September 2016 (3) Candygrams

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Saturday, September 3, 2016---USC vs. Alabama Game Day

Jim Yee and Patti and Dudley PoonMy husband Jim, my sister Patti, my brother-in-law Dudley, and I rode a shuttle from J. Gilligan's Bar & Grill to a lot across from AT&T Stadium. We arrived at 4:00 p.m. I took this picture of them outside the stadium. Then we walked to the USC tailgate party in lot 9.

Dan AvilaIt was very hot and humid under the tailgate tent. Fortunately, the Rossier School of Education had a reserved table for us. Our menu was pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, and cookies. Right after we finished eating, Trojan Candy heard the drums. The Spirit of Troy was marching to us. Trojan Candy walked through the tent as fast as I could and managed to get in the front row. As I squatted down, I saw very good friend Dan Avila (1/16/2009) in front of the Song Girls and the Spirit Leaders. Dan is the official photographer for this USC weekend.

Spirit of Troy played "Conquest."
Carolyn, Xavier, Hayden, Michael, Mikaela, and Brandon
Spirit Leaders Carolyn, Xavier, Hayden, Michael, Mikaela, and Brandon.
Lorenzo, Anissa, Keren, Ryan, and Adjoa
Spirit Leaders Lorenzo, Anissa, Keren, Ryan, and Adjoa.
Fight On
"Fight On"
Song Girls
Song Girls.
Rachel Beal and Matt DeGrushe
After the pep rally was over, Trojan Candy walked back to our table. Two Rossier School of Education friends were there. Rachel Beal and Matt DeGrushe. Rachel took good care of us. Thanks!
Dudley Poon, Teresa Verbeck, Patti Poon, and Jim Yee
A few minutes later, another good friend walked by our table. I asked Teresa Verbeck to pose for a picture with Patti, Dudley, and Jim. We first met Teresa Verbeck when we volunteered at Heritage Hall.
Jim and I tried to wait for Rossier School of Education Dean Karen Gallagher to arrive, but her car was stuck in heavy traffic. Trojan Candy had to go into the stadium to take pictures; so we left to go inside. Thanks to Dean Karen for inviting Jim and me to the tailgate!
This Advocare Classic banner outside of the AT&T Stadium welcomed us. The game is finally here!
John and Jim Yee
As Jim and I were walking to our seats, we saw a familiar face. Supervisor John, whom we met yesterday on our private tour, posed with Jim.
We made it to our seats and here is the first look at the field with the turf fully decorated.
The Jumbotron is the world's largest 1080p display with 30 million light bulbs.
Paul McDonald and Friend
Trojan Candy walked around the concession area. I saw a familiar face. USC Football Quarterback alumnus Paul McDonald (2/27/2009) was nice enough to pose with a friend. FIGHT ON, Paul!
I walked back to our seats and saw our team on the field.
Our team warmed up.
Briana Gilbreath and Brice Butler
Then, Trojan Candy heard two familiar Trojan names on the speaker. Friends Briana Gilbreath (6/25/2009) and Brice Butler (8/20/2009) were introduced.
Brice was a Trojan Wide Receiver in 2009-2011. After graduating, he transferred to UNLV. Brice now plays for the Dallas Cowboys. Briana was a Guard on the Women of Troy Basketball team in 2009-2012. Trojan Candy found out that they were married in April 2014. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Briana and Brice!
Brice Butler and Briana Gilbreath
Unfortunately, they didn't face my way for a picture, but I was able to catch them on the jumbotron.
Spirit of Troy
The pre-game show featured our Spirit of Troy. USC spellout.
Spirit of Troy
Spirit of Troy
The Spirit of Troy played our version of "Tusk" first.
Alabama Band
The Alabama Million Dollar Band.
Michael Hutchings, Adoree' Jackson, Zach Banner, and Max Browne
Now it was almost time for the game to start. Our four Captains were Michael Hutchings, Adoree' Jackson, Zach Banner, and Max Browne.
Field goal
Trojan Candy recorded our first scoring drive for a field goal.
Spirit of Troy
Our Spirit of Troy performed at halftime.
Patti, Dudley, Jim and yours truly were so lucky! After the game ended, our friend Paul Turner sent Kelvon Greer to walk us down to the playing field. With much anticipation, we walked onto the field.
Dudley and Patti Poon, Kelvon Greer, Trojan Candy, and Jim Yee
Here are the five of us on the fifty yard line.
Dudley and Patti Poon, Trojan Candy, and Jim Yee
Now the four of us standing at the fifty yard line.
360 video
I took this 360 degree video of the stadium from the middle of the field.
USC end zone
This is the goal post in the USC painted end zone.
Just as we were getting ready to leave, two Trojan Football Alumni walked by. Naturally, Trojan Candy approached them, and they graciously posed for these two pictures.
Lynn Swann
Athletic Director Lynn Swann smiled for me. FIGHT ON, Lynn!
Sam Cunningham
Trojan running back Sam Cunningham let me take his picture. FIGHT ON, Sam!
We exited the field and saw that USC Football Parents were waiting to visit with their sons in the room we walked through. Trojan Candy saw a very familiar face in the hallway.
Reid Budrovich
Friend Reid Budrovich (8/22/2015) was surprised to see me. FIGHT ON, Reid!

Adoree' JacksonAdoree' Jackson ran by but couldn't stop. He was running FAST to the media area for an interview. Upstairs, we saw him on a television screen. FIGHT ON, Adoree'!

What a memorable Dallas trip we had.