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Friday, February 22, 2019---USC Men's Tennis vs UCLA

Trojan Candy went with her husband Jim to Marks Stadium for the rivalry men's tennis match between our USC Trojans and the UCLA Bruins.

Star Spangled Banner
The USC Men's Team stood for the Star Spangled Banner and then huddled.
Doubles lineup
Here is the Doubles Lineup.
Spirit of Troy
The Spirit of Troy was in the stands.

Here are the Trojan Doubles Teams.

Jack Jaede and Laurens Verboven
On Court 2 were Jack Jaede (11/15/2018) and Laurens Verboven.
Riley Smith and Brandon Holt
On Centre Court were Riley Smith (11/15/2018) and Brandon Holt (4/14/2017).
Bradley Frye and Tanner Smith
On Court 3 were Bradley Frye (11/15/2018) and Tanner Smith.
Bradley Frye and Tanner Smith
Bradley and Tanner beat the Bruins 6-2 first.
Jack Jaede and Laurens Verboven
Then Jack and Laurens won their Doubles match 6-4.

Brandon and Riley's Doubles match was suspended with the Trojans ahead 5-4.

Now, USC was ahead 1-0 over the Bruins.

Katie Christy, Victoria Toris and Tamara SantoyoMy husband Jim and I walked outside of the Marks Stadium to get in a long line to get a free In-N-Out Burger. As we were waiting, Trojan Candy started talking with three young ladies who were standing in the line right in front of us. Then I found out that they were Women of Troy swimmers Katie Christy, Victoria Toris and Tamara Santoyo. I pulled out a notebook from my purse and started to interview them one at a time.

Katie ChristyTrojan Candy interviewed Katie Christy first. Katie swims the middle distances and the 400 I.M. She is a Senior majoring in Sports Journalism. Katie's favorite food is Russian "Progles (did she mean Pringles?)." She loves Country and EDM music (Electronic dance music). As for hobbies, Katie likes to spend time with her dog, play her guitar and do photography. (Another Trojan after my own heart!) FIGHT ON, Katie!

Victoria TorisThe second USC swimmer was Victoria Toris. She sprints and swims the free style. Victoria is majoring in Urban Studies and Planning and Architecture. Her favorite food is French fries. As for music, Victoria likes Pop and Hip Hop music the best. She likes to color for a hobby. FIGHT ON, Victoria!

Tamara SantoyoTrojan Candy had to hurry with my last interview, because we were almost reaching the front of the In-N-Out line. Tamara Santoyo swims the Butterfly. She is majoring in Urban Studies and Planning. Tamara's hobby is listening to music. She doesn't like Country music but likes a "little bit" of everything else. Tacos with no beans are Tamara's favorite food. FIGHT ON, Tamara!

All five of us got our hamburgers and drinks and walked back inside the stadium. By now, our matches were all in the second sets. Trojan Candy ate quickly and walked to Court 6.

Jake Sands
Trojan Freshman Jake Sands was playing on Court 6.
Jake Sands
Jake won his match 6-3, 6-3. USC was now ahead 2-0 over the Bruins.
Logan Smith
I hurried to Court 3 where Senior Logan Smith (2/16/2016) was winning.
Logan Smith
Logan won his match 6-4, 6-3. The score was now USC 3, UCLA 1.
Riley Smith
Who was going to clinch a USC victory? Trojan Candy rushed to see Riley Smith at Court 4.
Riley Smith
He clinched the match for USC when he won 6-1, 7-6!
Final score
Here is the final score.
Our team celebrated their victory over the Bruins.

Ray Sarmiento and MonicaAfter the match, Trojan Candy saw an "old" good friend. First, Ray Sarmiento (3/11/2017) celebrated the victory on the court with his fellow Trojans. Then he waited just outside the entry gate to visit with fellow teammates. Trojan Candy went over to visit with Ray. He said that he has just begun training again following his hip surgery. Ray said that he will be back on the tour in April. Ray's friend Monica, who is currently in the USC Law School, posed with Ray for my picture. Keep FIGHTNG ON, Ray!

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Tennis!

