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Saturday, May 11, 2023---USC Student Athlete Graduation Celebration

My husband Jim arrived early at Galen Center Arena for the USC Student Athlete Celebration. When the doors opened, he went to get a seat for himself and me just below the end of the ramp to the stage. This is where I like to be when the student athletes come down after they are announced for their graduation

video 0008
[Video] Jim recorded the procession of student athletes.
video 0010
[Video] John Jackson III (6/18/2022) was the first student speaker for the class of 2023. Note that, at about the 5:45 mark, Jim panned into the audience and focussed on his father John Jackson Jr in the shirt with a red collar.
video 3640
[Video] Destiny Littleton was the other Senior speaker.
video 0012
[Video] The Stevens Scholars were announced. They were Alyson Miura, India Otto, Caitlin Cummings, Audrey Nourse (2/21/2020), Nicole Nourse (2/21/2020), Savannah Stocker, Sarah Panek, Paul Retterer, Aela Janvier, Nikoletta Paylopoulou, Kaden Johnson, Mihajla Milovanovic (3/19/2022), and Emilia Weske
video 0012
Here are individual Stevens Scholars starting with Alyson Miura (Basketball).
video 0012
India Otto (Basketball)
video 0012
Caitlin Cummings (Beach Volleyball)
video 0012
Audrey Nourse (Beach Volleyball)
video 0012
Nicole Nourse (Beach Volleyball)
video 0012
Savannah Stocker (Diving)
video 0012
Sarah Panek (Rowing)
video 0012
Paul Retterer (Swimming)
video 0012
Aela Janvier (Swimming)
video 0012
Nikoletta Paylopoulou (Swimming)
video 0012
Kaden Johnson (Track & Field)
video 0012
Mihajla Milovanovic (Track & Field)
Emilia Weske (Volleyball)

The Willis O. Hunter Award honored two students with the highest GPA. They were Paul Retterer and Sarah Panek.

Then all the Graduates were presented by Athletic Director Mike Bohn and each Graduate's respective coach. Jim took the videos.

video 0016
[Video] Track and Field Graduates were introduced first.
video 0017
[Video] Baseball, Women's Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Diving, Football, and Men's and Women's Golf Graduates were announced next.
Trojan Candy began taking pictures of my basketball friends as they came down the ramp. Okako Adika was first.
Maddie Campbell
Rokia Doumbia
Destiny Littleton
Alyson Miura
India Otto
Next was Beach Volleyball's Caitlin Cummings.
Harper Hallgren
Jenna Johnson
Audrey Nourse
Audrey and Nicole Nourse
Now my football friend John Jackson III.
video 0018video 0019
[Videos] Rowing, Women's Soccer, Men's and Women's Swimming, Women's Tennis, Men's and Women's Volleyball, and Men's Water Polo Graduates were presented.
My tennis friends beginning with Eryn Cayetano (1/21/2022).
Naomi Cheong
Nathalie Rodilosso, Eryn Cayetano, and Naomi Cheong
My volleyball friend Emilia Weske.
video 0020
[Video] The Gimbel Awards were given to my friends Eryn Cayetano and John Jackson III, and the Trojaneer Diamond Award was given to Paige Hauschild.
Here is Eryn Cayetano with her Gimbel Award.
Here is John Jackson III with his Gimbel Award.
As I was milling around, I saw Men's basketball Director of Scouting Desmon Farmer.
video 3653
[Video] Then the graduating students filed out of the Galen Center for a group picture outside.
The Spirit of Troy played some songs.
The graduating students gathered for this group picture outside Galen Center.

Audrey and Nicole Nourse showed me their gifts from the Athletic Department.

Then everyone went back inside Galen Center for the reception in the Centofante Hall of Fame. I used this time to take pictures of friends.

Leland Waters, Jeremy Wu, and Ray Wong
Caleb Williams and Tim Seno
Jim took this picture of me with Caleb Williams.
Patti Poon, Caleb Williams, and Dudley Poon
Caleb Williams, John Jackson III, and Kyle Ford
Jim took this picture of me with John Jackson III.

Congratulation USC Class of 2023. KEEP FIGHTING ON!