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Sunday, January 23, 2022---Women of Troy Tennis vs Saint Mary’s College

Trojan Candy remembered to bring both of my cameras to the Women of Troy tennis match vs Saint Mary’s College. The Doubles matches started on Courts 1 to 3 at 11:00 a.m.

On Court 2 Grace Piper and McKenna Koenig (1/21/2022) started first.
Here is another view of Grace and McKenna.
On Court 3, Sloane Morra and Danielle Willson started their match.
Here is a zoomed-in picture of Sloane and Danielle.
Salma Ewing (1/21/2022) and Snow Han (1/21/2022) played their Doubles match on Court 1. Snow was serving.
Snow was serving to the other player.

Our women won the Doubles competition. On Court 1, Ewing and Han won their doubles match 6-1 first. Then Piper and Koenig won their doubles match 7-6 next. The score was now USC 1 and SMC 0.

There was a short intermission before the Singles started. Then, Trojan Candy took individual pictures on the six courts depending on when our player was facing the stands.

I started at Court 5 with Freshman Grace Piper.
Freshman Sloane Morra on Court 4 was second.
On Court 6, Red Shirt Freshman McKenna Koenig was next.
Then, Red Shirt Freshman Snow Han on Court 2 was fourth.
Next was Freshman Leyden Games on Court 3.
The last USC competitor was Senior Salma Ewing on Court 1. Trojan Candy has interviewed Salma twice. The first interview (3/5/2019) was short. The more recent interview (6/21/2022, #5) was more extensive.

Snow Han on Court 2 finished her match first when she won 6-2, 6-3. The score was now USC 2 and SMC 0.

The score changed to USC 3 and SMC 0 when Grace Piper on Court 5 won 6-1, 7-5.

As the match continued, SMC won on Court 1 and Court 3 to make the score USC 3 and SMC 2.

Now Courts 4 and 6 would decide the match.

Leading 5-0 in the third set, McKenna Koenig was receiving a set and match point serve.
McKenna Koenig won the point and approached the net for the customary handshake.
Teammates came to congratulate McKenna.
Team hug.
More celebrating.
Here was our winning scoreboard.
video 0278
Our Women of Troy Tennis Team finished with FIGHT ON in this video!

Saturday, January 22, 2022---Women of Troy Tennis vs Loyola Marymount

Trojan Candy was almost at USC when I realized that I had forgotten both of my cameras at home. My husband Jim said that I could use my iPhone instead. Maybe all was not lost.

When the match vs Loyola Marymount started, I took pictures of our Doubles Teams. Unfortunately, my pictures were not sharp enough to use.

However, all was not lost. Sitting in the Centre Court stands, I kept hearing a lady cheer for our Women of Troy players. I turned to ask her if she was the mother of one of the players. She told me that she was not a player’s mother, but she is a USC Women of Troy Tennis Alumna. Stacy Margolin introduced herself to Jim and me. Then, Jim remembered that we had helped to deliver Stacy’s Heritage Hall medallion to her. Ron Orr had chosen us and my sister and brother-in-law Patti and Dudley Poon to organize, label and then help to deliver the Heritage Hall medallions that had graced the Heritage Hall staircase. Stacy thanked us for our effort.

1320Naturally, I asked her if I could interview her. Luckily, Stacy said I could. First of all, Jim took this picture of Stacy and me with my iPhone. Stacy competed for USC in 1977-1978. Her coach was Dave Borelli. The Trojans won USC's first women's national championship in 1977. They won another national championship the next year. After playing for two years at USC, Stacy turned professional. She told me that after playing professionally, she did earn a Sociology degree at UCLA and a Clinical Psychology degree at Pepperdine. She now works as a certified Health Coach in Ojai (see stacypotterhealthcoach.com/). She and her husband Ian Potter work a lot with children. They guide hiking, biking, rock climbing and tennis lessons in Ojai (See Trails by Potter). Stacy also told me that she recently guided our current Women of Troy Tennis team for a hike in Ojai. She also hosts two Women of Troy tennis team members at a time to stay at her home. Stacy told me that she stays in contact with her 1978-1979 teammates. Her life-long friends are Anna Maria Fernandez, Cecelia Fernandez, Trey Lewis, Anna Lucia Fernandez, Lea Antonopolis, Barbara Hallquist, Diane Desfor, Gretchen Galt, and Sheila McInerney. FIGHT ON, Anna Maria, Cecelia, Trey, Anna Lucia, Lea, Barbara, Diane, Gretchen, Sheila, and Stacy!

Jim and I hope to see Stacy at future Women of Troy Tennis matches.

Today our Women of Troy beat LMU 4-0.

Trojan Candy will write about the next Women of Troy tennis match vs St. Mary’s College on Sunday, January 23rd. I won’t forget my cameras on Sunday.

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Tennis!

Friday, January 21, 2022---Meet Six Women of Troy Tennis Players

During the breaks in the USC Men’s Tennis match vs UC Davis, Trojan Candy was able to meet and interview six Women of Troy Tennis players who came to root for the men.

0913The first Women of Troy Team member was Isabelle Lee. Isabelle is a red-shirt freshman from Green Bay, Wisconsin. She is majoring in Neuroscience. Isabelle is a “walk-on” player on the team. More personally, her favorite food is Korean dukbokki rice cake. Isabelle likes pop music the best, and her favorite artist is Roxanne. “Pride and Prejudice" is her favorite movie. Then, Isabelle introduced me to her teammate who was standing nearby. She told Trojan Candy that the teammate was her twin sister! FIGHT ON, Isabelle!

