December 2017 (2) Candygrams

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Sunday, December 31, 2017---Two Men's Basketball Alumni

Sam Clancy and David BluTwo USC Men's Basketball Alumni came to our New Year's Eve Men's game against Washington State. Trojan Candy saw them leave their courtside seats. Where did they go? Just by luck, I walked to the Founder's Room during halftime. There they were! Friend David Blu (10/22/2016) and Sam Clancy were standing at the bar. Trojan Candy was able to take this picture of them.

David told me that he is working in the insurance business. Sam told me that he is still playing professional basketball in Argentina! FIGHT ON, David! FIGHT ON, Sam!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017---2017 USC Football Team Awards Dinner - Part 2

Trojan Candy finally made it downstairs to the Banquet Room in the Ronald Tutor Center. The Banquet Room was much fuller that last year.

I barely made it in time to my table, when Athletic Director Lynn Swann announced that Deontay Burnett was the recipient of the "Bob Chandler Award." I put down my things and almost ran up to Deontay's table.

Deontay Burnett
Deontay smiled for me holding his award.
Deontay, Denise and Leo Burnett
Then he smiled again with his mother Denise and brother Leo.
Yoofi Quansah
Senior Yoofi Quansah won the "Trojan Football Alumni Award" for earning the highest cumulative grade point average on the team.
Jordan Austin
As I was walking back to my table, Trojan Candy took a picture of the "Trojan Football Community Service Award" recipient Jordan Austin.
Michael Pittman Jr. and Michael Pittman Sr.
At a nearby table, Trojan Candy saw friend Michael Pittman Jr. (2/3/2016). I went to visit with Michael and met his dad Michael Pittman Sr.

Michael's dad told Trojan Candy that he played eleven years in the NFL and that he has five children. There is an older sister, Michael, brother Micah who also plays football, a younger sister who plays softball, and an 18 month old baby. Perhaps, another Trojan Family! FIGHT ON, Michael!

C.J. Pollard, Olajuwon Tucker, Jonathan Lockett and Isaiah Langley
Next, I saw Chris Hawkins walk up to the table next to Michael's. Chris posed with his "defensive buddies" C.J. Pollard, Olajuwon Tucker, Jonathan Lockett and Isaiah Langley.
Chris Hawkins
Now was the best time to interview Senior Chris Hawkins.

Chris told Trojan Candy that his favorite food is ox tails. His family is originally from St. Louis. His favorite movie is "Space Jam," and his favorite television show is "Animal Kingdom." In his spare time, Chris likes to play the video game "Madden II." Wonder if Chris hangs out with Rojo or Christian Rector? As for music, Chris likes hip-hop music, and his favorite artist is Kendrick Lamar. He started playing football when he was six years old. He chose USC because, "It was my 'dream school!'" Trojan Candy is so glad that Chris chose USC! FIGHT ON, Chris!

Isaiah Langley and Stephen CarrAfter I finished my interview with Chris, I saw Stephen Carr nearby. He posed with Isaiah Langley for my next picture.

Trojan Candy asked Stephen if he saw his family's picture on my Salute to Troy blog article (8/18/2017). His smile said it all. Now for my interview.

Stephen CarrStephen's favorite food is pasta. He likes rap music and his favorite artist is Nipsey Hustle. When I asked Stephen about any hobbies, he said football is his hobby. His favorite movie is "Don't Be a Menace." By now, the lights went out so that a video could be shown. Stephen told me to ask him more questions, but Trojan Candy said that it was too dark to write. I'll ask you more interview questions the next time I see you. Until then, FIGHT ON, Stephen!

Marvell Tell III, Chris Hawkins, Toa Lobendahn, Sam Darnold, Nico Falah, Uchenna Nwosu and Cameron SmithWhen the video finished, Coach Helton began the Awards Program. The first award was the Harry and Marion Keiper Lifters of the Year Award. Trojan Candy was able to take this picture when the awardees stepped off the stage steps. Marvell Tell III, Chris Hawkins, Toa Lobendahn (12/13/2017), Sam Darnold (12/14/2016), Nico Falah, Uchenna Nwosu (12/13/2017) and Cameron Smith (12/13/2017) smiled for me. Thanks!

Coach Helton announced the next awards in program order.

Chase McGrath, Joe Collins, and Reid Budrovich
Joe Collins Walk-On Award: Joe Collins presented this Award to Chase McGrath and friend Reid Budrovich (8/22/2015). Then, as a surprise, Coach Helton announced that both Chase and Reid will be awarded scholarships for next year. The audience erupted in applause.
Josh Fatu
John McKay Scholarship Award: Josh Fatu.
Michael Pittman and Matt Lopes
Mario Danelo Special Teams Player of the Year: Michael Pittman and Matt Lopes.
Steven Mitchell, Jr. and Toa Lobendahn
Chris Carlisle Courage Award: Steven Mitchell, Jr. and Toa Lobendahn.
Chris Brown
John Dye Memorial Award: Offensive: Chris Brown.
Rasheem Green
John Dye Memorial Award: Defensive: Rasheem Green (12/13/2017).
Jacob Lichtenstein and Jay Tufele
Service Team Players of the Year: Defensive: Jacob Lichtenstein and Jay Tufele.
Richie Wenzel
Special Team Player of the Year: Offensive: Richie Wenzel.
Ronald Jones II
Trojan Warrior Player Awards: Offensive: Ronald Jones II (12/13/2017).

