November 2014 (3) Candygrams

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Friday, November 21, 2014---Women of Troy Basketball at Cal State Long Beach

Big screen
The big screen in the Pyramid welcomed us.
Women of Troy
Our Women of Troy warmed up.
Long Beach
The "Beach" warmed up.
Anna Adams, Anita Ybarra, Karen Trust and Dorothy Harberts
Some Trojan friends also came to the Pyramid. Anna Adams, Anita Ybarra, Karen Trust and Dorothy Harberts

Yes, that is Cassie Harbert's mom Dorothy. She told Trojan Candy that Cassie is playing basketball in Australia.

The game begins
Let the game begin.
Alexyz Vaioletama
Senior friend Alexyz Vaioletama (6/23/2011) shot a free throw. Every point was important.
Donna and Caleb Heinel
Trojan Candy saw two more friends on the concourse. They were USC Senior Associate Athletic Director Donna Heinel and her son Caleb.
Petros Papadakis
Then, at the AM 570 KLAC booth, I saw friend Petros Papadakis (12/3/2010) broadcasting the game.
The Pyramid
Our Women of Troy led 47-34 at half time. Since I was on the concourse level, I took this picture of the Pyramid.
In the second half, Coach Cynthia Cooper-Dyke huddled with the starters.
The "Beach" kept cutting the lead and hit a last second three-point basket to tie the game at 74-74 and send it into overtime.
Brianna Barrett
In the overtime, our women gradually pulled away. Junior Brianna Barrett hit two crucial free throws.
We won!
We won 90-85!

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy basketball!

Friday, November 21, 2014---Peter Daland's Celebration of Life

Trojan Candy came to the Uytengsu Swim Stadium to honor legendary Peter Daland's extra-ordinary life. I had the privilege of meeting Coach Daland and his wife Ingrid at Dr. Arthur C. Bartner's "Man on the Ladder" concert at the Galen Center on May 1, 2010. He and Ingrid were sitting right next to me. As you know I would, Trojan Candy interviewed him. Check it out on my blog dated 5/1/2010.

Lenny KrayzelburgAs soon as I checked in and signed the guest book, Trojan Candy went to the seating area to find the best seat to get pictures. On the way, I saw a familiar face. It was USC swimmer and three-time Olympian Gold medalist Lenny Krayzelburg. I met him at a Swim reception the night before the Stanford football game on November 15, 2013. My husband Jim and I attended the reception to award Heritage Hall Medallions to nine recipients. Coach Daland did the honors and Trojan Candy took the pictures! Check it out on my blog at 11/15/2013. FIGHT ON, Lenny!

John NaberAs I found my seat, four-time Olympic Gold medalist John Naber (2/1/2014) walked by. I asked him if he had located all of the Heritage Hall Medallion recipients on the list that we gave him. John said that he is still trying. Thanks for all your help, John. FIGHT ON, John!Tory Ishimatsu

Almost immediately, another friend came to say, "Hello." It was diver and current Volunteer USC Assistant Coach, Tory Ishimatsu (9/16/2011). Trojan Candy had the privilege to interview both her and her sister Haley (2/21/2014) while they were competing as divers at USC. Haley is a RS Senior on this year's team. Another fabulous USC athletic family! FIGHT ON, Tory! FIGHT ON, Haley!

Peter Daland pictures
Pictures of Coach Daland were displayed throughout the reception area.
More Peter Daland pictures
More Peter Daland pictures.

Chad BobroskyWhile I was looking at a display I met current USC swimmer Chad Bobrosky, who was a volunteer host. Unfortunately there was no time to interview him. From the USC Trojans website I found out that Chad is a Senior Freestyler on the Swim team and is from Calgary, Canada. FIGHT ON, Chad!

The Spirit of Troy marched onto the upstairs patio to begin the Celebration. Guests took their seats. There were several speakers who paid tribute to Coach Peter Daland.

John NaberJohn Naber spoke first. He portrayed Coach Daland as a "No nonsense coach and a no nonsense man."

Pat HadenAthletic Director Pat Haden said that Coach Daland, "tilted the balance (in college swimming) from the East coast to the West coast." Coach Daland produced 392 All-Americans at USC and 70 Olympians. He was National Coach of the Year six times and was inducted into the College Swimming Hall of Fame in 1977.

