May (5), June, and July 2020 Candygrams

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Thursday, July 30, 2020---Rowing Zoom Call with Coach Adam

Trojan Athletic Fund Director of Development Joseph Aguirre had invited Rowing Alumnae and generous supporters to the "Rowing Zoom Call with Coach Adam" this afternoon. He welcomed everyone to the Zoom meeting.

Hatcher ParnellNext, Operations and Game Management Associate Athletic Director Hatcher Parnell told us that USC is in the "Second Phase" of opening. The "Third Phase" is returning to normal. Director Parnell said how impressed he was when he interviewed the soon-to-be Women of Troy Head Coach Josh Adam. Then Hatcher introduced Coach Josh Adam.

Josh AdamCoach Adam spoke of his "Core Convictions" that he conveys to his team. Some of the "Convictions" were as follows: "No one is perfect; Try something different; Be compassionate with yourselves; Have integrity and be the person you tell us you're going to be and You can't do better than your best." Nice words of wisdom, Coach!

Sophia BogertNext, Coach Adam introduced sophomore rower Sophia Bogert who is training at home in Miami, Florida. Sophia said that her parents have a gym in the garage, but that the Miami heat right now is "unbearable!" Sophia was awarded an academic scholarship to USC and is in the "thematic option." As a freshman last year, Sophia lived in the Village and studied with the team for eight hours a day and luckily had a math tutor. This summer she is attending summer classes at her local community college. What a devoted student! Coach Adam asked Sophia what her personal goals are for her sophomore year. Sophia said she wants to be more in a leadership position and that the team will get better together. FIGHT ON, Sophia!

Chloe BrewThe next speaker was rowing alumna Chloe Brew. Chloe, who majored in Sociology and graduated in May 2019, was at home in Plymouth, United Kingdom. She rowed on the Varsity 8+ and was named to the CRCA Pocock All-American second team on June 28, 2019. Chloe "touched" Coach Adam's heart when she told him, "Her Senior year last year was her best year." Then she wowed all of the Zoom meeting participants when she told us that she will be a member of Great Britain's Rowing Team in the 2021 Summer Olympics in Japan! FIGHT ON, Chloe!

Radka NovotnikovaThe last Zoom meeting speaker was rowing alumna Radka Novotnikova. Radka, like Chloe, was at home with her family in Brno, Czech Republic. She majored in Communication and rowed with the Varsity 8+. Radka said that UCLA wanted her first. Thank goodness she became a Trojan! Radka earned many rowing honors at USC. She was named a 2018 CRCA All-American...selected to the CRCA Pac-12 All-Conference Team...named to the Pac-12 Women's Rowing All-Conference Team and was selected as CRCA National Scholar-Athlete. What an outstanding athlete! More personally, Radka told Coach Adam that, "She grew as a person, learned a lot and set her goals much higher at USC. Choosing USC is one of my best decisions in my life!" Even more remarkable, Radka told everyone that she will be a member of the Czech Republic's Rowing Team in the 2021 Summer Olympics in Japan! FIGHT ON, Radka!

The Rowing Zoom meeting ended with some questions and suggestions. Thank you, Coach Adam for inviting Trojan Candy to such a heart-warming, informative Women of Troy Rowing Zoom meeting! Good luck in the upcoming 2020-2021 season!

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Rowing!

June 21, 2020---My Tribute to Trojan Max Tuerk

Trojan Candy was shocked and saddened to hear about USC Football Alumnus Max Tuerk's passing.

Max Tuerk and Kyle Negrete
I was so lucky to meet Max when he was a sophomore at USC. My good friend Kyle Negrete introduced us at a Women of Troy Volleyball match on September 19, 2012. Our Women of Troy beat the Lady Bruins 3-1!
Val, Max, Natalie and Greg Tuerk
Trojan Candy met Max's family when they attended the USC Football banquet on December 13, 2013. In my picture are his mom Val, Max, his sister Natalie and his dad Greg. My heartfelt condolences go out to Max's family.
Cody Kessler, Delvon Simmons and Max Tuerk
At a Men's Volleyball match on March 28, 2015, Trojan Candy visited with Cody Kessler, Delvon Simmons and Max. Our men beat the Bruins in an exciting fifth set!
Max Tuerk
On my way to the June 16, 2015 "Football Camp for Ladies" Trojan Candy spoke with Max for a little while. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to interview Max, because I was late to the event.
Max Tuerk, Kane and Zane
My grandsons Zane and Kane got Max's autograph at the August 22, 2015 Salute to Troy, and Trojan Candy got a quick two minute interview of him. Click here to read the interview.
Max Tuerk
Here is Senior Max at the December 13th 2015 Football Awards Banquet. Trojan Candy congratulated Max and took this picture of him.

