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Saturday, June 18, 2022---Meet our 2022-Football Team at the Salute to Troy Part 1

3231Trojan Candy came to USC's Loker Stadium for the Salute to Troy with my daughter Kelly and her family. Kelly, Gen, and grandsons Zane and Kane flew down from Belmont for the event. When I went to check in, there was a familiar face standing at the corner of the check-in table. He was new USC employee Rashaad Moore. I met Rashaad at the USC Men’s Basketball banquet in April when he sat at our table. Naturally, Trojan Candy took his picture today.

The line at the entrance gate wasn’t too long. Once inside, I ran to our table, put down my stuff, and walked over to take pictures of the new USC football players. Where were my grandsons?

Trojan Candy decided to take pictures of as many new USC football players that I could. I saw so many players already sitting at tables eating dinner. So, I walked over to a table.

3232At the first table were #2 Brenden Rice, #40 Ty Shamblin, #43, and #49 Grant Zane.

3235Then, I saw one player standing by himself. What a perfect time to take a picture of Jordan Addison and interview him. Jordan, who recently came to USC from Maryland, is majoring in Communication. He is a wide receiver who chose USC because, “It was the right place.” More personally, Jordan likes to play video games and his favorite music is Hip Hop. So nice to meet you, Jordan, and FIGHT ON! Kelly got his autograph.

Only two new players were sitting at the next closest table. They were #17 Jake Jensen and #10 Kyron Hudson.
#28 Xamarion Gordon and #7 Miller Moss were at the next table.
Sitting at the next table were #29 Keegan Patterson and #34 Carson Tabaracci.
At the next table were #27 Tommy Maurice, #13 Adonis Otey (12/18/2019), #25 Briton Allen, and #4 Mario Williams.
#9 Michael Jackson III, #34 Matt Colombo, #87 Lake McRee, and #14 Jacobe Covington were at the next table.
At the last table of players were #85 Ethan Ray, #18 Jude Wolfe, #39 Jac Casasante and #36 Will Rose.

Here came Trojan Candy’s two grandsons, Zane and Kane. They told Kelly and me that they were over by the John McKay Center getting autographs from players as they walked out the door to go over to the Loker Track Stadium where the Salute to Troy was being held. They hit the “jackpot” getting autographs!

Now, Trojan Candy hit her jackpot. I was able to take pictures of my grandsons with USC football players. The four of us returned to the group of tables.

Here is Zane with Travis Dye.
Then Kane got Travis’ autograph.
Both Kane and Zane got Romello Height’s autograph. Here is Kane with Romello.
Zane posed with Romello.
Trojan Candy came back to take this picture of #37 Devan Thompkins and Romello Height.
Three more Trojan Football players were sitting at a nearby table. They were #39 Garrett Pomerantz, #38 Alex Stadthaus, and #98 Garth White.
Trojan Candy took a picture of #46 Denis Lynch and #48 Daniel Meunier.
Trojan Candy caught up with Kelly as she was getting Tuli Tuipulotu’s autograph.
Then I took pictures of #47 Stanley Ta’ufo’ou and #31 Tyrone Taleni.
There were two players at the nearby table. They were #83 Josh Falo, and #91 Brandon Pili.
Jacobe Covington signed for Zane.
Trojan Candy managed to take this picture of Tuli Tuipulotu, Stanley Ta’ufo’ou, Tyrone Taleni, Brandon Pili, and Jacobe Covington.
Standing nearby were Matt Colombo, Lake McRee, Michael Jackson III, Carson Tabaracci, and Denis Lynch.
Zane, Kelly and I walked away from the tables toward the entrance gate to look for more USC football players to enter the track stadium. On the way we saw Miller Moss. He was talking with A.D. Mike Bohn. Naturally, Trojan Candy took their picture.
I took a picture of Zane with Miller Moss.
Trojan Candy saw good friend Walt Greene getting #41 Garrison Madden’s autograph. So nice to see you, Walt!
Zane then got Garrison’s autograph.
Trojan Candy took this picture of Zane with Eric Gentry.
Then, Zane was able to get Carson Tabaracci’s autograph.
My next picture was of two #34s. They were Carson Tabaracci and Matt Colombo. They also posed with Lake McRee, Zane, and #8 C.J. Williams.
As Trojan Candy walked to keep up with Kelly and Zane, I saw two very familiar faces. They were friends Wandy and Larry Jung. They brought their two grandchildren Tomas and Reece.
Trojan Candy walked back to my table. Nearby, I saw my sister Patti with mutual friend Norma Perez.
Still more pictures to take of new players. Back to the gate where the players enter. Along the way I saw one of our tablemates, Michael Yee, getting Andres Dewerk’s autograph.
Then Zane got Andres Dewerk’s autograph next.

Trojan Candy was near the tables where the players were signing autographs. I took several pictures of these players.

Here were #72 Andrew Vorhees and #1 Domani Jackson.
Brett Neilon
Jac Casasante and #36 Clyde Moore
Kyron Hudson and Jordan Addison

Next, Kelly, Zane and I walked to the entrance gate.

I took this picture of #0 Korey Foreman and #9 Raesjon Davis.
Zane posed with Korey.
Then with Raesjon.

He walked toward me. It was John Jackson the III. Trojan Candy first met him at a USC baseball game (4/28/2016) when he came with his father, John Jackson Jr. We had met his father when my husband Jim and I were volunteering at Heritage Hall on May 8, 2009. Now it was time to take some pictures.

First, I took a picture of John posing with friends.
Next, it was my turn to pose with John.
Then, to interview him. John’s hobby is, like yours truly, Photography. His favorite music is Hip Hop and R&B. Drake and Lil’ Baby are two of his favorite artists. John likes to play the video game “War Zone.” His favorite food is chicken waffles! So nice to see you again, John. KEEP FIGHTING ON, John!
Now it was back to taking pictures of Zane again. Here is Zane with C.J. Williams.
Then, Zane got Solomon Tuliaupupu’s autograph.
Xamarion Gordon and #23 Joshua Jackson Jr (3/4/2020) posed for Trojan Candy next.
Trojan Candy was able to take this picture of Head Coach Lincoln Riley.

3327My last picture before the three of us sat down to eat dinner and watch the program was of Zane getting Domani Jackson’s autograph.

This is the end of Part 1 of my Salute to Troy blog. The second part of my Salute to Troy blog will be videos about the program.