January 2018 (1) Candygrams

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Friday, January 19, 2018---USC Song Girls and Dance Force

Dance ForceSong GirlsTrojan Candy was able to take two videos of the USC Song Girls and the USC Dance Force at the Women of Troy basketball game against the Stanford Cardinal. Luckily, there were no Pac-12 cameramen blocking my camera's view. FIGHT ON, USC Song Girls! FIGHT ON, USC Dance Force!

Sunday, January 7, 2018---Women of Troy Volleyball Awards

Khalia Lanier, Madison Murtagh, Brittany Abercrombie and Jordan DunnTrojan Candy arrived right on time for the Women of Troy Volleyball Brunch. After I checked in I took this picture of four of our players. Khalia Lanier, Madison Murtagh (1/8/2017), Brittany Abercrombie and Jordan Dunn posed for me.

Brittany AbercrombieThe opportunity was too good to pass up. I interviewed Senior Brittany Abercrombie next. Brittany majored in International Relations and minored in Business. After graduation she hopes to play professionally in Western Europe, possibly Germany, France or Italy. She has volunteered at the Red Cross and at the International Services dinner, whose funds help refugees. Talking more about food, Brittany's favorite food is Mexican burritos. One of Brittany's hobbies is reading science fiction and classics. Brittany's favorite book is "One Hundred Years of Solitude." As for other hobbies, Brittany loves to go to the beach where she likes to tan, play Beach Volleyball and bring a friend. Lastly, her favorite music is alternative and house music. What an interesting Trojan! Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Brittany!

Brittany Abercrombie and Candy YeeI finally decided to put this picture of Brittany and yours truly in my blog article. She is really that much taller than me!

Niki Withers and Jenna AdamsInside the Founder's Room, Trojan Candy found two more Women of Troy volleyball players. Senior Niki Withers smiled with Jenna Adams.

Now, I convinced Niki that there was time to interview her. She spoke fast and I wrote fast! Niki majored in Law, History and Culture. She is currently working in Public Relations Marketing at M.J.C. Sports and Entertainment. Niki started playing volleyball when she was eight years old. For hobbies, she likes to shop, eat American food and spend time with friends. Niki's favorite movie on Netflix is "What Happened to Monday?" Her favorite music genre are Rap, R & B and Hip Hop. Niki told me that she likes to dance a little. Our interview was cut short because it was time to start the program. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Niki!

Bill Bau, Dave and Marilyn Sell, Chris Tinkham, Dudley and Patti Poon, and Evan WangTrojan Candy barely made it back to my table and took a picture of my friends at the table before the program began. Sitting were Bill Bau, Dave and Marilyn Sell, and Chris Tinkham. Standing were Dudley and Patti Poon and Evan Wang.

Katie Johnson, Sophia Chon, Reni Meyer-Whalley, Libby Garcia, Natalie Swegler, Khalia Lanier and Alexis OlgardAfter brunch was served, Trojan Candy took a picture of the players and staff who were sitting at the table next to me. Katie Johnson, Sophia Chon, Reni Meyer-Whalley, Libby Garcia, Natalie Swegler, Khalia Lanier and Alexis Olgard.

Reni Meyer-WhalleyI was able to interview Senior Reni Meyer-Whalley right after I took the picture. Reni majored in Communication and was able to play for a fifth year. She, like Niki, started playing volleyball when she was eight years old. Her favorite food is hamburgers and Italian food. Reni loves all kinds of music. She loves playing guitar. Why? Her dad works in the music business. Reni likes the movie "Sandlots" the best, and the television series "Game of Thrones." Finally, Reni's hobbies are quite diverse. She likes to play video games, play card games "Spades" and "Slap Jack" and design t-shirts! Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Reni!

Now, the program really did start. Trojan Candy moved and sat in a vacant seat right in the center of the room and very close to the stage.

Associate Head Coach Jason Kennedy started the program with the Team Awards. The Awards are listed in order:

Jason Kennedy and Victoria Garrick
Best Passer/Digger: Victoria Garrick.
Jason Kennedy and Khalia Lanier
April Ross Best Server: Khalia Lanier.
Jordan Dunn and Jason Kennedy
Emily Adams Best Blocker: Jordan Dunn.
Jason Kennedy and Reni Meyer-Whalley
Debbie Green Best Setter: Reni Meyer-Whalley.
Jason Kennedy and Khalia Lanier
Jupiter-Candelas Best Offensive Attacker: Khalia Lanier.
Jason Kennedy and Jenna Adams
Patti Bright Spirit of Troy: Jenna Adams.
Jason Kennedy and Brooke Botkin
Coaches' Award: Brooke Botkin.
Brittany Abercrombie and Jason Kennedy
Most Valuable Player: Brittany Abercrombie.

Next, the six Seniors each came to the podium to reflect on their experiences at USC in the following videos.

Danielle Geiger
Danielle Geiger.
Nikki Leonard
Nikki Leonard.
Reni Meyer-Whalley
Reni Meyer-Whalley.
Niki Withers
Niki Withers.
Brittany Abercrombie
Brittany Abercrombie.
Jordan Dunn
Jordan Dunn.
Women's Volleyball team
After Jordan finished, the entire 2017 USC Women's Volleyball Team posed for a picture.
Jeremy and April Wu
Now, Trojan Candy took a few candid pictures. I saw friend and Women's Volleyball S.I.D. Jeremy Wu and his wife April.
Jason Kennedy, Brittany Abercrombie, Jordan Dunn, and Katie Johnson
Then I saw Seniors Brittany and Jordan posing with Coach Jason Kennedy and their Athletic Trainer Katie Johnson.

SeniorsThe six Seniors posed for pictures on the stage. First, they posed with their framed jerseys. Brittany Abercrombie, Nikki Leonard, Reni Meyer-Whalley, Niki Withers, Danielle Geiger and Jordan Dunn.

SeniorsSecondly, the last picture I took, before I left the Galen Center Founder's Room to see the Women of Troy Basketball Team play Oregon State, was of our six Seniors. Brittany Abercrombie, Nikki Leonard, Reni Meyer-Whalley, Niki Withers, Jordan Dunn and Danielle Geiger.

Congratulations, USC Women of Troy Volleyball Seniors!