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Saturday, August 22, 2015---Salute to Troy

Noah Jefferson, Claude Pelon, Roy Hemsley, Jonathan Lockett,  Toa Lobendahn, and Isaac WhitneyTrojan Candy arrived early to the Salute to Troy with my family. My daughter Kelly, her husband Gen, grandsons Zane and Kane, my husband Jim, my son Greg, brother-in-law Dudley, sister Pat and I ran in the gate as fast as we could in order to get in line for autographs. Pat and Dudley found our table. Just as the rest of us reached the autograph tents, USC football players entered the Loker Track Stadium. Naturally, Trojan Candy began taking pictures of the players. While Zane and Kane were in line to get Max Browne's autograph, I took this picture of six players. They are Noah Jefferson, Claude Pelon, Roy Hemsley (2/4/2015), Jonathan Lockett, Toa Lobendahn, and Isaac Whitney (2/4/2015). FIGHT ON, Noah! FIGHT ON, Claude! FIGHT ON, Roy! FIGHT ON, Jonathan! FIGHT ON, Toa! FIGHT ON, Isaac!

Su'a Cravens and Greg YeeMy son Greg met Su'a Cravens. FIGHT ON, Su'a!

Max TuerkMy grandsons Zane and Kane got Max Browne's autograph and then came over to get Max Tuerk's autograph. Then, Trojan Candy finally got to interview Max. Not the usual five minutes, but two minutes, because Max was due at a table to sign autographs. Max likes country music. His favorite movie is Forrest Gump. Max likes to play FIFA video games. He answered my last question quickly. What do you do for fun? Max said that he likes to go to the beach and "hang out" with his friends. Thanks for "hanging out" with me for a couple of minutes and FIGHT ON, Max!

Zane, Viane Talamaivao and Kane
Zane and Kane were able to get Viane Talamaivao to sign their balls.
Kane, Chad Wheeler and Zane
The also got friend Chad Wheeler (3/23/2012) to sign.

FIGHT ON, Viane! FIGHT ON, Chad!

Earlier, Trojan Candy had spoken with friend Kris Albarado, who was accompanied by Reid Budrovich. Kris told me that Jonathan LaBonty was assigned to my football locker. Thanks, Kris! I wish that I can find him.

Trojan Candy, Kane and Zane with Jonathan LaBonty and Reid Budrovich
My wish came true! Reid tapped me on the shoulder and told me that he brought Jonathan LaBonty by to meet me! Thanks so much, Reid! Naturally, Trojan Candy, Kane and Zane posed for a picture with Jonathan and Reid, and then I interviewed both of them.
Jonathan LaBonty
Jonathan is a RS Freshman Safety who just transferred from Cal Poly. His family lives in Mission Viejo. Jonathan said that his favorite food is chicken alfredo. He likes to see any "hot" movies with his dad. His favorite music is Hillsong worship music. So nice to meet you, Jonathan, and FIGHT ON!

Reid BudrovichNext, Trojan Candy interviewed Reid. Reid, who is from Torrance, is a red-shirt Freshman punter. His favorite food is chipotle. Reid said that his favorite movie is "The Ringer." He likes country music the most and that his favorite artist is Luke Bryan. Reid told me that Cody Kessler and Max Tuerk both know Luke Bryan personally. Lastly, Reid showed me his cracked tooth that he injured when he was playing golf. He said that he will get it fixed, eventually. Thank you again, Reid, for being so thoughtful and FIGHT ON!Willie McGinest

Trojan Candy recognized a familiar face. It was Willie McGinest! Willie had remembered that I had taken his picture at the Swim with Mike event on April 11, 2015. He posed again for me. FIGHT ON, Willie!

You can see many more player pictures in THIS GOOGLE PHOTOS ALBUM.

Now, it was time for the program to start.

The Championship Women's Sand Volleyball Team was waiting by the stage to be introduced. I took two pictures of the team before they went on to the stage.

Kelly Claes, Sara Hughes, Jo Kremer, Lorna Brandt, and Emily Young
Kelly Claes, Sara Hughes (1/31/2014), Jo Kremer, Lorna Brandt, and Emily Young
Women's Sand Volleyball Team
Taking a selfie.
Women's Sand Volleyball Team
Here is the team on the stage with Athletic Director Pat Haden.
Paige Hines and Sara Hughes
After they left the stage, Trojan Candy went to visit with two good friends who are teammates on the team and also roommates, Paige Hines (1/31/2014) and Sara Hughes.
Averill Spicer, Omar Nazel and Sunny Shepherd
As I walked back to my table, someone called out my name. It was friend Sunny Shepherd. She was sitting with USC football alumni Averill Spicer (8/28/2009) and Omar Nazel (4/13/2013). FIGHT ON, Nazel!
David Mellstrom
The winner of the USC Football Alumni Scholarship, which is given to the player with the highest GPA, was Senior Wide Receiver David Mellstrom. David majored in Business Administration and will attain his M.S. in Finance. He has a 3.43 GPA. Congratulation, David, and FIGHT ON!

