February (1) 2022 Candygrams

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Friday, February 18, 2022---Women of Troy vs Utah

My friend and fellow USC alumna Eileen Osato, along with fellow USC alumnus Bing Lau and John Okura, arranged for one hundred JAO and SEYO girl basketball team members and their parents to attend tonight’s USC’s Women of Troy game vs Utah. This “Tomodachi Day” was arranged for the girls to see USC’s Alyson Miura play. After the game, Alyson would come out to take pictures with each team.

video 0639
Before the game started, our Women of Troy were introduced on the big screen.
video 0641
Here is the tipoff.
video 0642
Our Trojan Dance Force performed.
video 0643
During halftime, our Spirit Leaders and Song Girls performed.
video 0644
Our Spirit of Troy played “Tusk” for our enjoyment.
video 0658
More about the game now. The “Assists of the Game” was shown on the Galen Center big screen. FIGHT ON Alissa Pili! FIGHT ON, Rayah Marshall! FIGHT On, Jordyn Jenkins!
video 0660
Our Dance Force entertained us again.
video 0661
Next, the “Third Quarter Highlights” were shown on the big screen. FIGHT ON, Jordan Sanders! FIGHT ON, Alyson Miura! FIGHT ON, Alissa Pili! FIGHT ON, Kyra White!
video 0666
In the fourth period, the “Play of the Game” was shown on the Galen Center big screen. What a great length of the court pass by Jordan Sanders and catch by Rayah Marshall! FIGHT ON, Jordan Sanders! FIGHT ON, Rayah Marshall!
video 0667
Our Women of Troy beat Utah 83 to 62. Here is the Women of Troy victory celebration!
video 0668
Our Spirit of Troy, USC Spirit Leaders, USC Song Girls, and USC Dance Force performed for us after the game ended.
Now it was time for Alyson to come take pictures with the teams. The first picture includes organizers Aileen Osato (8/15/2008) and Bing Lau standing at Alyson Miura’s left. John Okura, the third organizer, is not pictured. John’s three daughters are standing in the second row, left to right starting with the girl wearing a light blue jacket. John is Alyson’s dad’s cousin.
Alyson and her parents posed with Aileen's family. From left to right are Alyson's dad Blake, two of Aileen's nieces, Aileen, Alyson's mom Deb, Alyson, Aileen's brother Doug, Aileen's parents Sam and Marion, and Doug's wife Joycelyn.
Alyson posed with Aileen's two nieces (on the right) and three of their teammates.

Aileen, thank you for sending me the last three pictures.

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2022---Congratulations, Robert Woods!

Trojan Candy wants to personally congratulate my friend, Robert Woods, on winning the Super Bowl with his team, the Los Angeles Rams. Even though Robert is still on the injured reserve list, his team included him on their roster. He will receive a Super Bowl ring!

When I was volunteering at Heritage Hall, Trojan Candy met and interviewed Robert when he was a freshman on August 19, 2010. Below is my interview and Robert’s picture.

6163Since the football team had no practice and no workouts today, numerous football players came to the lobby. Seven of them came to the Heritage Hall desk for the first time. As soon as I set up, three new football friends came to the desk together. The first friend, who was wearing a Phillies baseball cap, was Freshman Robert Woods. Robert played for Serra High School in Gardena and grew up in Carson. He is undecided in his major but not in his hobby. Robert loves to play NCAA 2011! Trojan Candy can hardly wait to see his NCAA highlights in 2011. FIGHT ON, Robert!

Trojan Candy was at the USC Athletic Graduation Ceremony on May 12, 2016.when Robert was one of the two speakers. Here is Robert’s advice to his fellow graduates:

9846USC Football Alumnus Robert Woods took the stage next. He told the audience that he came back for three consecutive spring semesters to take classes so that he could finish what he started...to earn his USC degree. Robert said that the real power is Education. Then, he poignantly told us about what he learned from his sister Olivia Woods. Olivia passed away when Robert was fifteen. Her last words to him were, "I thought you were going to model. You have to be a model." Robert said that Olivia wanted him to be a "role model." To be an example and to be a leader. Robert told his fellow graduates, "Every model does not look the same. Be a model every day." Then he asked, "Are you going to model?" FIGHT ON, Robert!

My third picture of Robert was at our men’s basketball NIT game on March 19, 2018. Robert, again smiled for my picture.

5744Trojan Candy attended the USC Men's Basketball N.I.T. game against Western Kentucky at the Galen Center. During the game I saw him sitting in the stands. I recognized my good friend immediately and told my husband that Robert Woods was "in the house."

At the half-time I grabbed my camera and walked down to the courtside seats where Robert had moved to. He was talking with Athletic Director Lynn Swann. Then, during a lull in his conversation with other athletic department members, Trojan Candy yelled out to Robert. He walked over to me with a smile on his face. I asked him if he remembered me. Robert remembered me from Heritage Hall. I interviewed Robert in Heritage Hall when he was a Freshman at USC in 2010. I asked him if he gets back to Gardena to visit. Robert said he should. Next, I asked him to pose for a picture.

