January and Early February 2013 (1) Candygrams

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013---Football Signing Day

Trojan Candy arrived early at the Galen Center. My sister Pat and brother-in-law Dudley walked into the Galen Center with me at 5:00 p.m.

Iskra Angelova The lobby of the Galen Center was already bristling with excitement. I saw the awe-inspiring Artletics display in the center of the lobby. As I was taking pictures of art works by athletes that I have met and interviewed in Heritage Hall, a familiar face walked up to me. Iskra Angelova, a Women of Troy Rower, always has a warm, beautiful smile on her face. She posed for a picture by her "Self Portrait." It is a beautiful Graphite on Paper. Iskra is a Fine Arts major. Rightfully so! FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Rowing! FIGHT ON, Iskra!

Foot Bowl
I took pictures of eight more creations by Heritage Hall friends. Here's "Foot Bowl" by George Farmer (football).
Barack Obama
"Barack Obama" by Antwaun Woods (football).
Colorful Women
"Colorful Women" digital photography by Kara-Leigh Huse (water polo).
Makes You Feel Small
"Makes You Feel Small" digital media by Anna Gustafson (lacrosse)
Ceramic "Hi" by William Simon (water polo).
Bob Marley
Ceramic "Bob Marley" by Leonard Williams (football).
"Rhythm" analog photography by Katherine Wittig (rowing).
Self Portrait
"Self-portrait" acrylic on canvas by Greg Woodburn (track and field). What outstanding art!
Marcus Allen
Walking around the lobby, Trojan Candy saw another Heritage Hall friend whom I have interviewed. Marcus Allen let me take his picture again. So nice to have a famous football alumnus come back to the campus. FIGHT ON, Marcus!
Lenny Vandermade
Lenny Vandermade said, "Hi!"
Spirit of Troy
The USC Pep Band led us into the Founder's Room for dinner. The food was delicious! There was prime rib and salmon. Best of all, the chocolate lava cake dessert was scrumptious! Each guest received a book containing descriptions of each of our new recruits.
Signing Day 2013
Signing Day 2013. During dinner, Trojan Candy noticed that six of our seven new USC football recruits entered quietly into the Founder's Room and sat down for dinner. Naturally, I sprang into action and walked from my table, that was the furthest you can be seated in the room from the door and their table, searching for my new Trojans.
Believe it or not, I actually walked past the recruits at their table and accidentally walked up to Keyshawn Johnson. He was just being introduced by Pat Haden. After Keyshawn showed his trademark smile and waved to the audience, I took his picture.
Keyshawn Johnson
Keyshawn Johnson FIGHT ON, Keyshawn!

Still on the hunt, I found the six new Trojans! After asking Director of Player Personnel Scott Thompson for permission to take their pictures, I snapped away and told each one of the young men that we're glad that they chose USC!

Justin Davis, Leon McQuay, and Max Browne
Justin Davis (RB), Leon McQuay (DB), and Max Browne (QB)
Chris Hawkins, Kenny Bigelow, and Darreus Rogers
Chris Hawkins (DB), Kenny Bigelow (DL), and Darreus Rogers (WR)

Justin Davis, Chris Hawkins, Dareus Rogers, Kenny Bigelow, Max Browne, and Leon McQuayAfter dinner, the program began. When it was time for the descriptions of our new recruits, Lane Kiffin stressed that USC recruited quality over quantity. Then he had his assistant coaches present footage and evaluation of each of our thirteen new Trojans.

Then, our six recruits, who are already enrolled in classes, came to the podium. Each was given a USC hat and was hugged by their new coach. Kenny Bigelow and Max Browne spoke to the smiling audience. Trojan Candy ran up to the podium and took individual pictures.

Dareus Rogers
FIGHT ON, Darreus Rogers!
Leon McQuay
FIGHT ON, Leon McQuay!
Chris Hawkins
FIGHT ON, Chris Hawkins!
Justin Davis
FIGHT ON, Justin Davis!
Kenny Bigelow
FIGHT ON, Kenny Bigelow!
Max Browne
FIGHT ON, Max Browne!

All the guests left the Football Signing Day Dinner enthused and ready for the 2013 Football Season! FIGHT ON, USC Football!

February 1, 2013---USC Men's Tennis versus Texas

Trojan Candy and husband Jim walked into the Marks Tennis Stadium and immediately bought two USC Men's Tennis "Four Peat" tee shirts. These shirts cost $5.00 a piece, but they are very valuable! When the food truck arrives between the Doubles and Singles matches, students and fans, who have received a ticket because they were wearing their shirt, get free food from the truck. Delicious!

The afternoon was just beautiful and sunny!

Ray Sarmiento and Yannick Hanfmann
On Court 1 Ray Sarmiento (3/11/2011) was waiting as Yannick Hanfmann served.
Emilio Gomez and Eric Johnson
Emilio Gomez and Eric Johnson were receiving serve on Court 2.
Roberto Quiroz and Max DeVroome
On Court 3 Roberto Quiroz and Freshman Max DeVroome were planning strategy.

