March (2) 2022 Candygrams

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Saturday, March 26, 2022---USC Men’s Tennis vs Cal

1738Before our men’s tennis match versus Cal, there was an “In Memory of Keith Embree” message on our scoreboard.

1519Before the Doubles started, Trojan Candy heard the rumor that USC Alumnus Brandon Holt (4/14/2017) was in the stadium. Trojan Candy interviewed Brandon when he was just a freshman at USC. I had to find Brandon and say, “Hello.” As I walked toward center court, I thought that I saw Brandon. But, wait, that can’t be Brandon....the young man was too tall! Closer, Trojan Candy saw his was Brandon! Brandon smiled for this picture. He told me that he grew a few inches taller since I last saw him as a USC undergrad. Trojan Candy thinks that he also looks skinnier. Brandon told me that he travels two weeks at a time to foreign countries to play tennis professionally, but always comes home to Rolling Hills.

Nearby was Brandon’s younger brother, Sean, who is a sophomore on our men’s tennis team. Trojan Candy took this picture of the two brothers. FIGHT ON, Brandon! FIGHT ON, Sean!
After Cal won the first double’s match on Court 2, USC’s Ryder Jackson and Samuel Rubell won their match 6-3 on Court 3.
Then our men won the double’s point when Bradley Frye (11/15/2018) and Stefan Dostanic won 6-3 on Court 1.
Here is the scoreboard showing the doubles results.
On Center Court, Stefan Dostanic won his singles quickly 6-1, 6-1 over Cal’s Yuta Kikuchi.
USC took a 3-0 lead over Cal when, on Court 3, USC’s Peter Makk beat Cal’s Sean Hill 7-5, 6-2.

After Cal made the score 3-2, attention was turned to Bradley Frye’s singles match on Court 2 against Cal’s Philip Hjorth. They were battling in a tiebreaker in the third set.

Brad was behind 3-6 in the tiebreaker.

Brad rallied to tie the tiebreaker at 6-6.
Philip won the next point to put Brad behind by 6-7.
Brad won the next two points to take an 8-7 lead.

video 1799
My video shows Brad’s winning point.
video 1805
Here was our team’s “FIGHT ON” victory celebration.
Associate Sports Information Director Darcy Couch interviewed Brad after his victory.

What an exciting victory for our Men’s Tennis Team!

FIGHT ON, USC Men’s Tennis!

Friday, March 25, 2022---USC Men’s Tennis vs Stanford

Today’s Men's tennis match vs Stanford was “tight” the entire time. Peter Makk and Lodewijk Westrate won their doubles match on Court 2 by 6-4. Stefan Dostanic and Bradley Frye (11/15/2018) were playing a tiebreaker on Court 1.

Here are the handshakes at Court 1 when Dostanic and Frye won 7-6 (9) to clinch the doubles point for USC.
Here was the scoreboard showing the doubles results.

All Singles matches were also “close” the entire afternoon. With the score tied at USC 3 and Stanford 3, all attention was focused on Court 4. Our Freshman Ryan Colby had won the first set against Stanford Senior Alexandre Rotsaert in a tiebreaker by 7-6 (5).

Ryan was in another tiebreaker set with Alexandre.

Trojan Candy took videos of the Court 4 action.

video 1729
This first video shows one of Ryan’s winning points.
video 1730
Ryan made the winning shot and the Men’s Team reacted! Ryan won by 7-6 (5) again.
video 1731
This video shows congratulatory handshakes by Ryan’s coaches.
video 1733
The team sang “FIGHT ON!”

What an exciting and memorable match!

FIGHT ON, Men’s Tennis!

Sunday, March 20, 2022---USC TGLA Attends the USC vs Cal Baseball Game

The USC Trojan Guild of Los Angeles (TGLA) had a tailgate party at the USC Trojans baseball game versus the California Bears. Trojan Candy walked up the steps of Dedeaux Field stadium to the tailgate that started before the game.

The Baseball Tailgate was filled with action. The USC Song Girls joined us.
At the check-in table three ladies were busy. They were Patti Poon, Sandy Johnston and Sheri Lietzow. Patti and Sandy are USC-TGLA members.

1505Other USC-TGLA members joined Patti and Sandy with the Song Girls. Kneeling in front were Patti Poon and Patti Madden. Standing in the middle of the Song Girls, 5th from the left, is USC-TGLA President Christine Ofiesh. Standing on the far right is Sandy Johnston. I took the picture, and I am also a USC-TGLA member.

1507Another USC-TGLA member, Terri Boyle, joined Christine and Sandy in this picture. From left to right are Tom Fish, Tailgate chair, Baseball Alumnus, and founding member of the Trojan Baseball Alumni Association (TBAA); Christine Ofiesh; Sandy Johnston, board member whose husband Rex was a Lifetime Trojan Baseball Award winner; Terri Boyle; Rick Rice, board member and Past President; Marty Butterick, USC Baseball Operations Director; Linda Swick, mother of Trojan baseball alumnus Kevin Swick; Rick Leach, Baseball Alumnus; and Bob Perlberg, Baseball Alumnus and Past President of TBAA.

