January (1) 2023 Candygrams

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Thursday, January 19, 2023---Women of Troy Tennis vs CSUN

My husband Jim and I arrived at Marks Tennis Stadium near the end of the Women of Troy’s tennis match with Loyola Marymount. This was the first match of a doubleheader.

The Men’s and Women’s Tennis Schedules were posted at the entrance gate.
Trojan Candy took pictures of two of the Women of Troy competitors. Here is Snow Han (1/21/2022) waiting to return the ball.
Here is Eryn Cayetano (1/21/2022) watching for the ball.
Eryn won her match and shook hands with her opponent.
We beat LMU 4-0.
Our team went to rest before their next match.
Now it was time for the Women of Troy’s match versus CSUN. Here is the Doubles lineup.
On Court 1 Snow Han and Naomi Cheong listened to the Referee.
Eryn Cayetano and Madison Sieg played number 2 doubles.
Grace Piper and Nathalie Rodilosso played on Court 3.
Grace served the ball as Nathalie was ready at the net to return the ball.
Then Grace and Nathalie congratulated one another.
On Court 2, Eryn Cayetano played net as Madison Sieg just served.
Then they congratulated one another.
At Center Court Snow Han served and Naomi Cheong was ready at the net.
Snow and Naomi listened to the referee's explanation of a call.
video 0900
[Video] Snow and Naomi won the deciding set for the Doubles match point.
Our women huddled before the Singles competition began.
Here is the Singles lineup.
McKenna Koenig (1/21/2022) was ready on Court 3.
At Center Court was Grace Piper.
Emma Charney competed on Court 2.
Nathalie Rodilosso played on Court 4.
Sloane Morra competed on Court 5.
On Court 6 Isabelle Lee (1/21/2022) was ready to return the serve.

In Singles, here are the results in the order of finishing:
On Court 6 Isabelle Lee defeated Sanz 6-1, 6-2.
On Court 3 McKenna Koenig defeated Zhytelna 6-0, 6-2.
On Court 5 Sloane Morra defeated Solis 6-4, 6-2.
On Court 1 Grace Piper was leading Coetzee 4-6, 6-1, 2-1.
On Court 2 Emma Charney was leading Turchak 6-4, 3-4.
On Court 4 Nathalie Rodilosso was leading Santibanez 7-5, 5-0.

Our Women of Troy defeated CSUN 4-0.

KEEP FIGHTING ON, Women of Troy Tennis!

Sunday, January 15, 2023---Women of Troy Basketball vs Stanford

There was definitely excitement in the Galen Center for today's Women of Troy basketball game.

The opponent this afternoon was the nation's number 2 Stanford Cardinal.
video 0738
[Video] Our team stood in line for the playing of our Star Spangled Banner.
Our Women of Troy Basketball Team huddled after they warmed up.
The Spirit of Troy was “in the House.”
The USC Dance Force waited for the introduction of our team.
video 0752
[Video] Our Women of Troy starters were introduced. Taylor Bigby, Kayla Williams, Destiny Littleton, Rayah Marshall, and Okako Adika.
At the end of the first quarter, our Women of Troy were ahead 11 to 4!
At the end of the second quarter, our Women of Troy were still ahead of the Cardinal!
video 0767
[Video] During the halftime, the USC Song Girls performed.
video 0777video 0779
[Videos] In the third quarter, Kayla Williams made four free throws.
video 0789
[Video] “The Assists of the Game.”
video 0792
[Video] In “The Play of the Game” Kayla Williams made this unbelievable shot at the end of the second quarter!
video 0794
[Video] Our Women of Troy played good defense and made some free throws at the end of the fourth quarter.
video 0799
[Video] Okako Adika made two free throws to make our USC score 52 – 41 over Stanford with just a few seconds left in the game.
video 0807
[Video] WE WON! We upset number 2 Stanford 55 – 47! Enjoy the celebration!

The Women of Troy beat Stanford for the first time since 2014. It was also the first win at home against the Cardinal since 2008.

KEEP FIGHTING ON, Women of Troy Basketball!

Tuesday, January 10, 2023---Meet USC Beach Volleyball Coach Dain Blanton

USC Beach Volleyball Head Coach Dain Blanton was the Guest Speaker today at our Town and Gown meeting. Trojan Candy took videos of his presentation.

video 0623[Video] Coach Blanton told us about his training as an indoor men’s volleyball player at Pepperdine and then as Beach Volleyball athlete. He related how he was able to win his first Olympic Gold Medal at the 2000 Olympic Games with partner Eric Fonoimoana. Then he returned to the 2004 Olympic Games with new partner Jeff Nygaard and won his second gold medal.

Coach spoke about his early experiences as a volunteer coach at USC and his experiences as the Head Coach of the Women of Troy Beach Volleyball Team. Coach Blanton and his team have won two back-to-back NCAA Championships in 2001 and 2002. Congratulations Women of Troy Beach Volleyball!

video 0624video 0625[Videos] Coach Blanton invited two of his players to come to our meeting and talk about their experiences at USC. They were twin Seniors Audrey (in black shirt) and Nicole Nourse. After Audrey and Nicole talked, Coach Blanton opened up the session to questions.

Trojan Candy has been lucky enough to interview both Audrey and Nicole when they were freshmen at USC. Enjoy reading their interviews. KEEP FIGHTING ON, Audrey (2/21/2020) and Nicole (2/21/2020)

It was so nice to see Coach Blanton, Audrey, and Nicole again! I can't wait to watch the team in their quest for another NCAA title!

Candy Yee, Dain Blanton, and Patti PoonAfter the Town and Gown meeting ended, a nice Town and Gown member took a picture of my sister Patti Poon and me posing with Coach Dain Blanton.

What an informative meeting!