Our men fell behind in the Doubles to Texas when Doubles 2 lost. But then, Doubles 1 came back to win. In an exciting finish, Double 3 made another comeback to win the Double's point.

Final Doubles Score
The Final Doubles Score.
Emilio Gomez
In Singles, Emilio Gomez serves on Court 1.
Ray Sarmiento
Ray Sarmiento competed on Court 2.
Roberto Quiroz
Roberto Quiroz serves on Court 3.
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson was ready to return serve on Court 4.
Yannick Hanfmann
Yannick Hanfmann serves on Court 5.
Max DeVroome
Max DeVrooome, who was the last Trojan playing, was on Court 6.

As Trojan Candy walked from court to court to take individual pictures, I ran into some familiar faces and met two new friends.

Alison Ramos and Gabriella DeSimone
I saw Alison Ramos (class of 2012) and Sophomore Gabriella DeSimone
Andrew Morcos and Zoe Scandalis
I took a picture of physical therapist Andrew Morcos and Sophomore Zoe Scandalis.
Audrey and Annalisa
I met Club Tennis members Audrey and Annalisa

Our men swept the Texas Longhorns 7-0.

FIGHT ON, Men's Tennis!

January 20, 2013---USC Men's Volleyball is in the House!

Trojan Candy is in the House also! Just a few snapshots of the Men's Volleyball Team in action versus Pacific in the Galen Center.

Men's volleyball team
The team huddle always starts the match.
Men's volleyball teammates
Fellow teammates on the bench lend encouragement to their teammates on the court.
Joey Booth, Robert Feathers, and Tanner Jansen
Joey Booth, Robert Feathers, and Tanner Jansen are ready to block.
Brooks Varni, Tanner Jansen, Alex Slaught, and Joey Booth
Brooks Varni, Tanner Jansen, Alex Slaught, and Joey Booth are ready to return.
John Xie, Bill Ferguson, ?, Cameron Green, and Jeff Nygaard
During the match, John Xie, Bill Ferguson, ?, Cameron Green, and Jeff Nygaard huddle to plan strategy.
Thaddesia Southall
Women of Troy Basketball player Thaddesia Southall (2/3/2012) came to cheer for the team.
The match
The match is on the court.
Spirit of Troy
The Spirit of Troy is always ready to cheer the team on!

FIGHT ON, Men of Troy Volleyball!

January 12, 2013---Women of Troy Volleyball Brunch

Trojan Candy enjoyed taking pictures of the Women of Troy Volleyball team and visiting with other fellow USC volleyball fans before the brunch began.

Hannah Schraer, Alexis Olgard, and Hayley Crone
Hannah Schraer, Alexis Olgard, and Hayley Crone
? and Sara Shaw
? and Sara Shaw
Alicia Ogoms, Samantha Bricio, Kiara Wright, and Emily Young
Alicia Ogoms, Samantha Bricio, Kiara Wright, and Emily Young
Natasa Siljkovic, ?, Natalie Hagglund, Sara Shaw, Alexis Olgard, Hannah Schraer, and Erin Yoder
Natasa Siljkovic, ?, Natalie Hagglund, Sara Shaw, Alexis Olgard, Hannah Schraer, and Erin Yoder
Katie Fuller, Sara Shaw, Hannah Schraer, Alexis Olgard, and Mick Haley
Katie Fuller, Sara Shaw, Hannah Schraer, Alexis Olgard, and Mick Haley

The guest Keynote Speaker was London 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist in Sand Volleyball, April Ross. April recalled her memorable four years at USC. She told the audience how she suffered an injury in her Sophomore year and came back her Junior year refocused. The Women of Troy went on to win back-to-back National Championships in April's Junior and Senior years. April encouraged the team to "Fight On" and to win the 2013 NCAA Title!

April Ross and Brad Keenan
April Ross and Brad Keenan

In the program, each of the thirteen volleyball members introduced a fellow team member. Some of the introductions were funny and all were sincere. Coach Mick Haley presented background information on each team member.

Samantha Bricio and ?
Samantha Bricio and ?
Natasa Siljkovic and Katie Fuller
Natasa Siljkovic and Katie Fuller
Natalie Hagglund and Sara Shaw
Natalie Hagglund and Sara Shaw

Then Coach Haley announced the 2012 Women of Troy Awards. They are as follows:

The three Seniors---Captain Katie Fuller, Natasa Siljkovic and Erin Yoder---were honored with traditional Senior jackets, blankets and an encased jersey. FIGHT ON, Katie! FIGHT ON, Natasa! FIGHT ON, Erin!

Katie Fuller
Katie Fuller
Natasa Siljkovic
Natasa Siljkovic
Erin Yoder
Erin Yoder

Team workouts begin on Monday, 1/14/2013!

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Volleyball!