March 2019 (3) Candygrams

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Friday, March 29, 2019---#9 USC Men's Volleyball vs. #6 Stanford

Star Spangled Banner
Before the match started, our USC Men's Volleyball Team stood for the Star Spangled Banner.
The team huddled in this video.
The USC players and starters were introduced on the Galen Center Big Screen.
Song Girls
The USC Song Girls were present.
Spirit of Troy
The Spirit of Troy was also here.
First set
Our team won the first set 25-23.
We're ready for the second set.
Second set
Our men won the second set 25-20.
Fight On!
The Spirit of Troy and our Song Girls performed to "Fight On."

Then, Stanford won the third set 25-21 and the fourth set 25-22.

Our team huddled before the fifth set.
Fifth set
We won the fifth set 15-10.

What a great victory!

FIGHT ON, Men's Volleyball!

Friday, March 22, 2019---Women of Troy Basketball Awards Dinner

Trojan Candy arrived early at Heritage Hall for the Women of Troy Basketball Awards Dinner. As soon as friend Jennifer Noriega opened the doors to the Bashor Lounge, I went in to find my assigned table. Then, I started taking pictures as soon as possible.

Casey Cheng, Addison Lee, Ashley Ford, Matt Kim, and Holly WeldonI found five Managers first. They were Casey Cheng, Addison Lee, Ashley Ford, Matt Kim, and Holly Weldon.

Desiree CaldwellStanding at a front table was freshman point guard Desiree Caldwell. Trojan Candy went up to talk to her about the unbelievable overtime victory on March 3rd that we won. Then, I interviewed Desiree. She is a Freshman from San Antonio majoring in Business Administration. Desiree's favorite foods are Italian pasta and Mexican food. Her hobby is reading. Desiree's favorite author is Joyce Meyers. Her favorite books are motivational ones, such as "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and "Battlefield of the Mind." Desiree likes Disney movies the most and likes R&B music as well as Hip Hop. Her favorite rapper is J. Cole. Then, Desiree told Trojan Candy that her sister Recee Caldwell is a graduate transfer and is currently playing for Cal. So nice to meet you, Desiree and FIGHT ON!

Aliyah Mazyck, Marguerite Effa, Asiah Jones and Desiree Caldwell
Trojan Candy took this picture of the players who sat at my table. They were Aliyah Mazyck (10/11/2015), Marguerite Effa (4/8/2018), Asiah Jones and Desiree Caldwell.
Danijela Milisic and Mariya and Minyon Moore
At the next table were Danijela Milisic (3/25/2016) and Mariya (11/5/2017) and Minyon Moore (11/5/2017) who smiled for this picture.
Cheyanne Wallace
Next, Trojan Candy walked up to the front of the room and took pictures of the beautiful Senior posters. There was Cheyanne Wallace (3/3/2019).
Aliyah Mazyck
Aliyah Mazyck
Marguerite Effa
Marguerite Effa
Mariya Moore
Mariya Moore
Marguerite Effa, Kayla Overbeck and Asiah Jones
At a nearby table, I saw Marguerite Effa, Kayla Overbeck and Asiah Jones.
Shalexxus Aaron and Aarika Hughes
Shalexxus Aaron and Assistant Coach Aarika Hughes smiled for this picture.
Asiah Jones, Blanche Alverson and Ja'Tavia Tapley
Assistant Coach Blanche Alverson posed between Asiah Jones and Ja'Tavia Tapley.

Mel Hughes, Aliyah Mazyck and Doris HughesIn the front table, Trojan Candy saw Aliyah Mazyck speaking with good friends Mel and Doris Hughes.

Shalexxus AaronTrojan Candy saw Shalexxus Aaron standing alone for just a second. Now it was time to interview her. Shalexxus told me that her favorite food is pasta. For hobbies she loves to dance, and she loves to draw. Shalexxus has two older brothers. Shaddean lives overseas, and Shaqquan plays basketball on the USC Men's team. As for music, Shalexxus likes artists Michael Jackson and Chris Brown the most. She also likes R&B music. Her favorite movie is "Coach Carter." FIGHT ON, Shalexxus! Now Trojan Candy has interviewed both Shaqquan and Shalexxus.

