November 2019 (2) Candygrams

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Saturday, November 9, 2019---Women of Troy Basketball vs Virginia and Two New Friends

Before the Women of Troy basketball game began, former Trojan Tina Thompson's jersey number was retired. Tina Thompson is the current coach of Virginia.

My video shows Tina in action at USC, the Houston Comets and at her College Hall of Fame induction.
Next, Tina was honored with her #14 USC jersey being retired.
Here are both teams, Virginia and USC, posing at center court with Tina Thompson.
Now, it was time for both teams to warm up. Here is the Women of Troy warming up for their first home game of the 2019-2020 Season.
Virginia warmed up too.
The Women of Troy team and starters were introduced on the Galen Center big screen.
The game started.

As the game was progressing, my friend Stefanie Miller told me that there were some USC men basketball players sitting in the south seating section. Trojan Candy grabbed my camera, notebook and pen and walked over to that section. There was an empty seat right next to #21 Onyeka Okongwu, so I sat down in it. He was a little startled and then curious as to why I sat right next to him. I asked him if he was the "Big O?" He said that he was, so I handed him my Trojan Candy card and asked if I could interview him. Teammate Isaiah Mobley (11/7/2019), who was sitting a row in front of Onyeka, told him that he was interviewed two days before by me. Luckily, Onyeka said that I could interview him.

7256During a break in the action on the court, I took a picture of Onyeka, and then I interviewed him. Onyeka, who is from Chino, is a Communications major just like his teammates Daniel Utomi (11/7/2019) and Max Agbonkpolo (11/7/2019) whom Trojan Candy just interviewed two days ago. For his hobby, Onyeka likes to hang out with his friends, play Xbox and STUDY. As for his favorite food, Onyeka said that he is picky. He does like spicy food. Onyeka's favorite music is rap, hip hop and R&B. His favorite musicians are "Young Boy," Bryson Tiller and 21 Savage. "Avenger's End Game" is Onyeka's favorite movie. FIGHT ON, Onyeka!

7260Next, Trojan Candy moved to the next row down to meet and interview another Freshman basketball player. He was Point Guard Ethan Anderson. Ethan, who is from Fairfax High School in Los Angeles and is majoring in Real Estate Development. His hobby is playing video games. Ethan's favorite game is 2K NBA. Fried chicken (yum!) is Ethan's favorite food. As for his favorite music, Ethan likes hip hop and rap the best. His favorite musician is rapper Lil Baby. FIGHT ON, Ethan!

Now back to the Women of Troy basketball game. Our women were ahead 22 to 19 at the half.

4267The Dance Force performed during halftime

4273Our Women of Troy beat Virginia 59 to 49!

FIGHT ON Women of Troy Basketball!

After the game, Trojan Candy took a picture of the Santa Margarita Catholic High School (SMCHS) Girl's Basketball Team. 7264Standing in the middle of the SMCHS team is current USC player Shalexxus Aaron (3/22/2019). The Coach of SMCHS is friend and USC Alumna Christina (Wear-)Marinacci (4/25/2013). Christina played basketball at USC in 2009 to 2013. FIGHT ON, Christina!

Before Jim and I left the arena, we were able to watch the end of the USC-Arizona State football game on the big screen. We won 31-26! FIGHT ON, USC Football!

What a winning day!

Thursday, November 7, 2019---Three New USC Men Basketball Friends

Trojan Candy was sitting in the east stands of the Galen Center during the Women of Troy volleyball match vs Utah, when I thought I saw some USC men's basketball players in the southeast section. Naturally, I walked around to those seats with my camera and a little notebook to find them.

As I walked down to what I thought were four men's basketball players, one of the guys stood up and smiled at me. He was friend, Senior Jonah Mathews (4/12/2017)! Jonah gave me a big hug. I told Jonah that I wanted to interview the other three players. He introduced me to Daniel Utomi.

7221Daniel was quite nonchalant when I met him. He is a Senior Communication major who transferred from Akron. Daniel has one season of eligibility left. More personally, his favorite food is pasta. Daniel's hobby is basketball. As for his favorite music, he likes Hip Hop music the most. Daniel told me, "I'm a chill person." FIGHT ON, Daniel!

7223Nearby Trojan Candy met and interviewed Freshman Max Agbonkpolo. His major is also Communication. Max's favorite food is sushi. For his hobby, Max likes to play the video game "NBA 2K." He also likes to dance a little Hip Hop. Max's favorite music artist is Young Thug, who is a rapper, singer and songwriter. "Lion King" is Max's favorite movie. FIGHT ON, Max!

7225The third new USC basketball player whom Trojan Candy interviewed was sitting in the row in front of Max. Freshman Isaiah Mobley posed for his picture with his two fingers in a "Conquest" mode. Isaiah is majoring in Real Estate and Real Estate Development. For his hobby, Isaiah likes to play ping pong and to "hang out" with his friends. Isaiah's favorite food is pizza. His favorite musician is Drake. "Rush Hour" is Isaiah's favorite movie. FIGHT ON, Isaiah!

Trojan Candy now has three new friends. Thanks again and FIGHT ON, Jonah!

Tuesday, November 5, 2019---USC Men's Basketball Home Opener vs Florida A&M

The Galen Center was bursting with activity. Tonight is the home opener for the USC Men's 2019-2020 basketball season.

The USC Dance Force performed at one endline.
Yes, the USC Song Girls are back! They performed at the opposite endline.
Our team entered the court.
Here is our team warming up.
Here is Florida A&M warming up.
Our team stood for the Star Spangled Banner.
Then, the Dance Force went to center court.
The introduction of our Starters was shown on the Galen Center Big Screen.
Here is the tip-off and our first basket was scored by Elijah Weaver.

Our Trojans started "slow" but were leading 24 to 23 at the half.

During the half-time the Song Girls performed.
Then the Spirit of Troy Twirler Emily Tutnick entertained everyone with a beautiful routine.
The Dance Force performed to end the half-time.
Our men warmed up for the second half. They played better in the second half.
Trojan Candy took pictures of four of our new Freshmen shooting free throws. They were Isaiah Mobley.
Onyeka Okongwu.
Ethan Anderson.
Max Agbonkpolo.

We won 77 to 48!

Both teams exchanged "hand slaps." Then our team joined the Spirit of Troy for Conquest.

7212The Spirit of Troy ended our victorious night with our Alma Mater.

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Basketball!