February (2) 2023 Candygrams

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Saturday, February 25, 2023---Women of Troy Basketball Game vs Washington State

Trojan Candy arrived early at Galen Center for the last home game of the 2022-2023 basketball season for the Women of Troy. Tonight was “Senior Salute Night.” The Seniors were going to be honored before this game with Washington State. I was allowed permission to go onto the court to take pictures. Thank you, Darcy!

Our team was warming up.
Then, it was time for the Star Spangled Banner. Our team lined up for it.
video 2197
[Video] Now, our National Anthem.
#11 Destiny Littleton was the first Senior in line in the tunnel. She was accompanied by USC Basketball Great, Tina Thompson.
video 2198
[Video] Here is my video of Destiny’s entrance.
video 2199
[Video] #23 Madison Campbell was the second Senior introduced. She entered with her mother Robin and brother Mason.
video 2200
[Video] #24 Okako Adika came onto the court next with her best friend Wytalla Motta.
Wytalla Motta, Okako Adika, and Coach Gottlieb.
video 2201
[Video] #25 Alyson Miura was the fourth senior to be honored. She came with teammate India Otto and her parents Blake and Deb Miura.
Alyson Miura with India Otto, parents, and Coach Gottlieb.
Alyson with her parents Blake and Deb Miura.
video 2202
[Video] #30 Kadi Sissoko came onto the court with her friends Fabrice, Lauren, and Anais.
Kadi Sissoko and Coach Gottlieb posed with Lauren, Fabrice, and Anais.
video 2203
[Video] The sixth and last Senior was #52 Rokia Doumbia who was accompanied by Nik and Rada Popovic.
Here is Rokia with Nik and Rada Popovic and Coach Gottlieb.
Here are our six Seniors with families and friends.
Here are our six Seniors. Destiny Littleton, Madison Campbell, Okako Adika, Alyson Miura, Kadi Sissoko, and Rokia Doumbia.

While I was on the court taking pictures and videos, my husband Jim was in the stands taking a video of the entire Senior Salute that was displayed on one of the Galen Center big screens.

video 00000
[Video] First, WSU Seniors were honored. Then, our USC Basketball Senior Student Managers were honored. Finally, our Women of Troy Seniors.
video 00001
[Video] Jim also recorded the starting lineup. Kayla Williams, Destiny Littleton, Rayah Marshall, Okako Adika, and Kadi Sissoko
Now, it is time for the game to start. Our team huddled first.
video 2210
[Video] Trojan Candy recorded the tipoff and the first USC layup shot made by Kadi Sissoko.
video 2214
[Video] The USC Dance Force entertained us during the first quarter.
video 2215
[Video] Here are USC highlights during the first quarter. The score at the end of the first quarter was WSU 12 – USC 11.
video 2220
[Video] The USC Song Girls and the USC Spirit Leaders performed during the halftime.
video 2224
[Video] Here are highlights of USC plays during the second quarter. The halftime score was WSU 32 – USC 16.

In the third quarter, our Women of Troy outscored WSU by four points. The score at the end of the third quarter was WSU 44 – USC 32.

video 2225
[Video] During the fourth quarter, the State Farm “Assist of the Game” was shown on the Galen Center big screen.
video 2230
[Video] The Lyfelaw “Play of the Game” was shown. Rokia Doumbia scored a layup.

With less than a minute left in the fourth quarter, Trojan Candy took two videos of the action.

video 2237
[Video] In the first video, #1 Taylor Bigby saved the ball and drove in for a two point layup to cut WSU's lead to 53-51 at 36.4 seconds.
video 2238
[Video] In the second video, Taylor Bigby made two free throws to tie the score at 53-53. The game went into overtime.

What a comeback for our team! Our women really outplayed WSU in the fourth quarter with tenacious defense. WSU only scored 9 points while our team scored 21 points.

The score remained tied at USC 60 – WSU 60 at the end of the first overtime.

The Spirit of Troy watched the game intently.
video 2258
[Video] Senior Kadi Sissoko played an important role in the second overtime. I took two videos in this overtime. The first shows a two point jumper that Kadi made which gave USC a 66-65 lead at 1:13.
video 2259
[Video] The second video shows Kadi making another basket. Enjoy the Women of Troy victory celebration that followed!

The final score was USC 68 – WSU 65!

KEEP FIGHTING ON, Women of Troy Basketball!

Sunday, February 19, 2023---Trojan Alumni Come Home!

It was so nice to see my USC Basketball and Football Friends at the Men’s and Women of Troy basketball games this season.

Women of Troy Basketball beat Cal on January 13. Alumna Jamaiia Bond (6/23/2022) posed with Rayah Marshall after the victory.
Our Men’s Basketball Team beat Utah on January 14. Alumnus and Friend Nick Rakocevic (8/26/2016) told me that he just came back from China and the Philippines, where he played professional basketball.
Women of Troy Basketball beat Stanford on January 15. Alumna Rhonda Windham (3/19/2010) enjoyed our victory.
Our Men’s Basketball Team beat the Bruins by 13 points on January 26. During half time Caleb Williams posed with my friends Richard, Barbara, and Hal.
That same night, my friend Valerie Sampson, who works at our Men’s Basketball games, met Caleb Williams outside of the men’s locker room. Thank you, Valerie.

7267Women of Troy Basketball beat Oregon State 60-56 in overtime on February 12. Alumna Tina Thompson (2/1/2014) came to the game. She lives in Houston and works for the Portland Trail Blazers. Tina told me that she is now completely “retired” from playing any basketball.

7270Later in the same Women of Troy game vs Oregon State on February 12th, Trojan Candy met and interviewed a Women’s Basketball Alumna. Alexis Lloyd (3/24/2017) played basketball at USC in 2013-2017. She majored in Social Psychology. After graduation, Alexis played basketball for one year overseas in Malta. Then she worked for Coach Cynthia Cooper at Texas Southern University. Now, back in Los Angeles, Alexis is a Director for two facilities in Glendale and Burbank. More personally, Alexis’ favorite food is pasta. For hobbies, she likes to do sculpture, ceramics and photography. Her favorite book is Atomic Habits.

Our Men’s Basketball Team beat the Cal Bears on February 16. Alumnus and Friend Isaiah Mobley (11/7/2019) smiled for my picture. He is even taller than the last time I saw him play at USC!
Isaiah’s younger brother Evan Mobley was in the stands of the USC-Stanford game on February 18. Evan now plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

7340Also at the Stanford game were Alumni Chimezie Metu (8/28/2015) and Jordan McLaughlin (5/26/2015) who smiled for me during halftime. Jordan’s wife (next to Jordan) was Anissa Claiborne. (4/19/2018) She was a member of the USC Pep Squad.

KEEP FIGHTING ON, Jamaiia! Nick! Rhonda! Caleb! Tina! Alexis! Isaiah! Evan! Chemezie! Jordan! and Anissa!