0915Trojan Candy looked at Isabelle and then at her twin sister. They weren’t identical. Isabelle told me that they were fraternal twins and that she is five minutes older. Gabrielle Lee is also a red-shirt freshman. She is majoring in Biochemistry. She said that she and Isabelle have been playing tennis since they were ten years old. More personally, Gabrielle’s favorite food is her mother’s cooking. Her favorite movie is “Pride and Prejudice” just like her sister. Unlike her sister Isabelle, Gabrielle’s favorite music is 80’s music, and her favorite artist is Snap! Colour of Love. FIGHT ON, Gabrielle!

0916Trojan Candy took this picture of fraternal twins Gabrielle and Isabelle Lee side by side. They certainly look like sisters!

0917Trojan Candy’s third Women of Troy player waited for me to interview her. She is red-shirt freshman Snow Han. Snow, who is from Wuhan, China, is majoring in International Relations Global Business. Her English is impeccable! She chose USC because there are great facilities and great activities here. About her family, Snow has an older brother who is working in China. More personally, Snow’s favorite food is Korean food. Marvel movies are her favorites. Her favorite music is K Pop from Korea. FIGHT ON, Snow!

0921Trojan Candy waited for Eryn Cayetano to finish speaking with her friends. When I caught up with her I introduced myself. She told me that she knows who I am. What a surprise! Then Eryn told me that I have already posted pictures of her in my blog. Now, I finally get to interview her. Eryn, who is a junior now, is from Long Beach, CA. She is majoring in Health and Human Sciences. I asked if any other member of her family plays tennis. Eryn said that her dad played college tennis at Long Beach Community College. More personally, Eryn said that she is not picky about food, she likes everything. However, she does tend to favor Indian and Asian food sometimes. Eryn has two older sisters. Her half sister is working, and her other sister is earning her Masters degree at USC. Eryn’s favorite movies are Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies. Her favorite Marvel movie is “Captain America.” As for music, Eryn likes pop, hip-hop, old school, and R & B. She definitely doesn’t like country music! Another Trojan after my own heart! We talked about some of her fellow USC athletic friends. Eryn says she goes to Women of Troy soccer and lacrosse games to watch her friends play. She texts her men’s basketball friend Chevez Goodwin. Eryn told me that Chevez, with a straight face, has an outrageous sense of humor. FIGHT ON, Eryn!

0927Sitting at Court 6 were two more Women of Troy tennis players. I recognized Salma Ewing and met McKenna Koenig. Trojan Candy first interviewed Salma at a Women of Troy Tennis banquet on Friday, April 5, 2019. CLICK HERE to read Salma’s first interview. Now, I was able to find out more personal information about her. Salma, is a now a Senior, whose home is in Long Beach, CA. I asked her why she chose USC. Salma said that SC was close to home, it was a private school and that she loves being here now! We know that Salma’s favorite food is tacos. Her favorite music is still Alternative music. Salma’s favorite movie is Disney’s 2007 “Ratatouille.” “The Great Gatsby” is her favorite book. For a hobby, Salma likes to run on trails. So nice to see you again, Salma. FIGHT ON, Salma!

0928My last interview for the day was of McKenna Koenig. McKenna is a red-shirt freshman from Scottsdale, Arizona. She told me that, when she made her visit to USC, she was hosted by Salma. Now, they are best friends. McKenna is majoring in Business with emphasis on Real Estate Debt. More personally, McKenna’s hobbies are painting and going to the beach. Her favorite food is sushi. McKenna said that she can eat sushi for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Her favorite movie is Lindsay Lohan’s movie “Freaky Friday.” As for a favorite book, McKenna said the she hates reading. However, she has lots of favorite music. She likes Indie, rap, electronic dance music (EDM), 70’s and 80’s music. FIGHT ON, McKenna!

What an exciting day for Trojan Candy! I saw our men win their first tennis match of the year with a 7-0 victory over UCD, and I was able to interview six Women of Troy Tennis players!

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Tennis!

Friday, January 21, 2022---USC Men’s Tennis vs. UC Davis

It was so nice to be able to return to the David X. Marks Tennis Stadium after two years to see our USC Men’s Tennis Team live in action. They competed against UC Davis at 10:00 a.m.

Trojan Candy took pictures of our men playing Doubles first.

On Court 3, I took two pictures of Paul Barretto and Ryan Colby.
Paul Barretto and Ryan Colby waiting for serve.
Stefan Dostanic and Peter Makk played on Centre Court. Here are their pictures.
Peter Makk serving.
Then, on Court 2 I took pictures of Ryder Jackson and Wojtek Marek.
Ryder Jackson and Wojtek Marek wait for serve.
Our six men on all three courts played well. We won the Doubles 2-1 as we won on Courts 1 and 2. We earned the team score, USC 1 and UC Davis 0, on the scoreboard.

During the break between the Doubles and the starting of the Singles, Trojan Candy interviewed some Women of Troy Tennis Team players. Trojan Candy will write a separate blog about the women next.

Now, the men’s singles started.

I started with Court 5 first. Ryan Colby is a freshman from Alexandria, Virginia.
Graduate transfer Paul Barretto from Tiburon, CA played Number 6 Singles.
Wojtek Marek, a freshman from Bytom, Poland, competed on Court 3.
Junior Stefan Dostanic from Irvine, CA, played Number 1 Singles.

0924Somehow, Trojan Candy didn’t take a picture of Senior Bradley Frye at Court 2. He won his match too quickly. However, since I interviewed Bradley when he was a freshman in 2018, I called out to him as he was cheering on USC players on empty Court 1 since Stefan Dostanic also won quickly. Bradley, who is from Overland Park, Kansas smiled at me and let me take his picture. CLICK HERE to read Bradley’s interview.

0110Freshman Peter Makk, who is from Budapest, Hungary, competed on Court 4.

Our men played very well. We won all six single matches in two sets. The final score was USC 7 – UC Davis 0.

FIGHT ON, USC Men’s Tennis!