March (1) 2023 Candygrams

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Sunday, March 5, 2023---USC Beach Volleyball vs Washington

It was so cold outside at Merle Norman Stadium, but Beach Volleyball must go on! Our USC team was playing the team from Washington.

Trojan Candy saw two friends near the entrance. They were the junior twins Audrey (2/21/2020) and Nicole Nourse (2/21/2020).
The entire team huddled before their match vs Washington.
Associate Director of Sports Brands and Communications Jeremy Wu smiled for me in this picture.

The first flight consisted of two matches. Pair 2 played on Court 1, and Pair 4 played on Court 2.

On Court 1 were #35 graduate student Madison Shields and #10 freshman Madison White.
Here are both Madisons in action again. They lost set 1 by 19-21, won set 2 by 21-15, but lost set 3 by 13-15.
In the same flight, on Court 2 were #5 junior Olivia Bakos and #14 freshman Bailey Showalter.
Bailey and Olivia hand slapped to celebrate a point.
video 2371
[Video] Olivia and Bailey lost the first set by 15-21 and won their second and third sets: 21-19 and 15-10. Watch their victory in the third set.

Now, the dual score was 1-1 after the first flight.

Three teams played in the second flight. On Court 1 was Pair 1, on Court 2 was Pair 3, and on Court 3 was Pair 5.

Playing Pair 5 were freshmen #2 Delaney Karl and #31 Gabby Walker.
The twins Nicole and Audrey Nourse were Pair 3.
video 2399
[Video] Juniors #22 Megan Kraft (2/26/2022) and #23 Delaynie Maple (2/26/2022) were Pair 1. Here they are in action.
video 2401
[Video] First, Delaney Karl and Gabby Walker won in straight sets by 21-10 and 23-21. See their winning point in my video.
video 2404
[Video] Then, Megan Kraft and Delaynie Maple won in two sets: 21-18 and 21-16. See their victory in my video.
video 2422
[Video] After losing the first set by 17-21, the twins won the second and third sets by 21-18 and 15-13. My video shows their winning point.

After Nicole and Audrey won, our team beat Washington 4-1.

KEEP FIGHTING ON, USC Beach Volleyball!

Saturday, March 4, 2023---USC Men’s Basketball Senior Day

video 2296
[Video] In tonight’s game versus Arizona State, USC Men’s Basketball honored two Seniors, Boogie Ellis (4/14/2022) and Drew Peterson (4/14/2022).
video 2302
[Video] Now, the starters were introduced. They were Reese Dixon-Waters (4/14/2022), Kobe Johnson (4/14/2022), Joshua Morgan (4/14/2022), Boogie Ellis, and Drew Peterson.
video 2303
[Video] Here is the tipoff and the first USC basket scored by Drew Peterson.
video 2307
[Video] Our Dance Force performed during a timeout in the first half.
video 2310
[Video] At halftime, our Song Girls and Twirler Emily Tutnick performed.
video 2326
[Video] The play of the game was shown on the Galen Center big screen.
video 2338
[Video] We won the ASU game!
video 2340
[Video] The team celebrated the victory.
video 2341
[Video] Our team exited with winning High Fives with the USC fans!
video 2342
[Video] See Coach Enfield’s interview.

video 2343[Video] Boogie Ellis was also interviewed on the radio.

KEEP FIGHTING ON, USC Men’s basketball!

Saturday, March 4, 2023---Trojan League of Los Angeles “Go For the Gold Fund Raiser”

My husband Jim and I attended the USC Trojan League of Los Angeles (TLLA) “Go for the Gold Event.” The Trojan League supports our USC Track and Field Program and USC TLLA philanthropies.

We saw the sign for the registration table.
My two USC TGLA friends, Mary Hall and Jean Getchell, were volunteering sign in guests.
On the USC track field, Trojan Candy saw another fellow USC TGLA member. Oksana Giebeler was selling raffle tickets.
While walking around, I saw Trojan Athletic Fund friend Jennifer Noriega whom I have known before 2011.

What a surprise! Trojan Candy saw two USC track friends who have both won Olympic medals, Michael Norman (4/28/2019) and Rai Benjamin (8/9/2021). Both are now Volunteer Assistant Coaches and training at USC for the next Olympics in Paris in 2024. Friend Larry Jung insisted on taking this picture of Michael, Rai and me. Thanks, Larry!


Next, I finally decided to buy some raffle tickets. So I walked over to the TLLA table and bought the tickets from my TGLA friend Terri Boyle.