Danijela Milisic, Shalexxus Aaron and Brandee Walton
Shalexxus then posed with Danijela Milisic and Administrative Assistant Brandee Walton.
Recap of season
Trojan Candy took videos of the Awards part of the dinner. First there was a recap of the 2018-2019 season.
Presentation of awards
Then, the coaches presented the awards.
Memories of Seniors and final remarks
Lastly, teammates described memories of the Seniors, and Aliyah Mazyck and Mariya Moore made final remarks.
Mariya, Cenne, and Minyon Moore
Trojan Candy spoke with Cenne Moore, the mother of Mariya and Minyon, who posed for this family picture.
Dudley and Patti Poon, Tom Gresczyk, Percy Williams, Tim Seno and Leland Waters
I said, "Goodnight" to my dear family and friends. Dudley and Patti Poon, Tom Gresczyk, Percy Williams, Tim Seno and Leland Waters.

Saturday, March 16, 2019---USC Men's Volleyball vs. Concordia

All of the 1988 USC Volleyball National Champions walked into the North Gym and stood by to be introduced.

Warming up
Our current USC Men's Volleyball Team was warming up. It was rather hot in the North Gym. Luckily, my sister Patti had saved seats for Jim and me right in front of an open window. Thanks, Patti.
1988 NCAA Champions
When the 1988 NCAA Championship team gathered together to be introduced, Trojan Candy took this video of them.
2019 Men's Volleyball Team
Here is our 2019 Men's Volleyball Team.
High 5s
The 1988 USC Volleyball National Champions "high fived" our current team.
Our team huddled before the match. Let the play begin!
1988 Champions
The 1988 Champions sat together upstairs.

After losing the first set to Concordia, our men won the next three sets. The scores were 21-25, 25-17, 25-21 and 25-20.

Now, it was time to return to the Bashor Lounge for the post-game reception.

Trojan Candy took a picture of the beautifully decorated cake. The picture was of the 1988 USC Volleyball National Champions!
Doris Hughes, Matt Douglas and Mel Hughes
Senior Matt Douglas came to our table to visit with Trojan Candy's good friends Doris and Mel Hughes.
Jeff Nygaard, Bob Yoder and Lawrence Hom
Coach Jeff Nygaard welcomed everyone to the reception. Then he invited Coach Bob Yoder and Lawrence Hom to speak.

What an absolutely exciting evening! Thank you, Coach Nygaard!

Saturday, March 16, 2019---USC's 1988 NCAA Men's Volleyball Champions

Trojan Candy was very lucky that USC Men's Volleyball Head Coach Jeff Nygaard invited my husband Jim and me to come to a reception before the Men's match with Concordia. He had organized it for USC's 1988 NCAA Men's Volleyball Champions. Trojan Candy came to the Bashor Lounge in Heritage Hall to take pictures and then write a blog article about the famous Trojans.

Jim and I were the first to arrive but after a few minutes three other guests arrived. As soon as we introduced ourselves, Trojan Candy got to work.

Mark BeltranThe first gentleman whom I interviewed was 1984-1989 men's volleyball assistant coach Mark Beltran. Mark attended USC in 1979 to 1983 and majored in Business and Marketing. He and his wife have a 26 year old daughter who was named "Miss Coaching." Like father, like daughter! Now, Mark is coaching volleyball to 6th grade boys at Wildwood Middle School in Los Angeles and 17 year old girls at Santa Monica. He also is a radio announcer for the current USC Men's Volleyball Team. FIGHT ON, Mark!

Mark Beltran and Bob Yoder
The coach of the 1988 Team Bob Yoder (1/11/2014) arrived and immediately walked over to Mark. Naturally, I took their picture.
Robert Beltran
The second gentleman whom I interviewed was Robert Beltran.

Robert attended USC's Medical School in 1972-1976. He also completed his surgical residency at the USC Medical School. Robert is a "die hard Trojan" just like yours truly. FIGHT ON, Robert!

Troy WirthTrojan Candy looked around the room for more players. That's when I saw a gentleman standing by himself momentarily. Now was the time to interview him. The Opposite Setter on the team, Troy Wirth played from 1988 to 1990. He is an entrepreneur who ran his own company from 1987 to 1996. Troy was also a New York Life Insurance agent, following in his father's footsteps. He told me that his mother named him Troy because she liked Troy Donahue. FIGHT ON, Troy!

