and Brynn Boren were the first to win by 8-1 on Court 1.
Gabriella DeSimone and Zoe Scandalis
Then, Gabriella DeSimone and Zoe Scandalis also won 8-1 on Court 3.
Zoe Katz and Giuliana Olmos
Zoe Katz and Giuliana Olmos(3/23/2012) were ahead 6-3 when their match was suspended.

With the Doubles point, our Women of Troy were now ahead 1-0 over Oregon.

Pep Squad
During the break before the Single matches began Trojan Candy took this picture of the USC Pep Squad who come to every game to cheer on the ladies.
Zach Banner
Zach Banner (10/11/2012) came to watch the Doubles victory.
Kevin Greene
Then downstairs, Trojan Candy saw Kevin Greene (11/5/2009).
Gabriella DeSimone
The women dominated the Single matches. Gabriella on Court 3 won first, 6-0, 6-0.
Zoe Scandalis
Then Zoe Scandalis on Court 1 won 6-0, 6-2.
Brynn Boren
The match was clinched when Brynn won 6-1, 6-1 on Court 2.
Giuliana Olmos
The play on Court 4, 5 and 6 was suspended. Giuliana's score was 7-5, 2-1 on Court 4.
Kaitlyn Christian
Kaitlyn's was ahead on Court 5 by 6-2, 2-0.
Zoe Katz
Finally, Zoe Katz's was leading on Court 6 by 6-3, 2-2.

Our women beat Oregon 4-0!

FIGHT ON, USC Women's Tennis Team!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014---USC's Men's Basketball Banquet

Trojan Candy arrived at Town and Gown at 5:00 p.m. for the USC Men's Basketball banquet. I was purposely early so that I wouldn't miss the arrival of any players.

D.J. HaleyThe reception started at 5:30 p.m. I was one of the first guests inside and sat on a couch facing the entry door. Then I saw him at the check-in table. It was D.J. Haley. Trojan Candy sprang into action! I walked over to him and politely entered in his conversation with three alumnae. The ladies knew that I wanted to interview D.J. Thanks! D.J. is a Graduate Student who majored in Applied Psychology. He transferred to USC from Virginia Commonwealth. D.J. chose USC for our excellent academics. From Palmdale, D.J. grew up in Los Angeles. He said that it was good to come back home. Trojan Candy is glad that he did! D.J. has played piano for thirteen years. He also plays the saxophone. Classical music and Beethoven are his favorite. He also likes composer Michael Giacchino. Favorite food? Lasagne. Thanks for the picture and interview. FIGHT ON, D.J.!

As I was interviewing D.J., the rest of the basketball team walked up to the check-in table.

Devon Pflueger, Samer Dhillon, D.J. Haley, Kevin Reinhardt, Julian Jacobs, and Kahlil Dukes
Trojan Candy was able to get six players to pose for a picture. Devon Pflueger, Samer Dhillon, D.J. Haley, Kevin Reinhardt, Julian Jacobs, and Kahlil Dukes.
Daniel Munoz, Chass Bryan, Nikola Jovanovic, J.T. Terrell, and Strahinja Gavrilovic
Then five players. Daniel Munoz, Chass Bryan, Nikola Jovanovic, J.T. Terrell (4/9/2013), and Strahinja "Luis" Gavrilovic (11/16/2012).
Strahinja Gavrilovic, Daniel Munoz, and Samer Dhillon
Luis Gavrilovic, Daniel Munoz and Samer Dhillon posed for Trojan Candy.

J.T. Terrell, Katin Reinhardt, Kahlil Dukes, and Darion ClarkI saw friend J.T. Terrell. (4/9/2013) We spoke about his future and the N.B.A. Good Luck and FIGHT ON, J.T.! J.T. asked Katin Reinhardt, Kahlil Dukes and Darion Clark to pose with him for a picture.

Nikola JovanovicAs I walked around the Town and Gown reception room, I spotted Nikola Jovanovic standing near the fire place. I stood near him and waited for him to finish conversing with two ladies. Now, it was my turn. I asked Nikola if I could interview him. With a smile, he said that I could. It was noisier in the room now, so Nikola had to bend over to hear me and to answer my question. Nikola is majoring in Business and minoring in French. He said that he chose USC for its basketball, its academics and because he liked Los Angeles. In addition to basketball, Nikola likes to swim, play volleyball and sand volleyball and dance. He likes all kinds of movies and his favorite recent movie is "Gravity." When asked what his favorite foods are, Nikola smiled and said, "Just about everything." Then, he said that he misses home cooking. We talked about his dad. Nikola said that his dad Lujbisa played basketball for fifteen years in the Adriatic League in Yugoslavia. One last tidbit, Nikola's roommate is teammate Luis Gavrilovic. FIGHT ON, Nikola!

