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Thursday, June 19, 2014---Football 101

Additional pictures can be found in this Google Plus album.

Zach BannerTrojan Candy checked in at the west side of Heritage Hall at 8:30 a.m. I walked to the John McKay Center and walked downstairs to the basement. I didn't realize that the reception was in the Heritage Hall basement. However, something very good came out of my wandering. Walking toward me was a large figure.... it was friend Zach Banner (10/11/2012)! Zach is attending summer school and working out in the football off-season. He told me that he will be interning at Fox Sports West over the summer. Congrats, Zach and FIGHT ON!

Pat Poon, Steve Sarkisian, and Trojan CandyAfter saying "Goodbye" to Zach, I pushed open the double doors and entered the Heritage Hall basement. It was noisy and filled with activity. There was a continental breakfast available, silent auction bidding and an opportunity to take a picture with Head Football Coach Steve Sarkisian. My sister Pat and I took a picture with him. Friend Pierson Clair let me use his picture of my sister Pat and me. You can see more of Pierson's pictures at PC4Photo.com. Thanks, Pierson!

Christine Ofiesh, Barbara Hedges, and D'Arcy McLeodSome attendees were practicing their golf game in the Golf Office Lobby golf simulators. Trojan Candy saw two Trojan Guild friends---Christine Ofiesh and D'Arcy McLeod---talking with Barbara Hedges. Naturally, I took their picture.

Soon, it was time for Football 101 to start. Trojan Candy walked to the tables that had been set up on the football field in the John McKay Center basement. At the west end of the football field there were three athletes practicing. I knew all three of them.

Kemi Olonade and Kevon SeymourKemi Olonade (10/28/2011), who competes in the Triple Jump, and Kevon Seymour (8/16/2012), who is a Cornerback on the football team, posed for me.

Malia Cravens Then I spoke with friend Malia Cravens (9/20/2012), who competes in the High Jump. Malia is a Senior now, and her brother is Sophomore Defensive Back Su'a Cravens! FIGHT ON, Kemi! FIGHT ON, Kevon! FIGHT ON, Malia!

Luis Nevarez, Jaron Fairman, and Prentice GillTrojan Candy saw good friend Luis Nevarez (9/8/2011), who is a second year graduate assistant with the football team. He posed with two other graduate assistants, Jaron Fairman and Prentice Gill. Jaron works with the Wide Receivers, Prentice is an offensive assistant and Luis works with the Special Teams and is a Running Backs assistant. FIGHT ON, Luis! FIGHT ON, Jaron! FIGHT ON, Prentice!

Before the program started, Trojan Candy took pictures of the people at my table.

Marianne Hunt and Janet Ito
Marianne Hunt and new friend Janet Ito.
Sandy Johnston and Dudley Poon
Sandy Johnston and my brother-in-law Dudley Poon.
Eiko Bates and Lynda Coleman
Eiko Bates and Lynda Coleman.
Anita Ybarra and Karen Trust
At left are Anita Ybarra and Karen Trust.

Coach Sarkisian's presentation was very informative. He told us about his program, the goals and the attitudes he is trying to instill in his players. About goals, coach said that "Goals produce four things: energy, creativity, awareness and courage." As for attitude, Coach Sarkisian expects "no whining, no complaining and no excuses." Then coach showed us the recruiting tools that he uses to convince recruits to commit to USC. After seeing the presentation, I sure would commit to play football at USC!

Tammy Story and Rosalind SimpsonLunch was served with wine. After lunch, when I went upstairs, Trojan Candy saw women's basketball alumna Tammy Story. She posed for this picture with Rosalind Simpson.

Also upstairs I saw more familiar faces in the SAAS main computer lab.

Curtis McNeal and Luis Nevarez One familiar friend was Curtis McNeal (11/20/2009), who told me that he is taking a class at USC to finish his degree. Curtis signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but was injured. Curtis posed with Luis. Luis is everywhere! FIGHT ON, Curtis!

Haley IshimatsuJust around the corner on a computer... studying!...was USC diver Haley Ishimatsu (2/21/2014). I asked Haley to say "Hello" to her sister Tori for me. She said that she would. Haley repeated as the NCAA Platform Diving Champion on March 22, 2014. Trojan Candy is so proud of her! Congrats and FIGHT ON, Haley!

Before Coach Sarkisian's afternoon session, there was a Women of Troy Lacrosse demonstration. Director of Operations Regan Bosch and Coach Hilary Bowman gave a demonstration. Trojan Candy learned that the players cannot touch the ball, and that lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the United States!

Regan Bosch
Regan Bosch
Regan Bosch and Hilary Bowen
Lacrosse demo.
Hilary Bowen
Hilary Bowen.

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Lacrosse!

In the afternoon session, Coach Sarkisian taught the ladies about five plays from the USC Playbook. Trojan Candy's favorite explanation was about the "Trips Rt. QB Sneak Rt!" I remember that Rodney Peete would do the QB Sneak!

Deanna CalhounNext was the tour of the Football Locker Room. As I walked up the stairs to get to the locker room, there was friend, Women of Troy Basketball player, Deanna Calhoun (6/23/2011). FIGHT ON, Deanna!

Gerald Bowman's lockerThe ladies rushed into the Locker Room. Trojan Candy found who is going to be in my locker next season. It is friend Gerald Bowman (10/25/2012)! FIGHT ON, Gerald!

I was able to take pictures of fellow TGLA members in the locker room.

Rita Evans
Rita Evans

Ann Palmer, Christine Ofiesh, D'Arcy McLeod, Kathy Duffy, and Pat PoonAnn Palmer, Christine Ofiesh, D'Arcy McLeod, Kathy Duffy, and Pat Poon.

Friend and snapper Peter McBride (2/25/2011) is in my sister Pat and brother-in-law Dudley's locker this season. FIGHT ON, Peter!

Debbie SpinoOut of the clear blue, a lady asked me to take a picture of her in front of her locker. Trojan Candy took off after her quickly, because the ladies were being asked to leave the locker room. New friend Debbie Spino posed at the Spino Family locker. Defensive lineman Joey Augello is in her locker. FIGHT ON, Joey!

Buck AllenBy now, I was one of the last ladies to leave the locker room. As I walked out the door to walk to the field, Trojan Candy saw friend and running back Buck Allen (9/16/2011). FIGHT ON, Buck!

On the field, the ladies were divided into groups. Trojan Candy walked around taking pictures of their practice moves.

Pierson Clair
Then I saw friend and photographer Pierson Clair (9/23/2010). I turned the tables on him and took his picture. Notice the spare lights on his head!
Alex Rios
Friend Alex Rios (8/16/2012) showed his USC spirit in this picture. Alex was helping to run the drills.
Kevin P. Brooks
Another friend, Kevin P. Brooks (8/24/2012) also helped to run a football drill.

Jualeah Woods and Stephanie HongAs Trojan Candy walked around, I made another new friend. Physical therapist Stephanie Hong told me that she and friend Drew Morcos are office mates. Posing with Stephanie is Women of Troy Basketball coach and alumna Jualeah Woods. FIGHT ON, Jualeah!

Bob PadgettStanding on the sideline was another friend, USC Trustee Bob Padgett. We spoke for a little bit.

Trojan Candy left early because I had to volunteer in the evening. As I walked out of the gate, football sophomore safety Leon McQuay III was standing across the street. Leon McQuayNaturally, Trojan Candy walked over to him to take his picture. Leon smiled because he knew that I was going to take his picture. I should have interviewed Leon then, but he was visiting with a friend. Next time. FIGHT ON, Leon!

What an amazing day!