April 2016 (1) Candygrams

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Friday, April 1, 2016---Men's Tennis vs. Cal

Our men's tennis team finally came home for a match.

Xavier Aldana, Awuradjoa Quansah and Brandon Min
Trojan Candy took a picture of three Spirit Leaders who arrived early. They are Xavier Aldana, Awuradjoa Quansah and Brandon Min.
Men of Troy
Our team stood for the Star Spangled Banner. Isn't the new court beautiful!

I took pictures of our Men's Doubles Team.

Laurens Verboven and Nick Crystal
Laurens Verboven and Nick Crystal on Center Court.
Max DeVroome and Jack Jaede
Max DeVroome (2/16/2016) and Jack Jaede on Court 2.
Thibault Forget and Tanner Smith
Thibault Forget (2/28/2015) and Tanner Smith on Court 3.

Unfortunately, Cal won the Doubles' point.

Our men came out strong in the Singles competition. The line up by courts is as follows:

Max DeVroome
Court 1: Max DeVroome
Nick Crystal
Court 2: Nick Crystal
Logan Smith
Court 3: Logan Smith (2/16/2016)
Jake Devine
Court 4: Jake Devine
Thibault Forget
Court 5: Thibault Forget
Rob Bellamy
Court 6: Rob Bellamy

Felicia HorvathAs Trojan Candy walked around the top of the stadium taking pictures, I saw a very familiar face. It was so nice to see Felicia Horvath (9/27/2012) again. She is a USC Track athlete whom I interviewed at Heritage Hall. Felicia is a Senior now majoring in Psychology. She has many more interests now. Felicia likes to sing, act, ride horses, swim and dive. Her favorite food is Chinese. Felicia's favorite movie is a French movie with the English name of "Chorus." So nice to see you and catch up with you, Felicia! FIGHT ON, Felicia!

Armando'sTrojan Candy wants to thank the USC Athletic Marketing Department for providing lunch for Trojan spectators like my husband Jim and me. We were able to get free burritos from Armando's. The chicken burritos are delicious.

Heather Dunn, Rebecca Morin, and a little friendAs I was taking pictures, someone tapped me on the shoulder and said to "Come and eat." Who was it? She was my friend who works in Heritage Hall Administration, Rebecca Morin. I met Rebecca in 2005 when my husband Jim and I volunteered at the Heritage Hall desk. Rebecca invited us to come and get some food to eat. Trojan Candy thanked her and brought my husband, sister Pat and brother-in-law Dudley with me. We saw Rebecca, Pat Haden's Executive Assistant Heather Dunn and a little friend at the buffet table. The sandwiches were very tasty. Complimentary lunch and dinner too. Thanks, Rebecca!

Ray SarmientoAs I walked around to take more pictures of the men's tennis team, Trojan Candy saw another friend. I told USC tennis alumnus, who is now a pro, Ray Sarmiento (3/11/2011) about the buffet and walked him over to the table. Rebecca was quite happy to see Ray and told him to help himself. Ray told me that he will be leaving for Greece and then China next week to continue on the pro tour. Good luck, Ray, and FIGHT ON!

Back to the match. Our men won five singles matches in a row. In order, Thibault Forget, Nick Crystal, Logan Smith, Jake Devine and Max DeVroome. Rob Bellamy's match was suspended. USC beat Cal 5-1!

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Tennis!