April (1) 2023 Candygrams

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Saturday, April 15, 2023---Meet New USC Men’s Tennis Player Learner Tien

After the USC Spring Football Game ended, Trojan Candy rushed over from the Coliseum to the Marks Tennis Stadium. Our men had started playing Washington at 1:30 pm. I was anxious to see how our newest men’s tennis player Learner Tien had done. Learner was just recently cleared to compete for USC by the NCAA!

In Doubles, Learner teamed with Bradley Frye (11/15/2018). When USC won the Doubles point, their match was suspended while they were leading by 5-4.

In Learner’s singles on court 2, he won the first set by 7-5 and was ahead 3-2 in the second set over Washington’s Dzianis Zharyn when our USC team won 4-1 over Washington.

0013After the match was over, Trojan Candy saw former USC Tennis team member Sean Holt (3/18/2022)! Trojan Candy had interviewed him when he was a sophomore at USC. Sean had two brothers who also attended USC. Dylan, the oldest son of Tracy Austin Holt, was a manager of the USC Tennis team. Brandon, the middle of the three brothers, starred on the USC Tennis team and now plays professional tennis. Sean was visiting with friend Mark Young, who wrote the book, Trojan Tennis: A History of the Storied Men's Tennis Program at the University of Southern California. So nice to see you again, Sean! KEEP FIGHTING ON, Sean!

0169Trojan Candy was able to catch Learner when he was walking downstairs. I asked him if I could take his picture and interview him. With a smile, he said, “Yes.” Before I could get started, an older USC couple, who were walking down the stairs, told Learner, "...that it would be better for him to get his education at USC first before going on the circuit.” I personally agree with the couple. Here is the picture I took of Learner.

My first interview question was, “Why did you choose USC?” Learner said that USC was local, because he lives in Irvine. He has a good relationship with the USC coaches, and he knows Stefan, Ryan, and Karl. My next question, "What are you majoring in?" Learner replied, “Business.” Me: "When did you start playing tennis?" Learner: “I started at 1 ½ to 2 years old.”

More personally, I asked, "Do you have any hobbies?" Learner said, “Not really.” Me: "What is your favorite food?" Learner replied, “I’m easy with food.” My last question, "What is your favorite music?" Learner: “Rap and Pop.”

After I thanked Learner for letting me interview him, he stepped inside the locker room. Then, just outside the gate, my husband Jim and I met Learner’s parents. They were Khuong and Huyen Tien. Khuong works at RCI in Irvine and Huyen is a teacher. She told me they named their son “Learner” because she would make sure that he would “Learn”! Did he ever! Learner entered high school when he was eleven years old! Khuong and Huyen then told me that Learner was also accepted at Harvard and Stanford. Then, they told me that they and Learner liked USC the best because, “There is so much more school spirit at USC. There is a different vibe at USC. Everyone wears USC clothes!” Learner’s parents now know the saying, “You are a Bruin for four years and a TROJAN for LIFE!”

So nice to meet Learner and his parents!


Saturday, April 15, 2023---USC Spring Football Game

Trojan Candy was excited about our Spring Football Game as I entered the Coliseum. Luckily, my sister Patti found us seats in our regular season seats. I said “Hello” to Patti, my brother-law Dudley Poon, and two friends Lai-Tan and Genaro Carapia. Then, I started taking videos and pictures.

video 3022
[Video] Here is our team warming up.
video 3025
[Video] The Spirit of Troy and Song Girls performed on the field.
video 3030
[Video] Our Defense ran out of the tunnel.
video 3031
[Video] Our Offense ran out of the tunnel.
video 3032
[Video] Here is the coin toss.
video 3034
[Video] The Defense starts off the game with a 24-0 lead. Now, the opening kickoff.
video 3035
[Video] Quarterback Caleb Williams started the offense. His first pass was completed to #2 Brenden Rice. #6 Austin Jones ran for 20 yards. Then his second pass was completed to #4 Mario Williams for a touchdown to make the score 24-7. Those three plays were Caleb’s only appearances.
video 3039
[Video] Here is our Offense on the sidelines.
video 3041
[Video] Here is our Defense on the sidelines.
video 3044
[Video] Here was a good play by the defense and a field goal by the offense.
video 3047
[Video] Quarterback Miller Moss threw a touchdown in the third quarter.
video 3061
[Video] The highlight of the day was the presentation of the Heisman Trophy to Caleb Williams. Congratulations Caleb!
video 3072
[Video] Our Song Girls danced on the side lines.
video 3079
[Video] With 1:29 left in the game, quarterback #8 Malachi Nelson handed off the ball to #34 Matt Colombo for a touchdown.
video 3087
[Video] The Spirit of Troy, Silks and Song Girls entertained us near the end of the game.

KEEP FIGHTING ON, our Football Team!

Monday. April 10, 2023---Allyson Felix Field Naming Celebration

Trojan Candy and my husband Jim were so lucky to be invited to attend the Allyson Felix Field Naming Celebration. The weather was just perfect for the dedication.