To Trojan Candy’s surprise, two young ladies walked up to me and introduced themselves. They were USC Helenes, Chichi Okeke and Kyra Ashley Aligaen. Trojan Candy was an Amazon my junior year at USC in 1967, then in 1968 the Amazons became the Helenes. I had the privilege of meeting current Helenes now!

video 2288

[Video] At about 11:00 am, the program began. Trojan Candy took videos of the presentations. My friends and volunteer coaches Michael Norman and Rai Benjamin were the first to talk.

video 2290
[Video] My second video shows Coach Quincy Watts talking about and complimenting his team.
At about 11:20 am, Coach Watts turned the program over to Coach Jebreh Harris who led everyone in some warmup exercises. Then we were invited to go to any one of five stations to learn how USC athletes train. Before going to any station, Trojan Candy met some Helenes and USC TGLA members.

Kyra Aligaen introduced me to three more Helenes who were volunteering at the children’s table. They were Tali Duckworth, Isabella Friedu, and June Mann.

Close by, I saw my friend Oksana Giebeler again. She posed with her daughter Melanie.

My next picture was of the President of the USC Trojan League of Los Angeles D’Arcy McLeod who is also a USC TGLA member. She posed with Kimberly Doder.

Trojan Candy finally got to three stations. I walked left to right to the stations.

The first station I saw was Station 2: “How to start the race.”
Kamryn Elgersma was tutoring at Station 5 for Throws: “How to throw a javelin.”

While I walked to the next station, Trojan Candy saw a good friend. Cynthia Wiese. Cynthia told me that she still volunteers with the band even though she doesn’t work at USC anymore. So nice to see Cynthia!

At Station 3: Hurdles, Trojan Candy saw another USC TGLA friend, Christin Moses. She posed with a group of USC hurdlers. In the front are Joanna Hayes, Christin, Steve Meyer, and Laysi Smith. In the back are Tamaal Myers, Johnny Brackins, Malik Mixon, Tade Ojora, and Allie Jones.
7452video 2291
[Video] When the training demonstrations were over, we returned to have a buffet lunch. At noon, the USC Spirit of Troy entertained us.

While going to get my lunch, Trojan Candy saw another USC TGLA friend.

7454Ann Palmer let me take her picture with her daughter Sunny and two granddaughters Charlotte and CeCe. They are Adorable!

7459Nearby, Trojan Candy took a picture of several USC Track and Field athletes. From left to right in the front row were Tamaal Myers, Samirah Moody, Laysi Smith, and Jassani Carter. Then in the back row were Johnny Brackins, Earnest Sears III (12/1/2019), Tade Ojora, Brendon Stewart, Max Thomas, Malik Mixon, and Justin Braun.

I was able to talk to Earnest Sears III for a short time. 7461He told me that he is training in the high jump in Las Vegas. He intends to compete in the Paris Olympics in 2024. Good Luck, Earnest, and KEEP FIGHTING ON!

7464Next, Trojan Candy returned to my table. It was time to interview the track athlete who was sitting at my table. Alexis Brown and her family live in Diamond Bar. Her mom attended the USC School of Pharmacy. Alexis is a senior who runs the 400m and will run in the relays. She likes to run when it is warm. Alexis also likes to travel. She spent one year in Thailand teaching English. More personally, Alexis’ favorite food is dill pickles. Titanic is her favorite movie, and NCIS is her favorite television show. FIGHT ON, Alexis!

USC TGLA friend Christine Ofiesh passed out USC cookies to all of the guests. Mmm! Thanks, Christine.
video 2292
[Video] Several USC track stars were introduced by the coaches in my next video. They were Samirah Moody, Allie Jones, Tade Ojora, and Johnny Brackins Jr. Each one said something about himself/herself.
video 2293
[Video] New transfer from Stanford, Allie Jones, told everyone why she is happy at USC. So glad that you are a Trojan now, Allie!

video 2294[Video] Samirah Moody, a transfer from Baylor, talked about why she came to USC.

7470Sitting right next to Trojan Candy at our table was Matteo Mitchell. He is from Clayton, CA. Matteo told me he competed in the Shotput and Discus at Clayton Valley High School. The rest of his family played football. At USC, Matteo competes in the Hammer Throw. Matteo is majoring in Business Administration. More personally, Matteo’s hobbies are snowboarding and exploring Los Angeles. His favorite movie is “Stepbrothers.” Why did Matteo choose USC? Matteo said, “It is prestigious in academics and for its athletic excellence.” FIGHT ON, Matteo!

Nearby, Trojan Candy took a picture of Half Century Trojan fellow board member Sally Edwards and D’Arcy McLeod.
I took this picture of the guests at my table. Standing were Alexis Brown, my husband Jim Yee, and Larry Jung. Sitting were Alexis’ dad, her mom Marilyn Brown, and Wandy Jung.
Next, Trojan Candy saw USC TGLA friends, Christine Ofiesh and Diane Morgan.

What an informative and enjoyable afternoon for USC Trojan League of Los Angeles members and guests.

KEEP FIGHTING ON, USC Track and Field!