1965 Football teamNext up on the stage was the 50th Anniversary Football Team that graduated in 1965. It was so nice to see Mike Garrett (10/31/2008) again! When Trojan Candy was volunteering at Heritage Hall, Mike was the Athletic Director. He would always acknowledge me at the desk with a smile. After all, I went to SC with him, and he is our first Heisman Trophy Winner! Mike took the stage with his teammates and spoke to the audience. He honored Coach Dave Levy by saying that Coach Levy make him who he is today. Mike and his comments were warmly received by the audience! Dave Levy and Mike Garrett

As the 1965 Team exited the stage, I was able to get this picture of Mike with Coach Levy. When I told Mike that I missed him at Heritage Hall, Mike leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek! FIGHT ON, Coach Dave Levy! FIGHT ON, 50th Anniversary Football Team! FIGHT ON, Mike Garrett!

Now, it was time to honor the 25th Anniversary Football Team that graduated in 1990.

Don Gibson
Two players spoke for the team. Don Gibson took the podium first.
Shane Foley
Then Shane Foley spoke.
1990 Team
The 1990 team posed together.

There are more pictures of both the 50th and 25th Teams in my GOOGLE PHOTOS ALBUM. FIGHT ON, 25th Anniversary Football Team!

Next on the program are the position pictures of our current team. Each individual coach introduced his players.

Defensive Backs
Defensive Backs.
Defensive Linebackers
Defensive Linebackers.
Defensive Line
Defensive Line.
Tight Ends
Tight Ends.
Offensive Line
Offensive Line.
Running Backs
Running Backs.

2015 Football teamThe entire team stepped onto the stage, and Cody Kessler spoke for the team.

The program ended with a fireworks display.

Pierson Clair and Isaac FloresAfter the team left the stage, Trojan Candy took this picture of two dear friends. Pierson Clair (9/23/2010), the official USC photographer, and Isaac Flores, who directed the entire stage show. FIGHT ON, Pierson! FIGHT ON, Isaac!

Now, Trojan Candy roamed around looking for more friends.

Cody Kessler with his grandmother and his mom
Cody Kessler (9/8/2011) with his grandmother and his mom. Cody was besieged with autograph seekers. FIGHT ON, Cody!
Soma Vainuku
I saw two more friends, Soma Vainuku (1/21/2011). FIGHT ON, Soma!
Kane, Antwaun Woods and Zane
and Antwaun Woods (1/26/2012) with Kane and Zane. FIGHT ON, Antwaun!
Alexis and Kris Albarado
Then I saw good friend Kris Albarado (9/16/2011) again with his mother Alexis. They posed for this picture. FIGHT ON, Kris!
Kane, Damien Mama and Zane
Just about everyone was gone now, except for two more players. Trojan Candy took this picture of Damien Mama with my grandsons Kane and Zane. FIGHT ON, Damien!
Juju Smith and Gregory Yee
The last player left was JuJu Smith (5/26/2015). His table was very close to ours. JuJu and his entire family were still enjoying themselves at their table. My son ran over to get a picture with JuJu.

Juju Smith's familyThen, Trojan Candy asked JuJu's family if I could take a picture of them for my blog. Immediately, they all jumped up from their table and joined JuJu for this picture. I asked them to pose for a second picture because some of his family might be obstructing JuJu in the picture. Then, one of Juju's male relatives shouted out, "Leave him out!'' What a jovial family! Now I know why JuJu always has a smile on his face! FIGHT ON, JuJu!

Zane, Mike Garrett and KaneAs we were walking back to the parking garage, Trojan Candy took this picture of my grandsons with Mike Garrett. What a fabulous end to an unbelievable night!

Saturday, August 22, 2015---The Salute to Troy Anniversary Football Reception

Luckily, Trojan Candy has two friends, Sandy and Rex Johnston, who help organize the Salute to Troy reception for the 25th and the 50th Year Reunion Classes of USC Football Alumni every year. Rex is himself a USC football and baseball alumnus.

They took numerous pictures at the reception and sent them to me. Last year when I was out of town and missed the 2014 Salute to Troy, Sandy and Rex sent me pictures and stories from the reception and the Salute. I can't thank them enough!

1965 Football Team
1965 Football Team
Dave Levy and Mike Garrett
Dave Levy and Mike Garrett
1965 Football Team
1965 Football Team
Tim Lavin and Mike Garrett
Tim Lavin and Mike Garrett
1990 Football Team
1990 Football Team
1990 Football Team
1990 Football Team