January (4) and February (1) 2023 Candygrams

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Saturday, February 18, 2023---Women of Troy Water Polo vs UCI

Trojan Candy parked and hurried into the Uytengsu Aquatics Stadium. I made it just in time for the player announcements.

video 2088
[Video] Our Women of Troy were introduced.
video 2089
[Video] Our starters joined hands and jumped in the pool together.
video 20907319
[Video] We won the opening sprint, but UCI stole the ball and scored first on a 6 on 5 play. Then, on our next possession, at 6:45 Tilly Kearns, playing hole, tied the score with a goal.
video 2092
[Video] Bayley Weber scored USC’s next goal at 4:39 with a penalty shot.
video 2094
[Video] Still in the first quarter, at 2:44 USC’s right driver Maggie Johnson scored a goal to make the score USC 3 – UCI 1.
video 2095
[Video] At 58. of Period 1, Paige Hauschild scored a goal from the right driver position to give USC a 4-1 lead.
video 2100
[Video] After two goals by UCI, USC’s left driver Tea Poljak scored a goal at 5:20 in the second period to make the score USC 5 – UCI 3.
Coach Marko Pintaric called for a timeout.
Trojan Candy took this picture of the SC fans in the stands. I am quite sure that the USC Men’s Water Polo Team came out to support our Women of Troy’s Water Polo Team!
Trojan Candy just missed recording Paige Hauschild’s second goal at 4:43 of the second period. I did get the scoreboard seconds later.
video 2107
[Video] At 2:55 of the second quarter, USC’s Honnie Vandeweghe-O’Shea, at point, scored a goal to make the score USC 7 – UCI 4.
video 2109
[Video] On a power play, left driver Julia Janov scored a goal to make the score USC 8 – UCI 5.
video 2110
[Video] With just .01 left in the second period, right wing Alejandra Aznar lobbed a shot that scored to make the score at halftime USC 9 – UCI 5.
video 2114
[Video] In the third quarter, on a power play left wing Bayley Weber didn’t wait very long to score her second goal at 7:18 to give USC a 10-5 lead.
video 2115
[Video] Then, right wing Alejandra Aznar scored her second goal at 6:26 of the third quarter to increase the lead to 11-5.
video 2116
[Video] At 5:48 of the third quarter, USC’s right wing Grace Tehaney scored a goal that made the score USC 12 – UCI 5.
Trojan Candy missed recording Baylor Weber’s "hat trick" in the third quarter at 3.01 that made the USC score USC 13 – UCI 5.
video 2120
[Video] Playing hole, USC’s Tilly Kearns scored her second goal at 1.26 of the third quarter that made the score USC 14 – UCI 5.

That ended the third period scoring.

video 2127
[Video] In a fast break, USC’s Tilly Kearns scored a hat trick at 6.44 of the fourth quarter that made the score USC 15 – UCI 5.
With about five minutes left in the game, goalie Jada Ward substituted for starting goalie Carolyne Stern. Carolyne had nine saves and Jada had four saves.
video 2129
[Video] USC’s last goal of the game was scored by left wing Fanni Muzsnay at 4:37.
Neither team scored again. The final score was USC 16 – UCI 5.
video 2134
[Video] This video shows the last 48 seconds of the game.
video 2135
[Video] My last video shows the ending “high fives” and congratulations.

KEEP FIGHTING ON, Women of Troy Water Polo!

Sunday, January 29, 2023---USC Men’s Tennis vs UCLA Men’s Tennis

7001When my husband Jim and I arrived at the Mark’s Stadium, the seating section we always sit in was filled with USC students. Jim asked one of the women in front of him if they were Helenes. She replied that they were, and he told her that I was a Helene alumna. Then they wanted to know more about me. When I was an undergrad at USC in 1967, I was a member of the Amazons. In 1968, the Amazons became the Helenes. I had to get a picture of the Helenes. Luckily, I was able to ask a tennis team photographer, who was on the tennis court, to take a group picture of our section with my camera.

video 1679
[Video] Trojan Candy took this video of our team warming up.
1690video 1691
[Video] Then, the team huddled.
Each Doubles Team met with the referees at the three courts. On Center Court were Stefan Dostanic and Bradley Frye (11/15/2018).
Lodewijk Weststrate and Peter Makk played on Court 2.
Sam Rubell and Wojtek Marek played number 3 Doubles.
Bradley Frye and Stefan Dostanic won their Doubles match quickly by 6-0.
Wojtek Marek and Sam Rubell won their Doubles match by 6-3. Their victory won USC the doubles point.
The doubles match on Court 2 with Peter Makk and Lodewijk Weststrate was suspended.

Now it was time for the Singles competition.

On Center Court Stefan Dostanic's opponent was Alexander Hoogmartens.
Peter Makk was number 2 against Giacomom Revelli.
Lodewijk Weststrate played on Court 5 against Azuma Tripathi.
Bradley Frye's opponent on Court 3 was Patrick Zahraj.
Ryan Colby played against Timothy Li on Court 6.
Wotjek Marek was on Court 4 against Aadarsh Tripathi.
Peter Makk beat Giacomo Revelli 6-2, 6-2 for our second point.
Wojtek Marek beat Azuma Tripathi 6-3, 6-4 to make the score USC 3 vs. UCLA 0.
On Court 6 Ryan Colby played a closer match against Timothy Li. Ryan won the first set 6-4, and the second set went to a tiebreaker.
Ryan was serving while ahead 6-3 in the tiebreaker.
Ryan won!
Here is the final scoreboard.

The matches on Court 1 with Stefan Dostanic, Court 3 with Bradley Frye, and Court 5 with Lodewijk Westrate were suspended.

1838Our winning team posed for a picture holding the sign "See you in Chicago" for the ITA Indoor Tennis championships.