Here is my friend Robert Woods.

FIGHT ON, Robert!

My last two pictures of Robert were taken from the ABC telecast of the Super Bowl Championship Celebration on February 16.

He was on the stage after the Super Bowl game.
Robert spoke at the Rams Super Bowl Championship Celebration at the Los Angeles Coliseum. He's holding the Super Bowl trophy with his wife and daughter to his left.



Saturday, February 12, 2022---USC Men of Troy vs the UCLA Bruins

1078My husband Jim and I arrived at the Galen Center Founder's Banquet Room in time to hear Basketball Head Coach Andy Enfield speak prior to the game with crosstown rival UCLA. As he waited to speak, Coach Enfield saw me walk up to the podium with my camera, so he posed for me. Thank you, Coach Andy! At the podium, Coach Enfield spoke about the Arizona and Pacific games. He told us what to expect from the Bruins and that Isaiah Mobley would not be playing for us because of a concussion protocol. Then he answered some questions from the audience.

When Jim and I arrived at our seats, the Galen Center was roaring. The USC students filled all the seats at the north end and several sections upstairs. We were told that some students stood in line outside the Galen Center since 8:00 am this morning. The line had encircled the Galen Center.

I had to take this picture of the students as the team was warming up.
video 0493
On the sidelines were the Spirit Leaders, Song Girls, and Dance Force shown in this video.
video 0502
Now, it was time to introduce our team.
video 0509
Here is a video of the tip-off until Chevez Goodwin scored the first USC basket.
video 0523
During a break in the action, USC’s newly elected to the NFL Hall of Fame Tony Boselli was introduced.
video 0524
Next, Tony walked to the north side of the Galen Center floor and met with teammate Anthony Munoz. Near the end, he sees and hugs Matt Barkley (1/23/2009).
As Tony and his family walked off the court, Trojan Candy went down the steps and followed him into the tunnel. Tony posed for me.
Then he posed for a picture with his USC teammate Jeremy Hogue.
Next, Tony walked back into the arena and saw a friend. He gave recently retired USC SID Tim Tessalone a big hug. Then I tapped Tim on his shoulder and showed him my camera. Tony and Tim posed for this picture.
A few minutes later, my two grandsons, Kane and Zane, got Tony’s autograph. Thank you, Tony, and FIGHT ON!

1098During halftime, Trojan Candy walked to the north entrance looking for my friend Matt Barkley, but his seat was empty. Then I saw USC Basketball Alumnus Nick Young walk in from the north tunnel with his son. My friend Craig Kelley was walking Nick to courtside seats near the south basket. Naturally, Trojan Candy walked as quickly as I could to the basket. I waved to Nick and he came over to say, “Hi” and pose for this picture with his son.

I told Nick that my two grandsons were going to come get his autograph. Nick just smiled at me.

In a few minutes, Zane and Kane came. Thanks, Nick and KEEP FIGHTING ON!
video 5370
My daughter Kelly recorded this video of Anthony Munoz signing for Kane.
Jim’s brother Ronnie came to visit us. From left to right were my husband Jim, two grandsons Zane and Kane, Ronnie who is a Bruin, my daughter Kelly and her husband Gen. In front of us are friends Barbara and Hal Keimi.

The second half began.

video 0531
Early in the second half, Chevez Goodwin went 2 for 2 in free throws.
video 0535
Reese Dixon-Waters hit his free throw with 9:14 left in the game.
video 0538
The big screen showed Anthony Munoz.
video 0546
Drew Peterson made two free throws.
video 0553
The “Play of the Game” was Ethan Anderson (11/9/2019) scoring on an assist from Max Agbonkpolo (11/9/2019).
video 0560
Chevez Goodwin made two more free throws.
video 0577
An odd call happened at the end of the game. With 30 seconds left, a referee called a technical foul on Max Agbonkpolo for hanging on the rim when he missed his dunk. Why?

Luckily, our turnover at the end of the game didn’t let the Bruins tie up the game. We won 67 to 64!

video 0593
The game ended, and the students stormed the court.
video 0598
Luckily, Trojan Candy was able to record some of Drew Peterson’s KABC radio postgame interview. I stood right at the desk when the interview started.
video 0599
Unfortunately, I was asked to move, so I finished Drew’s interview at a “busy” distance.
After recording Drew’s interview, as Jim and I were leaving, I stopped to talk to Isaiah Mobley (11/9/2019). He told me that he will be able to play in our next Pac-12 Conference game against Washington. Trojan Candy told him to ”Take care!”
In the Galen Center lobby, I saw two friends.

What an exciting night! It's always great to beat the Bruins!

FIGHT ON, USC Men’s Basketball!