For some unknown reason, my faithful Sony camera started messing up. As I tried to figure out my problem, my good friend Ray Wong kept taking pictures. He sent me all the pictures that I missed. Thank you and FIGHT ON, Ray!

Cameron Smith
Defensive: Cameron Smith (courtesy of Ray Wong).
Chris Hawkins
Rhett Ellison "The Machine" Trojan Way Leadership Award: Chris Hawkins (courtesy of Ray Wong).
Jake Olson
Davis-Teschke Award Most Inspirational: Jake Olson (2/4/2015).
Nico Falah and Viane Talamaivao
Trojan Commitment Award: Nico Falah and Viane Talamaivao (courtesy of Ray Wong).
Uchenna Nwosu, Cameron Smith, Chris Hawkins, and Sam Darnold
Captains: Uchenna Nwosu, Cameron Smith, Chris Hawkins, and Sam Darnold.
Chris Hawkins
Marv Goux Award: The most valuable player of the USC vs. UCLA game: Chris Hawkins.
Sam Darnold and Uchenna Nwoso
Mike McKeever Memorial Award: MVPs: Sam Darnold and Uchenna Nwoso.
Now, it was time to honor the Seniors. Coach Helton called each Senior to the stage in this video.
The 2018 Seniors gathered on the stage.
Chris Hawkins and Uchenna Nwoso
Chris Hawkins and Uchenna Nwoso were the spokesmen for the Seniors.

FIGHT ON, USC Seniors!

With the Awards Banquet over, Trojan Candy started taking candid pictures.

Matt Lopes, Reid Budrovich , Sam Darnold, ?, Cameron Smith, Jake Russell, and Jonathan LaBonty
I had to snap this picture from the side, because I couldn't get around the table soon enough. Matt Lopes, Reid Budrovich , Sam Darnold, ?, Cameron Smith, Jake Russell, and Jonathan LaBonty (8/22/2015).
>Viane Talamaivao, Jordan Iosefa, friend, Vavae Malepeai and Nico Falah
Viane Talamaivao, Jordan Iosefa, friend, Vavae Malepeai (1/29/2017) and Nico Falah.
Toa Lobendahn, Nico Falah, and Viane Talamaivao
Toa Lobendahn, Nico Falah, and Viane Talamaivao.

Viane TalamaivaoTrojan Candy was finally able to interview Viane Talamaivao. His favorite food is prime rib. Viane's favorite music is Eighties Funk. Quite unique! Trojan Candy was overwhelmed with Viane's hobbies. He likes to paint, make bread, take photographs (like yours truly), do graphics design and produce music. Viance composes instrumental music...for the guitar. Enjoy your hobbies and FIGHT ON, Viane!

Helaine, Steve, and Matt Lopes and friendStanding near the stage was the Steve Lopes family. Helaine, Steve, and Matt Lopes with friend.

Then, Trojan Candy interviewed Senior Matt Lopes.

Matt LopesMatt's favorite food is Mexican food. He likes all kinds of music but is a big country music fan. His favorite country music artist is Jason Aldean. The movie "Stepbrother" is Matt's favorite. Matt's hobby is to watch sports and go to the beach. He likes to play beach volleyball. What an outdoors enthusiast! FIGHT ON, Matt!

Nico Falah and Sam Darnold
Sam Darnold sure gets around. Here he is with Nico Falah.
Sam Darnold
Sam held up his MVP trophy for me. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Sam!
Steven Mitchell Jr., Wyatt Schmidt, and Jalen Jones
More friends were still visiting. Trojan Candy saw friend Wyatt Schmidt with Seniors Steven Mitchell Jr. and Jalen Jones.

Steven MitchellNow, it was time for me to interview Steven Mitchell. Steven majored in Communication Management. He has earned a B.S. and M.S. from USC. Congratulations! His favorite television show is "Martin." Steven's favorite food is cabbage and cornbread. He likes R & B music the best, and his favorite artist is Drake. "Lion King" is Steven's favorite movie. As for hobbies, Steven likes fashion and "dressing up." My final question was why he chose USC. Steven said he wanted to stay close to home and that he grew up "a USC family."

Nicole, Steven, and Steve MitchellHere is Steven with his mom Nicole and his dad Steve. FIGHT ON, Steven!

My night was over, but the memories will live on forever!

FIGHT ON, USC Football!