Standing nearby was Trojan Candy's favorite USC volleyball player ever. I saw him play at USC and then watched him in the Olympics. Bryan Ivie looked down and saw me. I asked if he remembered me at the February 1, 2014, Heritage HallBryan Ivie, Bob Yoder and Mike Lauterman Re-opening and Hall of Fame dinner when Jim and I gave him his Heritage Hall medallion. With a big smile, Bryan said that he did remember that night. Trojan Candy couldn't interview Bryan that night, so I did it tonight. Bryan said that he lives in San Francisco now. He sells real estate and still plays volleyball. He plays summer beach volleyball in Manhattan Beach and in Hermosa Beach. However, Bryan said that he is moving back to the Los Angeles area at the end of the year to be nearer to his girlfriend. She lives in Manhattan Beach. So nice to catch up with you Bryan. FIGHT ON, Bryan!

Bryan posed with his coach Bob Yoder and setter Mike Lauterman.

Aaron Dyer, Dan Greenbaum and Jeff Nygaard
Standing nearby were Aaron Dyer, Dan Greenbaum and our current Head Coach Jeff Nygaard.
Mike Lauterman and Nick Becker
Trojan Candy was moving around the room now to take pictures of as many players as I could. Mike Lauterman really moves around as much as I do. Here he is with teammate outside hitter Nick Becker.
Celso Kalache, Bob Yoder and Bill Stetson
Next, I saw Celso Kalache (1/11/2014), an NCAA USC Volleyball Champion himself in 1980, with Bob Yoder and Bill Stetson (1/11/2014).

Jeff Nygaard and Celso KalacheCoach Jeff Nygaard was talking with Celso Kalache.

Trojan Candy saw another familiar face come in with his family. I went up to meet him and found out that he was Lawrence Hom.Lawrence Hom I asked if I could interview him and was happy when he said, "Sure." Lawrence majored in Public Administration at USC and earned his MS in Administration from La Verne. He is now an Assistant Vice Principal at Sepulveda Middle School. Lawrence said he and his wife Michele have been married for sixteen years. Michele works at UCLA in Human Performance. They have two children, Brendan and Sarah. Both of them play volleyball. Two future Trojans! Lawrence also told me that he comes from a family of Trojans. Three of his siblings are Trojans as well as aunts, uncles and cousins. FIGHT ON, Lawrence and the entire Hom Family!

Lawrence Hom and Dan Greenbaum
Lawrence's friend and teammate came running up to Lawrence as soon as I finished my interview. Lawrence and Dan Greenbaum posed together.
Bryan Ivie, Dan Greenbaum and Aaron Dyer
Then Trojan Candy took this picture of Bryan Ivie, Dan Greenbaum and Aaron Dyer. Dan gets around, too!
1988 USC Men's Volleyball National Champions
Coach Bob Yoder called for the 1988 team members to gather for a picture. As I rushed to the center, I saw several ladies rush up also. Where did they come from? I hadn't noticed all these ladies earlier since I was concentrating on only the players. What a nice surprise! Here is your 1988 USC Men's Volleyball National Champions!

As the team dispersed, Trojan Candy noticed that there were two players whom I hadn't taken a picture of yet. Naturally I walked right up to one of them.

Leon Devaney
He was Leon Devaney. Leon flew in from Australia. He was an Outside Hitter on the team. Leon works in oil and gas. Leon told me that he majored in Corporate Finance and earned his Master's degree in Finance. FIGHT ON, Leon!
Tom Duke, Leon Devaney and Bill Stetson
Tom Duke was the other man whom I missed. He and Bill Stetson joined Leon for this picture.
Michele, Brendan, Sarah, and Lawrence Hom
Trojan Candy took this picture of Lawrence Hom with his family.

Aaron Dyer, Leon Devaney, Bryan Ivie, Tom Duke, Bob Yoder and Mike LautermanTrojan Candy had to rush to get this last picture, because it was time to walk over for the USC match vs. Concordia. I was able to quickly take this picture of Aaron Dyer, Leon Devaney, Bryan Ivie, Tom Duke, Coach Bob Yoder and Mike Lauterman.

With that picture done, my husband Jim and I walked out of the Bashor Lounge with the 1988 National Championship team over to the North Gym.

My next blog article will be about that match. Stay tuned!