At the check-in table were Christine Ofiesh, Bob Perlberg, Sandy Johnston and Sheri Lietzow.
Then, Linda Swick joined the four of them for this picture.
Our USC Baseball team stood for the playing of our Star Spangled Banner.
Before going downstairs to watch the game, Trojan Candy took this picture of friend Eiko Bates and my sister Patti Poon.

Once in our seats, Trojan Candy took pictures of some of our players while they were at bat, in the dugout, pitching, or as a baserunner.

#15 Rhylan Thomas
#10 Tyresse Turner
#7 Trevor Halsema was in the dugout.
#33 Garret Guillemette
#38 Toby Spach
#4 Johnny Olmstead
#2 Tyler Lozano
#6 D’Andre Smith
#11 Carson Lambert was pitching.
#21 Adrian Colon-Rosado was a baserunner.

Unfortunately, our team lost to Cal 3 to 2.

We may have another chance to beat Cal in the Pac-12 Tournament.

FIGHT ON, USC Baseball!

Saturday, March 19, 2022---Trojan Track Invitational

1479My husband Jim and I volunteered at the Trojan Track Invitational. Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Long Beach, BYU, and Utah were the invited schools. Jim and I helped at the Women’s Long Jump. Jim raked the pit, and I helped USC Olympian Jeff Williams hold the measuring tape taunt.

1463Before the meet started, Trojan Candy was able to interview three Women of Troy Track athletes. The first was Freshman Jacqueline Duarte. She told me that she was not competing today because she is injured. Jacqueline operated the computer at the Women's Long Jump. Jacqueline is a freshman from Chino Hills who is majoring in Communication. She is a distance runner and a member of the USC Cross Country Team. More personally, Jacqueline’s favorite food is pasta. As for music, she likes “Indie” music. Her favorite movie is “The Greatest Showman.” Her hobbies are to play soccer, hike, bike, and enjoy the outdoors. So nice to interview you, Jacqueline. FIGHT ON, Jacqueline!

1467Another Women of Troy athlete came to visit with Jacqueline. Junior Mihajla Milovanovic let me interview her too. Mihajla, who is from Arizona, is majoring in Pre-Law. She competes in the 3K and 5K. More personally, Mihajla’s favorite food is pizza. Her favorite music is pop and rap. “Post Malone” is her favorite rapper. Mihajla’s favorite movie is “Divergent” starring Shailene Diann Woodley. Her hobbies are running and doing Serbian dance. So nice to interview you, Mihajla. FIGHT ON, Mihajla!

1471Mihajla introduced me to her friend Summer Mosley. Summer, who is from Miami, is a sophomore. She is majoring in Social Sciences with emphasis in Psychology. She told me that she is the first one in her family to attend college. Summer competes in the discus and the hammer throw. More personally, Summer’s favorite food is seafood. Her favorite television show is “Bob’s Burger.” Her hobby is to hang out with friends. She loves to wear her “Blessed” necklace. Look closely at Summer’s picture to see her necklace. So nice to interview you, Summer. FIGHT ON, Summer!

Here is the pit where Jim and I volunteered.
Trojan Candy took a picture of the Women's long distance run.
The Women's long distance run.
The Men's long distance run.
Our event ended, so I walked down to the starting line at the west end of the stadium. I took this picture of Freshman Jalaysiya Smith, who ran in the 100m hurdles. She won this event.
High Jumper Temi Ojora smiled for me.
Hurdler Jalaysiya Smith posed for me.
I walked back to the track starting line. There was Tade Ojora who is Temi's brother.
Tade is set to go in the 110m hurdles.
Here is Tade's winning time. Conratulations, Tade!
Trojan Candy walked up to Nicholas Ramey, who won the 400m race, and took his picture.
Senior sprinter Bailey Lear gave Trojan Candy a “Fight On!”
Next, walking toward me were Jan'Taijah Ford (left) and Kimberly Harris.

Jan'Taijah, a sophomore, competes in the 400m, 200m and 4x400m. Kimberly, a sophomore who is majoring in Communication, also competes in the 400m, 200m and 4x400m. FIGHT ON, Jan'Taijah! FIGHT ON, Kimberly!

Temi Ojora is getting ready for a high jump.
Trojan Candy took pictures of #4 Celera Barnes and #6 Chioma Okonkwo as they prepared to run the 100m.
Here is the start of the 100m dash.
Celera won the 100m dash.

1518Chioma took second.

Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Celera and Chioma!

What an exciting Trojan Track Invitational!