September 2016 (4) Candygrams

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016---Several Friends at the USC-UCLA Women of Troy Volleyball Match

Spirit of TroyAs soon as Trojan Candy entered the Galen Center for the USC-UCLA Women of Troy volleyball match, I was able to get a free white T-shirt that read, "Beat the Bruins." I proudly put it on ASAP. Then as my husband Jim and I entered the arena, we heard them playing. Yes, the Spirit of Troy is "in the house!"

IntroductionsDuring the pre-game, I sat in my chair with my camera pointing upward to the big screen as the Women of Troy Volleyball introductions were made. As lineups change, I always record the introductions, plus I wanted to see the UCLA picture get "squashed" by our USC symbol. Near the end of the video, out of the corner of my eye, I saw this tall figure come down the row in front of me and stand right in front of me. Luckily, he did not block my camera's view. When the lights came on, I saw the back of his head. He looked like someone that I knew. Trojan Candy's memory for faces, not my forgetfulness of names, did not let me down. The tall, skinny figure was friend Max Browne. Although I met Max when he was an incoming Freshman on 2/5/2013 and photographed him numerous times, I have never been able to interview him. During the next break in the action, Trojan Candy tapped him on the shoulder.

Alex Wood and Max BrowneMax turned around with a big smile on his face and said, "Hi, Candy." He must have known that I was sitting behind him. I asked Max if I could interview him. He agreed, and I spoke quickly. Max is a first year graduate student majoring in Business Administration at USC. Trojan Candy took pictures of him at the Athletic Graduation Ceremony on May 12, 2016. He plays Quarterback on the football team. In addition to playing football, Max said his hobby is to watch any sports. His favorite team is the Cleveland Cavaliers. Max's favorite food is hamburgers. His favorite movie is "National Treasure," and his favorite book is "Holes." "24" is his favorite television show. Max's favorite music is RAP. Former placekicker Alex Wood came with Max. FIGHT ON, Alex! FIGHT ON, Max!Kurt Karis, Andy Benesh, Gert Lisha, Nick Rakocevic, and Sara Hughes

After interviewing Max, Trojan Candy saw another friend in the south stands. I walked over to say hello and naturally, take a picture. Sara Hughes (1/31/2014) was sitting in front of four guys. Sara is a Senior on the NCAA Champion Beach Volleyball Team. Behind her were Junior Basketball Guard Kurt Karis, Senior Volleyball Middle Blocker Andy Benesh (5/14/2016), Sophomore Volleyball Setter Gert Lisha, and Freshman Basketball Forward Nick Rakocevic (8/26/2016).

Jonah Mathews and Harrison Henderson
In this picture, Freshmen Basketball Guard Jonah Mathews and Forward Harrison Henderson smiled for Trojan Candy.
Now, back to the match. Our women won the second set but lost 1-3.
They congratulated the Bruins.

There is always the match in Westwood.

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Volleyball!

Saturday, September 17, 2016---USC at Stanford Football Pre-Game

After the USC Men's Water Polo victory over Stanford, my family and I set up for a "mini" tailgate just outside of the Avery Stadium. The seven of us were on a bench next to the Stanford Football Parent's Tailgate.

Patti and Dudley Poon, Zane, Kane, Gen and Kelly, and Trojan Candy
Sitting: Patti and Dudley Poon, Zane, and Kane. Standing: Gen and Kelly and Trojan Candy.
Archie, Matteo, Steve, Jim and Karen
My daughter Kelly's friends Archie, Mateo, Steve, Andreas (not pictured), and new Trojan friends Jim and Karen joined us later.
Spirit of Troy
Then, we heard the Spirit of Troy marching towards us. I ran to them first and was followed by Patti, Kelly, Zane and Kane.

At the end of the band, friend Serge Liberovsky (9/1/2011) said, "Hi, Candy." It was so nice to see him again.

Trojan football team
Once inside the stadium, we saw some of our team were waiting outside the locker room.
Trojan football team
The team walked out of the locker room.
Spirit of Troy pre-game show
Spirit of Troy pre-game show.

FIGHT ON, USC Football!

FIGHT ON, USC Spirit of Troy!

Saturday, September 17, 2016---Men's Water Polo vs Stanford

My sister Patti, brother-in-law Dudley, oldest grandson Zane and I walked briskly to the Stanford Avery Stadium to catch the water polo match between our Men of Troy and the Stanford Cardinal. We had to climb steep stairs to get to shady seats.

