October 2018 (1) Candygrams

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018---USC Men's Basketball Preview

My husband Jim and I brought two of our four grandsons to the USC Men's Basketball Preview on the second floor of the Galen Center. My nine year old grandson Parker, who lives up north in San Mateo, watched the entire practice. Sometimes his dad takes him to see a Golden State Warrior's game. His five year old brother, Bowman, ran around playing in the adjacent practice court. All Galen Center Founders who buy season tickets were invited.

The practice was a hard fought scrimmage, teammates vs teammates. It lasted about an hour. There were refreshments for the Founders.

Men's Basketball TeamAfter the practice ended, "Trojan Talk's" Jordan Moore started the program. He introduced Men's Basketball Head Coach Andy Enfield. Coach Enfield introduced our 2018-2019 USC Men's Basketball Team by their class.

McKay Anderson and Bowman and ParkerAfter the program ended, Trojan Candy did what she always does, take pictures! The first picture I took was of one of our new players. Junior guard McKay Anderson, who played at Southern Utah and is red-shirting this season, posed with my grandsons Bowman and Parker.

McKay AndersonNext I did what I always do.... I interviewed him. McKay told me that he just got married this past weekend! Congratulations Casey and McKay! McKay said that he lived in Boston in 2014-2016 and still misses Boston. However, he is a Dodger fan now!. His major is International Relations Global Business. His minor is Mandarin Chinese. McKay is already fluent in Mandarin! He has many hobbies...reading, golfing, playing outdoor sports and snowboarding. Mckay's favorite movie is the "Shawshank Redemption." He volunteers at his church services every week. FIGHT ON, McKay!

Kevin Porter Jr. and Jonah Mathews
More player friends came to visit Trojan Candy. Freshman guard Kevin Porter, Jr., and Jonah Mathews (4/12/2017) posed for me.
Kevin Porter Jr., Jonah Mathews, Derryck Thornton, Victor Uyaelunmo and McKay Anderson
More friends joined Kevin and Jonah. They were Derryck Thornton (10/24/2017), Victor Uyaelunmo and McKay Anderson.
Shaqquan Aaron
Trojan Candy caught Shaqquan Aaron (4/12/2016) ready to give me a big hug.
Shaqquan Aaron and Genaro Carapia
Then, Shaqquan posed with my friend Genaro Carapia. Genaro got only a handshake.
Bowman, Jordan Usher and Parker
Friend Jordan Usher (4/19/2018) came by next and posed with Bowman and Parker.

Kevin Porter Jr.Next, Trojan Candy interviewed Freshman guard Kevin Porter Jr., who is from South Seattle, Washington. After graduating from Rainier Beach High, Kevin was voted the #1 player in the state of Washington! Thank goodness he chose USC! Kevin told me that he was injured a little bit now. Hopefully, he will play soon. Kevin is majoring in Communication. His hobby is basketball! Kevin's favorite food is macaroni. His favorite music artist is Lil Baby. FIGHT ON, Kevin!

Kevin Porter Jr. and Derryck ThorntonDerryck Thornton joined Kevin for this picture.

As I took the picture of Kevin and Derryck, Trojan Candy noticed a young man and a coach watching nearby. Mason Leib and Martin Bahar USC Director of Scouting Martin Bahar introduced Mason Leib to me. Mason is a Senior Manager on the team. So nice to meet you, Mason. Coach Bahar told Mason that he likes my blog. Thank you, Coach Bahar! FIGHT ON, Mason! FIGHT ON, Coach Bahar!

Parker, Bennie Boatwright and BowmanThere was one more friend to visit with. Senior Bennie Boatwright (8/28/2015) always has a big smile on his face. I asked Bennie when is he going to be able to play. He said, "Soon." Trojan Candy sure hopes so! For some reason, I was having trouble with my flash. Bennie was patient enough to let me take several pictures until my flash worked.

What a cute picture of Bennie with my grandsons Parker and Bowman. FIGHT ON, Bennie!

What an exciting afternoon!

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Basketball!

Saturday, October 13, 2018---USC vs Colorado Football game

Associates Tailgate
Before the USC vs Colorado game, Trojan Candy and my husband Jim were invited to the USC Associates Tailgate dinner.
Karen Gallagher and Melora Sundt
We saw many Rossier School of Education friends at the Tailgate. Dean Karen Gallagher and Melora Sundt.
Rachel Beal and Stephen Lucasi
Rachel Beal and Stephen Lucasi.
Lai Tan and Genaro Carapia, Winnie Chuo,Jim and Candy Yee, Dudley and Patti Poon, and Greg and Marie Uttecht
Good friend and USC Associates photographer Armando Brown (1/23/2009) took this picture of Trojan Candy's table. Standing: Lai Tan and Genaro Carapia, Winnie Chuo, and Jim and Candy Yee. Sitting: Dudley and Patti Poon and our guests Greg and Marie Uttecht. Thanks, Armando!
Rex and Sandy Johnston and Lois Booth
Trojan Candy walked around and saw three TGLA friends. Rex and Sandy Johnston and Lois Booth smiled for me.
Spirit of Troy
Art Bartner marched in with the Spirit of Troy.
I saw the Silks.
Then, my favorite section---the Flutes. Why? I played the flute in high school.

After the tailgate, we walked over to the Coliseum, browsed around the Fan Fest area, and then entered the stadium.

Tex Winter and Kevin Ellison
Before the game started, there was a tribute on the big screen to two Trojan Greats. FIGHT ON, Tex Winter! FIGHT ON, Kevin Ellison!
Nelson Agholor
Now, it was time for our USC team to enter the Coliseum. Nelson Agholor (12/17/2014) led them out of the tunnel. FIGHT ON, Nelson!
Women of Troy Track
During the game, three USC teams were honored. The 2018 Women of Troy Track NCAA Team Champions was honored first.
Men's Track
The 2018 Men's Track NCAA Individual and Relay Champions were next.
Men's Basketball
The 2018-2019 USC Men's Basketball Team was last.

Our Trojans beat the Colorado Buffs 31-20.

FIGHT ON, USC Football!