Fred UytengsuFred Uytengsu took the podium next. He said that, "Aside from my Dad, he (Coach Daland) was the most important person to me.... He was a great mentor.... That is why I named the pool in Peter's name."

Cathy FergusonTwo time Gold Medalist Cathy Ferguson met Coach Peter Daland at the Los Angeles Athletic Club. He told her, "Your life in swimming will be over in seconds, but your education will last forever." She said that Peter was a genius at splits.

John HouseJohn House told the audience that in his four years, 1960-1963, at USC under Coach Daland, the team was undefeated in dual meets. Then he quoted what his coach told him, "You have to be better than you ever thought you could be."

Rich McGeaghRich McGeagh, an All American in Swimming and Water Polo, described Peter as, "a historian, story teller, strategist, psychologist and mentor." In closing, Rich said, "I went out a winner, and Peter went out a winner."

Barbara HedgesTrojan Candy did not take a picture of Barbara Hedges, the next speaker, at the podium, sorry, but I took her picture later at the reception. Barbara said that Peter always referred to her as "his girlfriend," but Ingrid didn't mind. Looking around the stadium, she said that, "This is the house that Peter built, with help from Fred Uytengsu!"

Bruce FurnissTwo-time Olympic Gold Medalist Bruce Furniss (2/21/2014), the next speaker, described Coach Daland as having a "playful side, a quick wit and an enduring way about him." He was always prompt! When asked by a reporter why his team never threw him in the pool after a victory, Coach said, "I wouldn't hear of it!"

Dave SaloCurrent Head Coach Dave Salo came to the podium with a big smile and carrying a brown file box. He said that he coached with Peter in 1985-1996. Then he opened up the file box that was jammed pack with yellow index cards. There was a yellow card with personal times for each swimmer that Peter ever coached. Amazing!

Leslie DalandThe last speaker was Coach Daland's daughter Leslie "Kitty" Daland. She related some very personal memories about her father. Kitty said that her dad exercised every day. He would bike or walk, and he recorded his times everyday. When he taught her how to drive, her dad thought that driving was a competitive sport. Gaining car lengths was important! Fondly she told us that her dad Peter and mom Ingrid were "Ying and Yang." Her dad was stoic and her mom was emotional. Her dad once told her that, "The secret to success is marrying one." Kitty's closing words were, "Dad did not leave anything unsaid and definitely did not leave anything undone."

The celebration ended with all of Peter Daland's swimmers on the stage cheering the "Southern Cal" spellout, and the Spirit of Troy playing Conquest.

Peter Daland's swimmers
Peter Daland's swimmers
Peter Daland's swimmers
More Peter Daland's swimmers
Peter Daland's swimmers
More Peter Daland's swimmers
Peter Daland's swimmers
More Peter Daland's swimmers
Fred and Kerri Uytengsu
Trojan Candy was able to take pictures of Fred Uytengsu and his wife Kerri.
Ron Orr, Ingrid Daland and JoAnn Nootbaar Rogers
Ron Orr, Ingrid Daland and JoAnn Nootbaar Rogers
Lance Larson Jr.,
USC Swimming Alumni Lance Larson Jr., ", Gary Larson, Greg Larson, ?, and Daniel Pierce

Dudley and Pat Poon with Jon HenricksAt the reception, Trojan Candy took a picture of my brother-in-law Dudley Poon and my sister Pat Poon with USC Swimming two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Jon Henricks. Jon helped us send two Heritage Hall medallions to Australia to the family of four-time Olympic Gold Medalist Murray Rose. Thank you for your help and FIGHT ON, Jon!

Hosts and hostessesMy final picture was of current USC swimmers who were hosts and hostesses for the Celebration. (l to r) FIGHT ON, Kate Davey! FIGHT ON, Nikki Chang! FIGHT ON, Riley Hayward! FIGHT ON, Ted Singley! FIGHT ON, Kindle Van Linge! FIGHT ON, Lindsay Lauder! FIGHT ON, Brianna Weinstein!

FIGHT ON, USC Swimming!

What a memorable Ceremony.

FIGHT ON, FOREVER. Coach Peter Daland!