Patricia Serrano and Richard FloresJust as I ended my interview with Nikola, it was 6:30 p.m. The doors to the dining room opened. While Trojan Candy walked to Table 12, I saw friend Richard Flores and met his friend Patricia Serrano. I see Richard at Monday Morning Quarterback and at out of town USC football games.

Pe'Shon Howard and Byron WesleyJust before Athletic Director Pat Haden started the program, I saw Byron Wesley (9/1/2011) sitting with Pe'Shon Howard at Table 2. I discreetly walked to his table, took their picture and asked Byron if his mom was coming. He said that she would be coming a little late.

Pat Haden introduced the USC Athletic Personnel that were in attendance. Then he thanked the entire team for its EFFORT all season long!

Then, Coach Andy Enfield took the podium. He told the audience that Brendyn Taylor just had an operation to remove his appendix and was home recovering. Get well soon, Brendyn!

Coach Enfield spoke about each of our five Seniors. About D.J. Haley: "People are impressed by him." About J. T. Terrell: "He's nice, unique. Looks like a fun guy and everyone loves him." About Pe'Shon Howard: "He transferred from Maryland, but he is originally from Los Angeles." About Daniel Munoz: "He will be a very successful graduate manager." About Omar Oraby who was not in attendance: "He has a grade point average over 3.0. Omar has been invited to play in the Portsmouth, Virginia, Invitational."

Next, Coach Enfield awarded the trophies.

Dr. James H. Zumberge Highest G.P.A.: At 3.85 Samer Dhillon

Bob Boyd Top Rebounder: Byron Wesley

Bill Sharman Best Free Throw Percentage: Pe'shon Howard

Forrest F. Twogood Memorial Award Best Defensive Player: Omar Oraby

John Rudometkin 110% Effort: Julian Jaccobs

Harold Jones Memorial Most Improved: Nikola Jovanovic

Ernie Holbrook Memorial Award Most Inspirational Player: Luis Gavrilovic

Ryan Francis Scholarship Award: D.J. Haley

Sam Berry Award Most Valuable Player: Byron Wesley

After the awards were announced, Coach Enfield said, "Good night" to everyone.

Trojan Candy got to work as soon as I could.

Samer Dhillon
I walked to Samer Dhillon to take his picture. Samer gladly obliged. Samer is majoring in Human Biology. He wants to be a doctor. Samer said that he is the first Persian American from India to play at the college level. FIGHT ON, Samer!
Daniel Munoz family
Next, I walked over to Daniel Munoz and his family. They posed for this picture. FIGHT ON, Daniel!
Nikola Jovanovic, J.T. Terrell, Kahlil Dukes, Pe'Shon Howard, Byron Wesley, Chass Bryan, Julian Jacobs, and Strahinja Gavrilovic
Then I noticed that the team was posing for pictures taken by some of the parents. I walked to the other side of the room as fast as I could. I got there in time to snap a quick picture.
Chass and Shirell Bryan
Trojan Candy was able to say "Hello" to Chass and Shirell Bryan.
Daniel Munoz, Nikola Jovanovic, D.J. Haley, J.T. Terrell, Pe'Shon Howard, Kahlil Dukes, Byron Wesley, Julian Jacobs, Chass Bryan, Luis Strahinja, and Devon Pflueger
Then, I snapped another picture of the team when more players joined them. Daniel Munoz, Nikola Jovanovic, D.J. Haley, J.T. Terrell, Pe'Shon Howard, Kahlil Dukes, Byron Wesley, Julian Jacobs, Chass Bryan, Luis Strahinja, and Devon Pflueger.
Byron and Chantel Wesley
It was so nice to see Chantel Weslely again. Trojan Candy met her last year at the banquet. She is a teacher like yours truly. Byron and she posed for this picture.

Ever after the guests were leaving, I was able to interview Pe'Shon Howard. Pe'Shon transferred to USC from Maryland and played only this year. He told me that he is an L.A. "guy." His family lives in Los Angeles, and Pe'Shon said he grew up watching USC basketball on television. Thank goodness he found his way "home!" On a more personal note, Pe'Shon likes R&B music. He plays the saxophone. For his hobby, Pe'Shon said that he likes to sleep. Plus, he is always hungry, and he is always thirsty! Thank you for giving me an interview and FIGHT ON, Pe'Shon!

Nikola Jovanovic, Andy Enfield, and Luis GavrilovicAndy Enfield, Darion Clark, and Glenn LibbyAs I walked toward the doors, Trojan Candy saw Nikola Jovanovic and Luis Gavrilovic posing with Coach Enfield. I made it just in time to snap their picture.

My final picture of the evening is of Coach Enfield, Darion Clark and Glenn Libby.

Another "Trojan" filled evening!

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Basketball!