April 2016 (5) Candygrams

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Thursday, April 28, 2016---USC Baseball versus Arizona

It was a beautiful evening for a USC baseball game. The added incentive for Trojan Candy to come to this game was the "USC Baseball glass" that everyone in attendance could get after the seventh inning.

Baseball Team
Our team huddled on the field before warming up.
Baseball Team
The team stood on the field for the Star Spangled Banner.
First pitch
Retiring Athletic Director Pat Haden was chosen to throw out the first pitch.
Pat Haden
Here is Pat Haden on the mound before the first pitch.
Pat Haden
The pitch!
John Jackson Jr and John Jackson III
During the game a very good friend came up to say hello to Trojan Candy. John Jackson Jr and his son John III were at the game too.
Patti and Dudley Poon, John Jackson Jr., Trojan Candy, John Jackson, and Jim Yee
Next, both of them posed with my family and me. Patti and Dudley Poon, John Jr., Trojan Candy, John, and my husband Jim.
We're batting
Our Trojans at bat.
We were ahead of Arizona 5-3 in the seventh inning.

Unfortunately, we lost 8-5 when Arizona rallied in the top of the ninth inning.

Trojan Candy did get a nice USC baseball glass when we left the stadium.

FIGHT ON, USC Baseball, to a victory tomorrow!

Sunday, April 17, 2016---Men's Tennis Senior Salute

Trojan Candy arrived very early to the Marks Tennis Stadium to get seats in our favorite "namesake" section. Both our men and women were competing against the Bruins in a double-header.

Sam Bricio and Ben Chua
Walking around at the top of the stadium I saw two friends. Sam Bricio (11/29/2015) and USC Pep Band Director Ben Chua (8/30/2013). The band "pepped" us up before they had to leave to prepare for their annual Spring Symphonic Band Concert at Bovard later.
Men's tennis team
On the court during practice, the Men's Team posed for a picture.
Men's and Women's Tennis Teams
Our Men's and Women's Tennis Teams warmed up together on the courts. Then they huddled together side by side on the court.
Pat Haden and Clay Helton
As Trojan Candy walked around at the top of the very crowded stadium taking pictures of the Doubles competition, I saw Pat Haden and Clay Helton talking.
Max de Vroome and Jack Jaede
Lone Men's Tennis Senior, Max de Vroome (2/16/2016), played Doubles on Court 3 with his partner, Freshman Jack Jaede.

Both the Women of Troy and the Men of Troy Teams played the Doubles competition versus UCLA at the same time. The women played on Courts 2,4, and 6, and the men played on Courts 1,3, and 5.

Giuliana Olmos and Gabby Smith
On Court 2, Giu Giu Olmos (3/23/2012) and Gabby Smith celebrated a winning shot.

Unfortunately, our men lost the Double's point to the Bruins, but fortunately, our women beat the Bruins.

Men's team
Immediately after the Double's competition ended, our Men's Team formed a gauntlet for Max.
In the video above, Max walked onto the court and was accompanied by his mom Astrid.
Peter Smith and Max and Astrid de Vroome
Coach Peter Smith gave a picture album to Max.
Peter Smith and Max and Astrid de Vroome
Needless to say, Max liked the album.
Men's Tennis Team
The Team joined Max on the Court. FIGHT ON, Max!
Steve Johnson
After Trojan Candy stepped off the court I saw a very familiar face. It was so nice to see Steve Johnson (4/26/2012) again. I congratulated him on being chosen to play on the Davis Cup Team. FIGHT ON, Steve!
Giu Giu Olmos and Reuben Peters
Before Trojan Candy left for the USC Spring Band Concert, I took this picture of Giu Giu Olmos and USC football ILB Reuben Peters (4/10/2016).

During the concert, my husband Jim texted me that our men lost 4-2, but our Women of Troy beat the Lady Bruins 4-1.

FIGHT ON, Men's Tennis! FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Tennis!