March 2019 (2) Candygrams

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Friday, March 8, 2019---Women of Troy Water Polo vs. San Jose State University

Trojan Candy went to Uytengsu Stadium to watch the Women of Troy Water Polo team play a match against the San Jose State Spartans. Think about that, the Trojans against the Spartans! At first, Trojan Candy was the only fan sitting on the south side of the Stadium, but then a camera man stood behind me and a good friend, Stefanie Miller, came to sit next to me.

The temperature outside the pool was in the 50's. Stefanie and I were definitely bundled up. It was cold!

Warming up
Our Women of Troy Water Polo Team warmed up in the pool.
Our team was introduced. Yes, the background noise is the cold wind that was blowing.
Paige Hauschild
The team huddled and the starters jumped into the pool together. Our #5 Paige Hauschild won the sprint.
Tilly Kearns
Our first goal was scored by #11 Tilly Kearns.
Alejandra Aznar
The second goal was made by #10 Alejandra Aznar.
Alejandra Aznar
Alejandra Aznar scored again with a penalty shot.
#5 Paige Hauschild scored our fourth goal. However, I missed recording it.
Maud Megens
#2 Maud Megens scored our fifth goal for a 5-0 lead.
Elise Stein
#14 Elise Stein made the sixth goal.
Courtney Fahey
Our last goal of the First Period was made by #7 Courtney Fahey to make it USC 7-1 SJSU at the end of the period.
Jovan Vavic
Coach Vavic huddled with the team.
Paige Hauschild
Paige Hauschild scored her second goal to open the scoring in the second period.
Bayley Weber
#6 Bayley Weber followed with our ninth goal.
Maud Megens
Maud Megens scored her second goal next.
Elise Stein
Elise Stein scored her second goal!
Holly Parker
#1 Holly Parker made a defensive save. 8182 1:06 pm
Mireia Guiral
#4 Mireia Guiral scored our 12th goal. 1:07 pm
Grace Tehaney
#3 Grace Tehaney scored on a breakaway to end the scoring at the half. The halftime score was USC 13-SJS 3
Third period start
Our Women of Troy awaited the start of the Third Period.
Maud Megens
USC drew a penalty shot and Maud Megens got a hat trick.

Trojan Candy missed Courtney Fahey's second goal.

Maud Megens
Maud Megens' fourth goal was our 16th goal.
Bayley Weber
Goal seventeen was made by #6 Bayley Weber.
Denise Mammolito
#8 Denise Mammolito scored our last goal of the period. At the end of the period USC led by 18-7.
Bayley Weber
In the Fourth Period, the nineteenth goal was Bayley Weber's hat trick.
Maud Megens
Maud Megens scored our 20th point.
Maud Megens
Maud Megens scored her sixth goal to put USC ahead 21-7.
Amanda Longan
#1A Amanda Longan waited to defend our goal.
Kelsey McIntosh
Our last goal, our twenty-second, was scored by #12 Kelsey McIntosh on a 6 on 5 power play.
Our team defended against a 6 on 5 power play.
Final score
The final score was USC 22-8 SJSU.
The two teams congratulated one another.

Sadly, this was Coach Jovan Vavic's last match as USC's Water Polo Head Coach.