As soon as I arrived, I was able to take this picture of Allyson.
Athletic Director Mike Bohn posed with Allyson before the celebration began.
Then, USC Track and Field Head Coach Quincy Watts posed with Allyson.
Trojan Candy was able to get a picture of Allyson, her husband Kenneth Ferguson, and her daughter Camryn before the ceremony began.
KCBS sportscaster Jim Hill talked with Allyson.
Sitting in the front row were Coach Quincy Watts and two student track athlete speakers, Gigi Maccagnini and Rae-Anne Serville (9/10/2021).
Trojan Candy was able to take this adorable picture of Allyson and her daughter Camryn with President Carol Folt.
video 2937
[Video] Now, President Folt began the ceremony. She spoke about USC Track and Field’s thirty-one national titles. She was impressed by Allyson’s 2018 comeback.
video 2938
[Video] A.D. Bohn spoke next. He complimented Allyson with, “To be a champion on and off the field, you are a model Trojan!”
video 2939
[Video] The third speaker was Coach Quincy Watts. He complimented Allyson, "You have always done everything with dignity and simplicity."
video 2940
[Video] He was followed by Rae-Anne Serville and Gigi Maccagnini. Rae-Anne is from Trinidad & Tobago and runs the sprints. Gigi is from Australia and runs the distances. They were so impressed when Allyson met and spoke to the USC Track Team about two weeks ago.
video 2941
[Video] Then President Folk talked about Allyson’s accomplishments.
video 2942
[Video] The next speaker was Allyson Felix. She thanked many people and finished with a definition of “Legacy.” Enjoy Allyson’s speech!
The Spirit of Troy played after the speeches ended, and streamers were shot into the air. Notice the cardinal cover at the top of the big screen.
The cardinal cover was removed to reveal the new sign.
video 2945
[Video] The Spirit of Troy played "Conquest!"

Next, Jim and I walked to the entrance of the Allyson Felix Field for the lunch that followed. After we checked in, we found a table.

Then, Trojan Candy spotted a table full of USC Track and Field Team members. Naturally, I walked to their table, introduced myself, gave them my “Trojan Candy” card and started to take their pictures.

Meet freshman long jumper J.C. Stevenson from Temecula, CA, and senior Tade Ojora, a 110m hurdler from Lagos, Nigeria.
Meet 100m and 200m sprinters sophomore Curtis Johnson III from San Antonio, TX, and graduate Brendon Stewart from Laurel, MD.
Meet senior Jan‘Taijah Jones, a 200m, 400m, 4x100m sprinter from Pompano Beach, Florida, who majored in Sociology, and graduate Michael Phillippy, a sprinter from Laguna Niguel, CA.

9360Meet freshman Bryce Brock, Lindsay Jaffe, and graduate Christopher Borzor. Bryce is a 100m, 200m sprinter from Oceanside, CA, who is majoring in Legal Studies. Christopher is a sprinter from Uniondale, N.Y. who majored in Gerontology. Lindsay Jaffe is an Associate Athletic Director for Sports and Administration at USC and is from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She told me that everyone at this table are “my children.”

FIGHT ON, J.C., Tade, Curtis, Brendon, Jan'Taijah, Michael, Bryce, Lindsay, and Christopher!

Trojan Candy then began taking pictures of USC TGLA members.

Standing in this picture were Dr. Cathy Creasia and President Sandy Johnston. Sitting were Terrezene Brown and Gwendolyn Brown.
Bonnie Lauesen Hodge posed with TGLA members D’Arcy McLeod (standing) and Christine Ofiesh (sitting).
Four USC TGLA members posed together. Standing were Dr. Cathy Creasia and Patti Poon. Sitting were Betty Gross and Sandy Johnston.

Next, my sister Patti Poon went over to talk to Allyson’s mother Marlean Felix. It turns out that both of them, like yours truly, worked in Los Angeles City Schools. Patti was a LAUSD Math Coach, while Marlean taught at the Balboa Gifted Magnet School.

Patti stayed to take a picture with three other USC TGLA members. Standing were Patti, Christine Ofiesh, Sandy Johnston and D’Arcy McLeod. Sitting were Allyson’s parents Paul and Marlean Felix.
Marlean asked me to take a picture of her with her friend USC alumnus Michael Okabayashi.
Trojan Candy found USC TGLA member Wilma Pinder with Sandy Johnston.
Showing me their “Fight Ons” were Mike Bohn and my fellow Class of 1968 USC graduate donor John Colich.
Betty Gross asked me to come back to her table and take a picture of her with her Goddaughter Camryn. What two adorable pictures Trojan Candy took!
While at the family table, I took this picture of Allyson with her family. Left to right were Allyson, her dad Paul, her mom Marlean, and her older brother Wes Felix.
My last picture of the day was of my friends John and Janine Colich with Allyson.

What a busy, memorable day for Trojan Candy!

Congratulations, Allyson!