Thursday, February 21, 2019---Women of Troy Beach Volleyball Kickoff

Trojan Candy always likes to come to the Beach Volleyball Kickoff. Again it was held at The Lab Gastropub next to Galen Center. It is so much fun to meet incoming freshman players and visit with other players, alumnae, staff and friends. Friend Junior Joy Dennis introduced me to three new freshman players. Trojan Candy interviewed them and took their pictures one by one. Thanks, Joy!

Laurel KujanLaurel Kujan was first. She is from Santa Barbara and is majoring in Communication and minoring in Design. Laurel started playing Beach Volleyball when she was in the eighth grade. Her favorite food is pasta and sushi. Laurel's hobbies are paddle boarding and hiking. Her favorite movie is "Forest Gump." Laurel likes classic rock music and Frank Ocean is her favorite artist. FIGHT ON, Laurel!

Karina MyszkowskiKarina Myszkowski, who is from Manhattan Beach, is majoring in Communication and minoring in Marketing. She started playing Beach Volleyball when she was a sophomore in high school. Karina's favorite food is chipotle. Her hobby is photography. In connection with her hobby, Karina is a part time model. Her favorite movie is "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." For music, Karina likes Top 40 pop songs the best. FIGHT ON, Karina!

Hannah MartinThe third freshman that Joy introduced me to was Hannah Martin. Hannah, who is from Solana Beach, California, is majoring in Psychology. Hannah's favorite food is sushi. For hobbies, Hannah likes to surf, hike and swim. She also has played the piano since she was ten years old. Hannah plays "everyday" songs, plays the ukulele and sings. Her favorite music artist is Jack Johnson, who, she told Trojan Candy, is similar to The Beach Boys. In fact, the first concert that Hannah went to was a Beach Boy concert. Hannah's favorite movie is a 2007 British-American jukebox musical romantic drama named "Across the Universe." FIGHT ON, Hannah!

Stefanie Miller, Anita Ybarra, Donna Heinel, Karen Trust and Patti PoonNow it was time to eat and socialize. Trojan Candy took this picture of four friends---Stefanie Miller, Anita Ybarra, Donna Heinel and Karen Trust---with my sister Patti Poon.

Falyn FonoimoanaNearby, Trojan Candy saw a familiar face. I went over to talk to her. She was Falyn Fonoimoana (7/22/2010) who came to the Beach Volleyball Kickoff last year. Falyn is a USC Volleyball alumna who played indoor volleyball at USC in 2010-2012. Trojan Candy actually interviewed her in Heritage Hall when she was a freshman. Then, she played on the USA National Team. In 2017 Falyn started playing Beach Volleyball with fellow USC alumna Alexa Strange as her partner. I decided to catch up with her. Falyn has a six year old son now. Her favorite food is Mexican food. Falyn's hobbies now are playing Beach Volleyball and being with her family. As for her favorite music, Falyn likes hip hop and R&B the best. Her favorite movie is Marvel's "Dr. Strange." FIGHT ON, Falyn! Now, Trojan Candy has another friend to see every year at the Beach Volleyball Kickoff.

As I walked back to the front, the cake caught my attention. Yummy!
Josannah Vazquez, Maja Kaiser, Alexandra Poletto, Tina Grandina, Joy Dennis, Cammie Dorn and Karina Myszkowski
Then, seven USC Beach Volleyball players caught my attention. They were Sophomores Josannah Vazquez and Maja Kaiser (2/22/2018), Graduate Student Alexandra Poletto (2/22/2018), Sophomore Tina Grandina (2/22/2018), Juniors Joy Dennis (3/2/2017) and Cammie Dorn (3/2/2017) and Karina Myszkowski.
Laurel Kujan, Hannah Martin, Joy Dennis, Cammie Dorn and Lynn Swann
Nearby, I took another picture of Joy and Cammie with two freshman, Laurel Kujan and Hannah Martin, and Athletic Director Lynn Swann.
Haley Hallgren, Jo Kremer and Paige Hines
Near the door, Trojan Candy saw three more friends. They were Sophomore Haley Hallgren (2/22/2018) and Beach Volleyball alumnae Jo Kremer (3/3/2016) and Paige Hines (1/31/2014).
Josannah Vazquez, Maja Kaiser, Alexandra Poletto, Tina Grandina, Joy Dennis, Cammie Dorn and Karina Myszkowski
My husband Jim took a picture of yours truly with good friend Sara Hughes (1/31/2014) and Maude Kurzeka.
Nicolette Martin, Allie Wheeler and Sara Hughes
Next, Trojan Candy took this picture of Sara with her alumnae friends Nicolette Martin (3/5/2015) and Allie Wheeler (3/5/2015).

