March 2016 (2) Candygrams

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Sunday, March 5, 2016---Men's Basketball Senior Salute

Trojan Candy walked around the Galen Center lobby before the men's basketball game vs Oregon. It was the last game on the schedule and was Senior Salute Night.

Francesca Vecchiarelli, Evelyn Lee, Catherine Desmond, and Sarah GeorgeI saw four young ladies putting face tattoos on "little" children. Then I noticed that they were USC Helenes. So naturally I told them that I was a Helene when I was an undergraduate at USC and asked them if I could take their picture. Their names are Francesca Vecchiarelli, Evelyn Lee, Catherine Desmond, and Sarah George. FIGHT ON, USC Helenes!

John and Janine ColichOnce inside the arena, I walked over to the tunnel where the team runs out. My friend Trennon helped me look for Senior Strahinja (Luis) Gavrilovic's parents. There were two people standing in the tunnel, so Trennon walked over and asked if they were Luis's parents. They told him that they were "American" parents for Luis and Nikola Jovanovic. Trennon motioned for me to come over to them. I introduced myself, told them that I have written about Luis and Nik in my blog, gave them my card and took this picture of them. Their names are John and Janine Colich. I will see them next year also when Nik graduates.

Men's team
I went back to the stands to take pictures of the ceremony. Here is a picture of the team waiting for Luis Strahinja (11/6/2012) to be introduced.
My good friend Dan Avila (1/16/2009), who was the official USC photographer for the ceremony, sent me the next three pictures.
Luis Gavrilovic and teammates
Here is Luis hugging his teammates.
Luis Gavrilovic
Luis walked onto the court.
Andy Enfield, Luis Gavrilovic, and Janine and John Colich
The third picture is of Luis with his American parents and Coach Andy Enfield. Thanks so much, Dan, and FIGHT ON!
Video about Luis Gavrilovic
Click the thumbnail to view the video about Luis that I recorded from the big screen.
Luis Gavrilovic
Luis scored the first two points for our team in this video. How exciting and memorable! FIGHT ON, Luis!

There was another Trojan honored today. It was the last game for Tony Fox to direct the Spirit of Troy Pep Band at a men's basketball game. Tony is the Assistant Band Director of the Spirit of Troy. He is going to retire in May. Trojan Candy has known Tony since 1992. I met Tony when my son Greg took composition lessons from him weekly in his band office for six years.

Tony Fox
Here is Tony with three band members at the game.

Video about Tony FoxA video about Tony was shown on the big screen. FIGHT ON, Tony!

What a memorable day for two very good friends.

It was also a memorable day for the team....the lights went out for thirty minutes during the game.

Unfortunately, the lights went out for a second time.... We lost to Oregon...but there is always next year.

FIGHT ON, Men of Troy Basketball!

Friday, March 4, 2016---Women of Troy Tennis vs. Washington

The Marks Stadium renovation is almost finished. The courts are beautiful. The day was also beautiful.

Our women played their Doubles first.

Gabby Smith and Giuliana Olmos
At Center Court were Gabby Smith and GiuGiu Olmos (3/23/2012).
Zoe Katz and Madison Westby
At Court 2 were Zoe Katz (2/28/2015) and Madison Westby.
Rianna Valdes and Jessica Failla
Freshmen Rianna Valdes and Jessica Failla played on Court 3.

Samantha BricioAs Trojan Candy walked on the upper level taking pictures, I saw a very familiar face. It was Samantha Bricio (11/29/2015). She came to work at the match. Sam let me take another picture of her. We visited for a while. Sam's job was to stay near the stairs and answer any questions that spectators might ask.

Robert Feathers and Samantha BricioThen, up the stairs walked another friend. Sam and I talked with Robert Feathers (11/9/2012). He told us that he is working on campus now. My two friends smiled for this picture. Two jobs for two outstanding USC athletes! FIGHT ON, Sam! FIGHT ON, Robert!

Reid BudrovichA third friend walked by and sat in the stands at a nearby row. All of us in the stands watched our women win the Doubles 2-1. During the short break between the Doubles and Singles play, Trojan Candy went over and tapped him on the shoulder. Football punter Reid Budrovich (8/22/2015) turned around, recognized me and smiled. Reid posed for this picture. FIGHT ON, Reid!

Burrito food truckDuring the break, my husband Jim went downstairs to get free burritos for both of us. All fans in the stadium each got a burrito. They were delicious. You can see Jim waiting in line at the food truck. Thank you Athletic Marketing!

As everyone in the stands was enjoying the burritos, the Singles matches began. Trojan Candy took pictures of the players. I waited until each player faced the stands.

Madison Westby
On Court 2 was Madison Westby.
Rianna Valdes
Rianna Valdes was on Court 6.
Giuliana Olmos
GiuGiu Olmos competed on Center Court, Court 1.
Zoe Katz
On Court 4 was Zoe Katz.
Gabby Smith
Gabby Smith was on Court 3.
Jessica Failla
The last player was Jessica Failla on Court 5.
Don and Nancy Failla
Jessica had two loyal fans in the stands. They were her grandparents, Don and Nancy Failla. Don and Nancy drive three hours one way from their home to come see Jessica compete.
Our women beat Washington 5 to 2. They had a final huddle with Coach Gallien.

Congratulations, Women of Troy Tennis and FIGHT ON!