February 2020 (2) Candygrams

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Saturday, February 22, 2020---USC Men's Tennis vs. Air Force and Army

My husband Jim and I went to USC's Marks Tennis Stadium to watch the Men's Tennis team play a double header with Air Force and Army. We arrived half an hour late.

When we arrived at the stadium, we saw this sign showing the schedule for the day.
Then, Trojan Candy saw both the Men and Women of Troy 2020 schedules.
We missed the doubles matches with Air Force and saw that, in singles, playing on Center Court was Senior Brandon Holt (4/14/2017).
Daniel Cukierman (2/10/2018) played as number 2 singles.
On Court 3 was Mor Bulis.
Competing on Court 4 was Stefan Dostanic.
Bradley Frye (11/15/2018) played number 5 singles.
Jake Sands was our number 6 singles.
Our men had won the doubles earlier. When Stefan Dostanic won 6-2, 6-0, the score became USC 2-Air Force 0.
Stefan got a fist pump from Associate Head Coach Kris Kwinta.
Daniel Cukierman made the score 3-0 with his 6-4, 6-4 win.
Daniel shook hands with his umpire after the victory.
Brandon Holt, with a 6-4, 6-2 win, clinched the USC victory 4-0 over Air Force.
Then, Brandon shook hands with his umpire.
Bradley Frye's 6-2, 7-6 (2) victory earned USC's fifth point.
What a nice picture Trojan Candy took of Bradley shaking his umpire's hand.
Mor Bulis beat his Air Force opponent 6-4, 6-2 and then met him at the net.
Mor then shook hands with his umpire. The score was now USC 6-0 over Air Force.
USC swept Air Force with Jake Sands' 6-4, 6-1 victory.
Jake shook hands with his umpire.
Here is the final score.
After the Air Force match ended, Jim and I visited with Brandon Holt's grandfather Stan Holt. Stan had his new puppy on a leash with him.
What a "cutie" future show dog!

The second match against Army was postponed for several hours because of rain. When the rain finally stopped, several volunteers helped to mop up the courts.

Finally, at 2:45 pm our team started warming up on three courts.
Warmups on court 4.
Warmups on court 6.
Now, it was time for the Doubles to begin. On Center Court were Daniel Cukierman and Stefan Dostanic.
On Court 2 were Bradley Frye and Riley Smith (11/15/2018).
Jake Sands and Mor Bulis competed on Court 3.

Trojan Candy is featuring only Riley Smith on Court 2 and Ryder Jackson on Court 5 in my USC-Army match coverage, since all the other players were featured in the Air Force match.

Bradley and Riley won 6-0.
Stefan and Daniel won their doubles 6-1.
Here is USC Freshman Ryder Jackson in action on Court 4. Ryder won his match 6-3, 6-1.
Senior Riley Smith is in action on Court 2. Riley won 6-3, 6-4.
Our Trojans swept Army 7-0.

0225My video shows our 2020 USC Men's Team cheering their VICTORY!

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Tennis!

Friday, February 21, 2020---USC Beach Volleyball Kick-Off

The USC Beach Volleyball Kick-Off was located at the Merle Norman Stadium this year.

When my husband Jim and I arrived a little early, the stadium was pretty empty. We put our stuff in the stands and went to get some food. However, Trojan Candy really didn't eat anything yet. I was so busy meeting new players, visiting with alumni friends and taking pictures.

0048The first new player I met was graduate student Hailey Harward. She transferred from Long Beach State. Hailey is majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Hailey likes all kinds of music, and she herself loves to sing. Her favorite movie is "Avatar." When I asked her about her favorite food, Hailey said that she loves to eat at Raising Cane's. Me too! So nice to meet you, Hailey, and FIGHT ON!

0052Trojan Candy walked to Court 2 next to meet our new freshmen twin players. I met Audrey Nourse first. I asked if she was the younger or older twin. Audrey said that she is the older twin. She wants to major in Business. Audrey's favorite food is sushi. Her hobby is surfing. She has surfed since she was eight years old. Audrey's favorite television show is "Coach Carter." FIGHT ON, Audrey!

0051Now, Trojan Candy interviewed Audrey's twin sister next. Before I started my interview I took a good look at the twins. They are so identical! Nicole Nourse wants to major in Business like her sister. Her favorite food is, like her sister's, sushi. Nicole likes most music except for country music. For hobbies, she likes to surf like her twin Audrey does, but she also likes to go skiing, on snow, that is. Nicole started playing beach volleyball when she was ten years old. Trojan Candy is so glad that Audrey and Nicole chose to become Trojans! FIGHT ON, Nicole!

Next, Trojan Candy saw two friends. BVB Alumnae Emily Young (5/11/2016) and Kelly Claes (3/2/2017) smiled for Trojan Candy.
I saw two other friends who are current players nearby. Haley Hallgren (2/22/2018) and Joy Dennis (3/2/2017) posed for me.
Then Joy posed with Sammy Slater (2/22/2018).

0059Trojan Candy met a new team member. Kyla Doig is a Freshman from Redondo Beach. She started playing beach volleyball when she was in the seventh grade. Her favorite food is sushi and In-N-Out burgers. Kyla's hobby is to hang out with her friends. As for music, Kyla likes Hip Hop and House music. Her favorite television show is "The Office." FIGHT ON, Kyla!

0061The next new team member whom Trojan Candy met was Freshman Molly Davis. Molly is from Arlington, TX. She plans to earn a degree in the interdisciplinary major of Philosophy, Politics and Law. Molly's favorite food is spaghetti. Her favorite music is Alternative. Molly's favorite artist is Chelsea Cutler. Her favorite television show is "Criminal Minds." FIGHT ON, Molly!

USC Beach Volleyball alumna Alexa Strange (6/16/2015) came over to pose with Molly.
Trojan Candy was able to take this picture of the 2020 Women of Troy Beach Volleyball Team by the beautiful ice sculpture.
Next, Trojan Candy saw two alumnae friends, Nicolette Martin (3/5/2015) and Allie Wheeler 3/5/2015).
Near the ice sculpture, three current team members took a selfie. They were Maja Kaiser (2/22/2018), Belen Castillo and Paige Dreeuws.
Now it was time for the program to start. The Spirit of Troy and the Song Girls marched into the stadium. Then they played "Tusk."
The program started with the introduction of the alumnae players.
Head Coach Dain Blanton had the Beach Volleyball Alumnae introduce themselves.
Then the 2020 USC Beach Volleyball Team introduced themselves.
Coach Blanton introduced his staff next.
After the introductions, the players started to warm up. Trojan Candy saw good friend Sara Hughes (1/31/2014). It was so nice to catch up with her.
Trojan Candy took this picture of the Song Girls before they left. They are Hannah, Sarah, Julia and Kiley.
Now the scrimmages started. Sara Hughes played with Falyn Fonoimoana (2/21/2019) against #10 Kyla Doig and #4 Sammy Slater.
During a lull in the matches, volleyball alumna April Ross (1/12/2013) cut the first slice of the yummy cake.
When the cake was moved to the food tent, Trojan Candy was able to take this picture of April and the cake.
Here is the cake.
My friend Stefanie Miller posed with April Ross for this picture.
Next, Trojan Candy walked to the south side of the stadium to get a cup of coffee. There I met Coach Dain's partner Maeve. Naturally, I took their picture.
Before my husband Jim and I left the stadium, I took this picture of the beautiful ice sculpture.

FIGHT ON, USC Beach Volleyball!