Trojan Candy saw a familiar face. It was Peter Kurzeka (1/29/2010) whom I interviewed at Heritage Hall. He was a Driver on four National Championship Water Polo Teams from 2008-2011. Then I saw Kirby Burnham (5/6/2013)! Kirby told me that she and Peter got married and now they have this beautiful baby! Congratulations, Kirby and Peter!

Kirby Burnham, Peter Kurzeka and baby
Here are Kirby, Peter and their baby.
Nicolette Martin's championship rings
Next, I went to see Nicollette Martin. I took this picture of her three NCAA Championship rings. They're beautiful!
2019 Beach Volleyball Team
Now, it was time for Head Coach Anna Collier to introduce her 2019 Beach Volleyball Team. Meet the team in my video.

Eric Fonoimoana and Gustavo RochaThen, Coach Anna introduced her Assistant Coaches Eric Fonoimoana (Falyn's uncle) and Gustavo Rocha in this video.

The BVB Kick-Off ended with fund-raiser ticket drawings. Unfortunately, Trojan Candy didn't win anything. There's always next year!

FIGHT ON, 2019 USC Beach Volleyball Team!

Friday, February 15, 2019---The USC Dance Force, the Twirler and a Victory over Cal

Trojan Candy attended the Women of Troy basketball game vs the California Bears at the Galen Center.

Dance Force
During halftime, the Trojan Dance Force performed this routine.
Emily Tutnick
Following the Dance Force was the Trojan Marching Band's outstanding twirler Emily Tutnick. Her performance with three batons is unbelievable!
End of game and celebration
Now about the game. This video shows the last few minutes of the game that the Women of Troy Team won 88-76 and the ensuing celebration with the USC Band.

Alma MaterThe Spirit of Troy finished by playing our Alma Mater.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019---USC Football Recruiting Celebration

Trojan Candy could not go to the USC Football Recruiting Celebration this year, because my husband Jim and I had to go up north to help my Trojan daughter with the grandkids.

Trojan Candy and Pierson ClairLuckily, my good friend and USC photographer Pierson Clair photographed the affair. He gave me permission to use his pictures in my blog article. Pierson's website is at www.pc4photo.com. Thank you so much, Pierson!

Briton Allen, St Ta'ufo'ou and Gino Quinones
In the Galen Center lobby, there were three football players. They were DB Briton Allen, LB Stanley Ta'ufo'ou and OL/DL Gino Quinones.
John Jackson III, Max Williams, Briton Allen, Trey Davis, Gino Quinones, Stanley Ta'ufo'ou, Nick Figueroa, Ben Griffiths, Jude Wolfe, Kedon Slovis, and Drake Jackson
Pierson took this picture of eleven USC football players. In front are 1 John Jackson III, 2 Max Williams, 3 Briton Allen, 4 Trey Davis, and 5 Gino Quinones. In back are 1 Stanley Ta'ufo'ou, 2 Nick Figueroa, 3 Ben Griffiths, 4 Jude Wolfe, 5 Kedon Slovis, and 6 Drake Jackson.
John Jackson III, Stanley Ta'ufo'ou, Briton Allen, Gino Quinones, Jude Wolfe, and Nick Figueroa
The last picture is of the six 2019 Spring players with Coach Clay Helton on the stage. They are 1 John Jackson III, 2 Stanley Ta'ufo'ou, 3 Briton Allen, 4 Gino Quinones, 5 Jude Wolfe, and 6 Nick Figueroa.

Fight On, USC Spring Football!