May 2014 (6) Candygrams

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014---The Coaches Tour in Manhattan Beach

Kevon Seymour and Darion ClarkWhen Trojan Candy entered the Manhattan Beach Mariott for the Coaches Tour, there were a few Athletic Department workers setting up. I waited in the lobby and spoke with friend Bob Argast. Then, I went outside to get something from my car. That's when I saw two friends walking toward me. It was Kevon Seymour (8/16/2012) and Darion Clark. Kevon plays Cornerback on the football team and Darion is on the basketball team. They posed for this picture.

Back inside the hotel lobby, Trojan Candy got to work.

Steve Lopes and Steve Sarkisian
I was able to greet Steve Lopes and Steve Sarkisian as they entered the lobby.
Bob Argast and Andy Enfield
Then, I took pictures of Bob Argast with Men's Basketball Coach Andy Enfield.
Steve Sarkisian and Bob Argast
and Steve Sarkisian with Bob Argast.
Gregg Millward, Susan Cimbaluk, and Julian Bonse
Next I saw friends Gregg Millward and Julian Bonse with Susan Cimbaluk.
Sunny Shepherd and Kevon Seymour
Kevon Seymour, who was talking with friend Sunny Shepherd, smiled for two pictures. One with Sunny.
Kevon Seymour and Eileen Ishizue
And another with friend Eileen Ishizue.

Trojan Candy had interviewed Kevon in Heritage Hall in 2012. Now for an update on Kevon. He told me that he will graduate in January 2015. Then he said that he has two sisters. One is twenty eight years old, and the other is just three years old! FIGHT ON, Kevon!

Then, everyone heard them coming.

Spirit of Troy and Song Girls
The Spirit of Troy and the Song Girls marched into the lobby and continued into the banquet room. The guests followed after them.
Mary Jo and Louie Wong
Trojan Candy walked around the room taking pictures of more friends. Mary Jo Wong and her husband Louie sat at a nearby table. Trojan Candy sees Mary Jo and Louie at away USC football games and USC Associate events.
Andy Enfield and Mark Tanimura
At an adjacent table Mark Tanimura posed with Coach Andy Enfield.

The program began with Women's Volleyball Coach Mick Haley and Men's Volleyball Coach Bill Ferguson. Both coaches spoke about last season and about our new recruits. Coach Haley told us that Sophomore Ebony Nwanebu was named to the USA Team. Congrats, Ebony! Coach Ferguson mentioned two new recruits, John Henry Rivera and H.S. Gatorade Hawaii Player of the Year Larry Tuileta. FIGHT ON, USC Women's Volleyball Team! FIGHT ON, USC Men's Volleyball Team!

Kevon Seymour, Darion Clark, and John RobinsonModerator and Coach John Robinson continued the program with Kevon Seymour and Darion Clark on stage. Kevon mentioned that next season our football team defense will play more "man" coverage." He told us that his teammate Josh Shaw is his role model.

Coach Robinson described Darion Clark as a player who will be a "great rebounder." How does Coach Robinson know? He told us that Darion has a seven foot arm span! Darion then stood up and spread his arms!

Andy EnfieldFollowing up on Coach Robinson's prediction, Men's Basketball Coach Andy Enfield spoke next. Coach Enfield said that he has known Darion since he was a sophomore in high school in Georgia. He said that Darion is an excellent student in addition to being a "great rebounder." About our 2014-2015 team, there will be no Seniors on our roster, and there will be seven new players. Coach Enfield spoke a little about three incoming players. Jordan McLaughlin, Malik Price-Martin and Jabari Craig, our new 6'10" center from Canada who has a 7 foot, 4 inch wing span. What an exciting upcoming Men's basketball season! FIGHT ON, USC Men's Basketball!

Steve SarkisianNow it was time for new Football coach Steve Sarkisian to take the stage. Coach Sarkisian proclaimed that we are in the "Belief Building Business!" We will be fast and still keep our "pro style" running game. Coach Sarkisian also spoke briefly about our new recruits who will make us 105 in number! Trojan Candy can't wait for the football season to start!

The program ended with Coach Sarkisian's FIGHT ON!

Kent Hollenbeck
As Trojan Candy left, I saw one lucky winner in the lobby, friend Kent Hollenbeck, who won a basket of beverages. Congrats and FIGHT ON, Kent!

Just another informative, fun evening!