December 2022 Candygrams

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Wednesday, December 21, 2022---Women of Troy Basketball vs Saint Mary’s

Our Women of Troy basketball team played another home game at Galen Center against the Saint Mary's Gaels.

video 0586
The introduction of our starting lineup was shown on the Galen Center big screen.
video 0587
Next was the tip-off.
video 0589
Our women ran a nice play to get a basket by #13 Rayah Marshall.
video 0590
During a break in the action, our Trojan Dance Force performed their “Jingle Bell Rock” routine.

Trojan Candy took four videos of #24 Okako Adika and #11 Destiny Littleton shooting free throws.

video 0592
Okako shot and made two free throws.
video 0594
Destiny shot and made two free throws.
video 0595
Okako shot and made one free throw.
video 0596
Destiny shot and made one free throw.
video 0597
In another break, the USC Dance Force performed another routine.
video 0598
My next video shows game highlights. Rayah Marshall and Alyson Miura #25 are featured.
video 0600
Then the “Lyfelaw Play of the Game” was shown. #4 Kayla Williams created the play.
video 0602
Our Women of Troy won by 71–45. My last video shows the handshakes and Spirit of Troy performance.

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Basketball!

Sunday, December 4, 2022---USC Men’s Basketball vs Oregon State

Our USC Men’s Basketball Team played our second Pac-12 game against the Oregon State Beavers tonight. We had already won our first Pac-12 game of the season when we beat Cal up north 66-51.

video 0348
Our Men’s team warmed up while our Dance Force, Song Girls, and Spirit Leaders encouraged them from the endlines.
video 0351
Now it was time for our Star Spangled Banner.
video 0352
Then Head Coach Andy Enfield and Senior Boogie Ellis (4/14/2022) walked to center court. Coach Enfield awarded Boogie with a commemorative basketball to signify Boogie’s scoring of 1000 points. Congratulations, Boogie!

video 0354Our starting lineup came next followed by the tip off.

6073In addition to the basketball action, there was action in the stands! Trojan Candy saw our quarterback Caleb Williams sit in the next section to mine. He was still limping from the injury he suffered in the Utah game. During the next time out, I jumped into action. I walked up and down to where he was sitting and went right up to him and asked, “Can I take your picture?” With a smile, he said, “Yes.” However, when I took his picture, Caleb didn’t smile. We spoke for a little bit. I gave Caleb my card and wished him “Good Luck” with the Heisman Trophy! FIGHT ON, Caleb!

video 0355During the next break in the action, The USC Dance Force performed.

6075During a timeout, Trojan Candy enjoyed talking with my USC Alum friend Justyn Wilson, who sat across from me. Justyn brought his younger son Wade to the game. What a cutie!

At halftime the score was Oregon State 34 – USC 23.

video 0361The USC Song Girls always perform during the half time.

0365Luckily, I had taken Caleb’s picture as soon as I did, because, during halftime, his two teammates and he moved to sit behind the south basket. No one else had easy access to take his picture. However, anyone who walked up to the barricade and called out Caleb’s name, Caleb would turn around and smile for a picture. Lucky me, I got the only close up, smile or not!

Our men played much better in the second half. Here are my pictures and videos of the second half of the game.

Tre White made a free throw.
video 0369
Josh Morgan (4/14/2022) made a free throw.
In addition to Caleb, there was a USC basketball alumnus who was shown on the Galen big screen. He was Isaiah White who graduated in May 2021. Isaiah was with his wife Jazmine and daughter Amari.

Trojan Candy has better pictures of Isaiah and his family.

Here is Isaiah at his 2021 athletic graduation.
Here is Isaiah with his family. Isaiah is playing professional basketball in Slovakia. KEEP FIGHTING ON, Isaiah
video 0376
Boogie Ellis made a free throw.
video 0377
State Farm Assist of the Game from Kobe Johnson (4/14/2022) to Josh Morgan.
video 0379
Lyfelaw Play of the Game was a steal and layup by Kobe Johnson.
video 0380
Caleb and teammates threw t-shirts into the stands.
video 0382
Drew Peterson (4/14/2022) made the second of two free throws.
This was the scoreboard with 2:25 left on the clock.
video 0385
In the next sequence Drew Peterson scored a basket in the paint. Now there is 1:31 left in the game.
video 0386
At 0:53 Kobe Johnson tipped in a rebound to give USC a 59-56 lead.
video 0387
Drew Peterson made an assist to Josh Morgan for another USC basket at 0:17 to increase the lead to 61-56.
video 0389
After OSU made a 3 point shot, Reese Dixon-Waters (4/14/2022) was fouled and made two free throws to increase USC's lead to 63-59.
Oregon State made another 3 point shot to close out the scoring. USC won 63-62.
video 0405
Caleb went to visit and congratulate his USC basketball friends after our victory.

FIGHT ON USC Men’s Basketball!