January 2017 (3) Candygrams

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Sunday, January 29, 2017---What a Day in Troy! Part 3

After leaving the Marks Tennis Stadium, Patti, Dudley and I found our seats in the Galen Center. Our Women of Troy Basketball Team was playing Arizona State.

The team was introduced in this video.
The game started with this tip-off.
During the intermission, the USC Song Girls and the Spirit of Troy performed to "Heartbreaker."

Victory celebrationIn the third quarter, our Women of Troy trailed ASU 35-29. Then, Senior Courtney Jaco hit a long three pointer that invigorated our team. We had a 15-2 run and beat ASU 65-50! This video captured our victory celebration!

What a Day in Troy!

Sunday, January 29, 2017---What a Day in Troy! Part 2

After Patti, Dudley and I left Heritage Hall, we walked over to the Marks Tennis Stadium to join my husband Jim. We went to watch the 2017 ITA Kick-Off Weekend Championship match between the San Diego Toreros and our USC Trojans.

The match started with the doubles matches.

Riley Smith and Brandon Holt
Trojan freshmen Riley Smith (left) and Brandon Holt were new partners on Center Court.
Laurens Verboven and Nick Crystal
Laurens Verboven (left) and Nick Crystal competed on Court 2.
Jake DeVine and Rob Bellamy
On Court 3 Jake DeVine (top) teamed with Rob Bellamy.

Our Trojans won the Doubles point.

Velus Jones, Vavae Malepeai, and Josh ImatorbhebheDuring the Doubles matches, Trojan Candy noticed three USC football players sitting in the stands. They stood up and walked up the steps to leave when the Doubles ended. Trojan Candy walked up after them and asked if I could interview them. Reluctantly, they all said that I could. First I took this picture of them together. They were Velus Jones, Vavae Malepeai, and Josh Imatorbhebhe. Then I interviewed each one of them.

Vavae MalepeaiVavae Malepeai was the first to be interviewed. Vavae is a red-shirt Freshman, who is majoring in Communications. He is from Aiea, Hawaii, which is near Aloha Stadium. Vavae's favorite food is pizza. His hobby is playing video games, especially shooting games. FIGHT ON, Vavae!

Velus Jones JrMy second football player was Velus Jones, Jr. He is a red-shirt Freshman wide receiver from Alabama. Velus is undecided in his major. He told me that his favorite food is chit'lins. Being from Houston, Texas, Trojan Candy knows what chit'lins is. Velus was surprised. For his hobby, Velus likes to play the Xbox game "Zombies." His favorite movie is "Haunted House." FIGHT ON, Velus!

Josh ImatorbhebheJosh Imatorbhebhe was last. Yes, he is Daniel Imatorbhebhe's younger brother. He is a red-shirt Freshman wide receiver. His hobbies are playing the piano and spending time with his friends. Josh's favorite food is lobster. His favorite movie is the "Bourne Supremacy." Later, as I wrote my blog article about Daniel, Trojan Candy realized that I had interviewed him before. I met him at the 2016 Recruiting Dinner (2/3/2016). Last year, Josh's favorite movie was "Taken." So nice to catch up with Josh. FIGHT ON, again, Josh!

After the three interviews, Trojan Candy was back at the task at hand. I took pictures of each of the six USC Singles players.

Brandon Holt
Brandon Holt played on Court 2
Jake DeVine
Jake DeVine played #4 singles.
Logan Smith
Logan Smith (2/16/2016) was on Center Court.
Jack Jaede
Jack Jaede was on court 4.
Riley Smith
On court 6 was Riley Smith.
Nick Crystal
Nick Crystal played #3 singles.

Patti, Dudley and I left the match early to drive over to the Galen Center parking lot for the Women of Troy basketball game versus Arizona State.

Jim texted that our men beat San Diego State 6-1 before leaving to join us at Galen Center.

What a Day in Troy so far!

Sunday, January 29, 2017---What a Day in Troy! Part 1

USC Marketing Assistant Athletic Director and friend Sean Jordan put my sister Patti, brother-in-law Dudley and me with a tour group from Juarez Elementary School. Our tour guides were two USC National Championship Soccer Players! Alex Anthony led the tour group and Amanda Rooney stayed at the end with the three of us.

Football locker room
The highlight of our tour was a quick visit of the USC football Locker Room.
My locker
Trojan Candy was able to take a picture of my locker. Jonathan LaBounty (8/22/2015), #27 Defensive Back, is using my locker for the second year.
Patti and Dudley Poon's locker
This is Patti and Dudley's locker. Its occupant is Christian Rector, #89, Defensive End.

Next, our tour guides walked us underground into the John McKay Center. We took a tour of the Women of Troy Locker Rooms. We saw the Rowing and, luckily, the Soccer Locker Rooms. Trojan Candy was able to take a picture of our two tour guides in front of their respective lockers.

Alex Anthony and Amanda Rooney
Alex and Amanda posed in front of Alex's locker.
Amanda Rooney
Then Amanda stood in front of her locker.
Amanda showed me the sign on their locker room entrance.

Amanda told me that Alex is majoring in Public Policy. She plays Mid-Fielder and transferred to USC from the University of Maryland. FIGHT ON, Alex! As for herself, Amanda is majoring in Philosophy, Politics and Law. She transferred from the University of North Carolina. Both players are Graduate Students. FIGHT ON, Amanda! FIGHT ON Women of Troy National Champion Soccer Team!

D'Anthony Melton and Patti and Dudley PoonPatti, Dudley and I left the tour after we walked upstairs to the lobby of Heritage Hall. Just then Trojan Candy saw a very familiar face. He was leading another tour out of Heritage Hall, but I was able to take this picture of him with Patti and Dudley. Naturally we congratulated D'Anthony Melton on defending Lonzo Ball so well and on beating the Bruins in basketball! FIGHT ON, USC Men's Basketball!