Both teams
We arrived just as the teams were being introduced. Trojan Candy hastily took a picture of both teams.
Ready for sprint
Our USC team lined up for the first Sprint.
SC scores!
We started out fast and were ahead 3-0 in the first quarter. Freshman Thomas Dunstan scored our second goal.
Coach Vavic huddled the team.
Zane and Patti and Dudley Poon
Here are Zane, Patti and Dudley during halftime.
We won!
We beat Stanford 8-4 for Coach Vavic's 500th win in Men's Water Polo!
Post game handshakes
Matt Maier
Zane walked downstairs to see USC's Matt Maier being interviewed by a Pac-12 reporter. Zane tried to get his autograph, but sadly he was too far away.
McQuin Baron and Tony Azevedo
Sadness turned to elation! Zane saw Stanford Olympic Great Tony Azevedo across the pool talking to USC Olympic Goalie McQuin Baron.
Zane shot up the stairs and ran to the other side of the pool. Grandma Trojan Candy thought about catching up with my ten year grandson, but I decided that I couldn't get to the other side of the pool quickly enough and that I could get a better picture with the sun to my back.
McQuin Baron, Tony Azevedo, and Zane
Here is the video I took of Tony signing Zane's Stanford cap. Thank you, Tony!
After we exited the stadium, we waited near the gate. Zane was hoping to get more USC water polo autographs. He was fortunate to meet eight more players and get their autographs.
Nick Bell and Zane
Senior Nick Bell and Zane
Thomas Dunstan and Zane
Freshman Thomas Dunstan scored a goal.
Zane and Grant Stein
Junior Grant Stein scored two goals.
Matteo Morelli, Bryce Hoerman, Simon Wu and Zane
Matteo Morelli, Bryce Hoerman, Simon Wu and Zane
Zane and Blake Edwards
Junior Blake Edwards scored two goals.
Zane and McQuin Baron
Junior McQuin Baron turned away every single Stanford power play.

Thank you for signing autographs, USC Water Polo players!

Zane and Jovan VavicLuckily, Coach Vavic walked out of the gate, recognized Trojan Candy from when Jim and I volunteered at Heritage Hall, and smiled at me. I introduced him to Zane and told him that my entire family attended USC's victory over Pacific in December 2013 at Stanford's Stadium that won us the NCAA Championship. It was then that Zane told me that he wanted to play water polo at USC. Coach Vavic smiled and told Zane to stay with it even though water polo is a tough game.

Coach, congratulations on your 500th Men's Water Polo win!

What a sensational afternoon!

Fight On, USC Water Polo!

Saturday, September 10, 2016---USC vs Utah State

Our first home football game started very early. Game time was 11:00 a.m.

Tom Kelly
Sportscaster Tom Kelly was remembered.
Football team
Our team was ready to go. USC Alumnus Darnell Bing led the team out of the tunnel.
Spirit of Troy
Our Spirit of Troy was ready to go.
Opening kickoff
It was time for the kick off.
Tom Kelly
During the timeout after our first score, a video honoring Tom Kelly was shown. FIGHT ON, forever, Tom!
Women of Troy Water Polo
All during the game, several more videos were shown. Our Women of Troy Water Polo Team was honored for winning their fourth NCAA Championship. FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Water Polo!
It was announced that our Women of Troy won the 2016 Capital One Cup. Congratulations, Women of Troy!
Kasia Wilk, Chelsea Chenault, Kristen Vose, Anika Apostalon, and Randall Cunningham
USC Women swimmers Kasia Wilk, Chelsea Chenault, Kristen Vose, amd Anika Apostalon won the inaugural 2016 NCAA Championship in the 400y freestyle relay. Randall Cunningham (6/16/2015) won the 2016 NCAA High Jump Championship. FIGHT ON, USC Swimmers and Randall Cunningham!
During the halftime, Trojan Candy saw a familiar face standing near our seats. It was USC Volleyball Alumna Natasa Siljkovic (9/2/2010). Natasa is a graduate student at USC, and she was a Graduate Assistant on the 2016 NCAA Beach Volleyball Team. Natasa showed Trojan Candy her NCAA Championship ring.
Natasa Siljkovic and Umberto Gatti
I took a picture of Natasa and her friend Umberto Gatti.
Leland Waters
As soon as Natasa left, friend and volleyball announcer Leland Waters stopped to visit. He was all excited about his NCAA Beach Volleyball Championship Ring that Coach Anna Collier gave him.
Beach Volleyball Championship Ring
Here is a picture of his ring.

Women of Troy NCAA Beach VolleyballIn the third quarter, the Women of Troy NCAA Beach Volleyball Team was honored as 2016 NCAA Champions. FIGHT ON Women of Troy Beach Volleyball!

So many Trojans were honored today. And, our football team beat Utah State 45-7!

FIGHT ON, USC Football!