April 2016 (2) Candygrams

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Saturday, April 2, 2016---The 36th Annual Swim with Mike

At 9:00 am Trojan Candy arrived at the Swim with Mike event held in USC's Uytengsu Swim Stadium. The stadium was bustling with activity.

'Helene' Song
The young lady who signed me up at the desk was a fellow USC Helene.
Jim Yee and Phillip Ribeiro
My husband Jim posed with friend Phillip Ribeiro at the entry gate. Phillip flies down from the San Francisco area every year to attend the Swim with Mike event.
Jerry Anderson, Julian Bonse and Gregg Millward
I walked around the pool area and saw three friends. I took a picture of Jerry Anderson, Julian Bonse and Gregg Millward.

At the west end of the stadium, Trojan Candy saw another friend. Barry Levy had set up a table to display his three Olympic torches.

Barry Levy
Barry showed me his 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Torch, his 1996 Atlanta Olympic Torch and his 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Torch. What a nice display with such fond memories, Barry!
Felicia Horvath
As I walked around the silent auction items, I saw friend Felicia Horvath. I just saw Felicia yesterday at the men's tennis match versus Cal. She was a volunteer today.
Larry, Sherry, and Wandy Jung
Also in the silent auction area were Larry and Wandy Jung with their daughter Sherry.
Ellen Burson
Trojan Candy continued to walk around the pool area. I took this picture of volunteer Ellen Burson. She volunteers every year at Swim with Mike.
Ron Orr and Don Winston
On the other side of the pool, friends Ron Orr and Don Winston smiled for me.
USC Women Divers
At the diving boards, Head Diving Coach Hongping Li had his Women's team perform this synchronized dive.
USC Men Divers
Two Men's team divers did this synchronized dive.
Trojan Knights
Then, Trojan Candy was able to take this picture of the Trojan Knights before they participated in the "Biggest Splash Contest."

Meanwhile, all this time, there were swimmers doing their laps for Swim with Mike.

Trojan Candy was walking, walking, walking her pledged laps around the Uytengsu Swim Center for Swim with Mike. Phew!

I went back to the Silent Auction area to check on my bid.

Hayley Crone
Friend and USC Women's Volleyball Alumna Hayley Crone (4/16/2015) was volunteering in the auction area. She told me that she is working downtown for Morgan Stanley now. Congratulations, Hayley! It is always nice to "catch up" with Hayley.
Debbie and Michael Felix and Scott Jacobson
Friend Scott Jacobson introduced me to two new friends, Swim wtih Mike Lane Sponsors Debbie and Michael Felix.
Julian Bonse, Tara Quarrie, and Scott Jacobson
Then Scott posed with two other good friends who were in the Silent Auction area. Julian Bonse and Tara Quarrie (11/29/2015).
I walked all the way to the other end of the stadium to take this picture of the USC Song Girl Laura who won the "Biggest Splash (Belly-Flop) Contest". Laura won four pounds of St. Louis Style Pork Spareribs for her victory! Congratulations, Laura!
Song Girls, Spirit Leaders and Spirit of Troy
Luckily, Trojan Candy was near the stage now. Here is a video of the Song Girls, Spirit Leaders and Spirit of Troy.
Julian Bonse, Tara Quarrie, and Scott Jacobson
The ceremony began at noon. John Naber took the podium first. He welcomed everyone.
Pat Haden
Pat Haden spoke next.
On stage
Here is a picture of everyone on the stage.

Two Swim with Mike scholarship recipients expressed their gratitude.

Patrick Iverson, a Senior at USC from San Diego, will graduate from the School of Cinema.

Kie Fujii, a graduate student in Integrated Biology, will pursue medical school.

Kie Fujii
Here is Kie Fujii with her parents.
Nico Falah, Toa Lobendahn, Viane Talamaivao, and Clayton Johnston
It was almost time for the Football/Song Girl relay. Four football players posed for this picture. Nico Falah, Toa Lobendahn, Viane Talamaivao, and Clayton Johnston.
Robert and Rebecca Morin
Friend Rebecca Morin and her husband Robert came by to say hello.
Song Girls
Trojan Candy saw the Song Girls posing for a picture, so I ran over and took their picture.
Spirit Leaders
The Spirit Leaders posed with a fan.
Ray Wong
Friend Ray Wong also walked around taking pictures.
Mike Nyeholt and Dan Avila
Friend Dan Avila, an official USC photographer, posed with (Swim With) Mike Nyeholt.
This was the amount earned so far for Swim with Mike.
Relay participants
The Song Girls and Football Players who would swim in the Relay.

The following are pictures of the Relay participants by lane. Unfortunately, the second lane picture was blurry.

First lane
Relay pair in first lane.
Third lane
Relay pair in third lane.
Fourth lane
Relay pair in fourth lane.
Fifth lane
Relay pair in fifth lane.
Sixth lane
Relay pair in sixth lane.
Relay race
Here is a video of the race.
Relay race participants
A video of the participants meeting in the middle of the pool.
Relay race participants
Relay race participants
Clay Helton
After the relay race, Trojan Candy spoke with Coach Clay Helton. He always greets me with a big smile! We parted with, "See you in Dallas!"
Football players
Next, some of the football players took some dives off the one meter boards and then soaked in the pool.
Christian Rector
Trojan Candy finally was able to go eat lunch at the barbecue. I sure worked up an appetite walking around the swim stadium. The first person I saw was Defensive End Christian Rector.
Mel and Doris Hughes
I always see two good friends, Mel and Doris Hughes, everywhere!
Oluwole Betiku, Rasheem Green, and Michael Yee
Friend Michael Yee was with two Song Girls, Defensive End Oluwole Betiku (2/3/2016), and Defensive Tackle Rasheem Green.
Rasheem Green, Quinton Powell, Jabari Ruffin, Michael Hutchings, Khaliel Rodgers, and ?
Friend Jabari Ruffin (7/13/2012) gathered his friends for a picture. Rasheem Green, Quinton Powell, Jabari Ruffin, Michael Hutchings, Khaliel Rodgers (12/13/2015) and ? Thanks, Jabari!

What a way to end a long day.

FIGHT ON, Swim with Mike!