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Friday, August 18, 2017---USC Salute to Troy - Part 2

2016 Women of Troy Soccer TeamTrojan Candy saw a group of photographers at the side of the stage. Naturally, I ran over to take my own picture. The Women of Troy 2016 NCAA National Championship Soccer Team was posing for pictures. I managed to take a picture of them. Then I saw Head Coach Keidane McAline. After congratulating him on the championship, I asked him who won the game today. He told me that we won 2-1. Yeah! FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Soccer!

Jovan VavicAt the gate, I saw Water Polo Head Coach Jovan Vavic, and we spoke about our Men's team. Coach told me that we have a good chance to win the NCAA's. That's music to my ears! FIGHT ON, Men's Water Polo!

2017 Women of Troy Beach Volleyball TeamAs I walked back to my table, I saw them waiting to go on to the stage. Trojan Candy gathered the Women of Troy 2017 NCAA National Championship Beach Volleyball Team together for a group picture. Just then, Dr. Nikias and Head Coach Anna Collier walked up. They joined the picture. FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Beach Volleyball!

Lynn Swann
Athletic Director Lynn Swann began the program. He walked among the audience introducing special guests.
Video of two NCAA Championship Teams
On stage, A.D. Swann introduced the Women of Troy 2016 NCAA Champion Soccer Team and 2017 NCAA Champion Beach Volleyball Team in the above video.
Both NCAA Championship Teams
Here is a picture of the two teams.
Song Girls
The USC Song Girls performed between introductions.
1967 NCAA Championship Football Team
Next on the program was the introduction of the 50th Anniversary 1967 National Champion USC Football Team in the above video. Adrian Young was the team spokesman.
1967 NCAA Championship Football Team
Here is their group picture.
1992 USC Football Team
The 25th Anniversary 1992 USC Football Team was represented by two players. Bruce Luizzi spoke for the team.
and Bruce Luizzi
? and Bruce Luizzi
Clay Helton and Ronnie Bradford
Now it was time for Head Coach Clay Helton to speak in this video. At the end of this video, Coach Helton brought on Defensive Back's Coach Ronnie Bradford who introduced his players.
Defensive backs
Then, the DB's posed for this picture.
Johnny Nansen introduced the linebackers
Coach Johnny Nansen introduced his Linebackers.
His linebackers gathered for their picture.

Trojan Candy was really in a "groove" now. I took the video of each coach's squad from a chair that Coach Helton put for me right next to his chair. Thanks so much, Coach Helton! Then I rushed up to the stage front to take each group picture with my second camera. Thank goodness that both of my cameras worked well and my friend Pierson Clair, the official USC photographer for the event, let me stand next to him for each stage photo. Thanks, Pierson!

Kenechi Udeze introduced the defensive linemen
Back to the action now. Defensive Line Coach Kenechi "KU" Udeze introduced his players next.
Defensive Line
Here is their stage picture.
John Baxter introduced the Special teams
Coach John Baxter came on the stage. He interacted with the Spirit of Troy first, and then he introduced his first squad, the Special Teams.
Special Teams
Every one of the Special Teams Players smiled for my picture.
John Baxter introduced the Tight Ends
Coach Baxter stayed on the stage to announce his Tight Ends.
Tight Ends
Trojan Candy had to rush to get their stage picture. I was lucky to get a picture of the Tight Ends at all.
Neil Callaway introduced the Offensive Linemen
The next coach at the podium was Neil Callaway. His players are the "largest" group and the "largest" players on the team. Meet the Offensive Linemen.
Offensive Linemen
Trojan Candy barely squeezed every offensive lineman into my picture!
Deland McCullough introduced the Running Backs
Our new coach Deland McCullough walked on the stage next to introduce his Running Backs.
Running Backs
What a cozy picture!
Tee Martin introduced the Wide Receivers
Wide Receivers Coach Tee Martin brought his son with him on the stage.
Wide Receivers
Then, the receivers posed for this picture.
Tyson Helton introduced the Quarterbacks
The last player group to be introduced was the Quarterbacks. Coach Tyson Helton welcomed each player.
Tyson then posed with them with this "bookend" Fight On! picture.
2017 Football team
My last video is of the entire team walking back on to the stage.

After the fireworks ended, the program was now officially over.

Angela and Kim Helton
As I left to take even more candid pictures, I took this picture of Coach Helton's wife Angela and his dad Kim.
Tyler Petite, Erik Krommenhoek, Alec Hursh, Josh Falo, Daniel Imatorbhebhe, and Cary Angeline
Trojan Candy managed to take a better picture of these Tight Ends. Tyler Petite, Erik Krommenhoek, Alec Hursh, Josh Falo, Daniel Imatorbhebhe, and Cary Angeline.
Josh Imatorbhebhe
Nearby, I met Josh Imatorbhebhe's (2/3/2016) mom and little brother.
Reid and Noelle Budrovich
Then, I saw friend Reid Budrovich (8/22/2015) and his mom Noelle.
Amara, Uchenna, and Henry Nwosu
Luckily, I was able to take this picture of Uchenna Nwosu with his mom Amara and dad Henry.
John Houston Jr
Trojan Candy met John Houston Jr's family.
Zane and Oluwole Betiku, Jr.
I caught up with Zane and friend Oluwole Betiku, Jr. (2/3/2016)
Kane and Chris Brown
Then, I found Kane with Chris Brown.
Reid Budrovich and Richie Wenzel
Two teammates kidded Trojan Candy with this picture. They were Reid Budrovich and Richie Wenzel.
Toa Lobendahn
Trojan Candy finally took a good picture of friend Toa Lobendahn. Wonder what he's up to?
Viane Talamaivao and family
I met Viane Talamaivao's family. It looks like Viane was ready to go home.
Porter Gustin
Trojan Candy had a chance to talk with Porter Gustin. I told him that he was going to make it to the NFL. He just smiled. You heard it here first!

Stephen Carr and familyMy last picture of this incredible day was of Freshman Stephen Carr and his family.

What a day!

FIGHT ON, USC Football!

Beat Western Michigan!