I am so glad to have known you, Max. You are a true Trojan. FIGHT ON, FOREVER, Max!

Wednesday, June 17, 2020---Coach Andy Enfield's Zoom Meeting

Trojan Candy and my husband Jim were able to be a part of USC Men's Basketball Coach Andy Enfield's Zoom meeting today. There were almost 50 season ticket holders in attendance. Trojan Candy saw several friends on the screen. Athletic Director Mike Bohn welcomed all of us to the Zoom meeting. He said that he loves basketball and that he wants to increase the student attendance to the games.

Zoom captureThen, the USC Men's Basketball Head Coach Andy Enfield spoke next. Coach Enfield honored ten players on the 2019-2020 team. He said that ten of his players achieved GPA’s of 3.0 or better. What an achievement!

0311Next Coach Enfield told us that his favorite game of the 2019-2020 season was the March 7th UCLA game, which turned out to be our last game because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Coach said that with the Galen Center being full and loud, it made it a lot better for the team. The team loves all the cheering! Then Coach Enfield described Jonah Mathew's final shot. He said, "Jonah pretended that he was going to drive to the basket, but then he stopped and stepped back to get open." Jonah sunk a three point shot to win the game! Here is my video of Jonah's winning shot.

0812Needless to say, Jonah was beyond happy!

Next Coach Enfield spoke about the seven new players who have joined our team for the 2020-2021 season. He told us that transfer forward Joshua Morgan, who is extremely fast, and transfer guard Drew Peterson, who is a big, good 6'8" guard, will have to sit out next season. There are two graduate forwards who can play in 2020. They are Chevez Goodwin, who will give us tremendous depth in the front line and Isaiah White. Coach Enfield told us that Isaiah, who just got married, is a good rebounder. Transfer graduate guard Tahj Eaddy is a combo-guard who can handle and shoot the ball well. Then Coach Enfield spoke about our two freshman players. He said that freshman Boubacar Coulibaly is "very athletic." As for freshman Evan Mobley, Coach said that he was the Gatorade Player of the Year in his H.S. Senior year. He has great anticipation, is a good position defender and is very tough."

Coach Enfield said that we will have four returning players on next year's team. They are Ethan Anderson (11/9/2019),
Max Agbonkpolo (11/7/2019),
Isaiah Mobley (11/7/2019),
and Noah Baumann (on the left).

Looks like we'll have an exciting, winning 2020-2021 season.

Zoom captureNow, it was time for Coach Enfield to introduce our point guard Ethan Anderson, who had been waiting patiently on the Zoom screen. Since Trojan Candy had already interviewed Ethan, I was so anxious to hear him speak. Ethan said for next season as a sophomore, he wants to be a threat from everywhere on the court. He wants to guard the best guard on the other team. In the off season, Ethan said that he is going to work on conditioning and on his three-point shooting. Ethan thanked everyone at the Zoom meeting for knowing him and supporting him last season. Then, he asked us to keep coming to all of next season's games. Jim and Trojan Candy intend to do just that. FIGHT ON, Ethan!

Thank you Coach Enfield and Ethan for such an informative Zoom meeting!

FIGHT ON, USC Men’s Basketball!

Friday, May 22, 2020---Trojan Huddle: Friday Night with USC Football

USC offered a virtual Trojan Huddle with Coach Clay Helton for which I was able to attend. Jordan Moore and Shaun Cody co-hosted the Zoom webinar. They spoke with Head Coach Clay Helton first. Coach Helton said that the team is “self driven.”

Then he listed three “Offensive Contributors” for the 2020 USC Football Team. Unfortunately, I wrote down only two names. They were Joshua Jackson, Jr. and Bru McCoy. The third might have been Gary Bryant, Jr.

Bru McCoy is #14
Joshua Jackson and Gary Bryant, Jr (3/4/2020)

Then Coach Helton listed three “Defensive Contributors” for the 2020 Team. They were Jay Tufele, Talanoa Hufanga and Greg Johnson.

Jay Tufele and Coach Helton
Talanoa Hufanga (3/4/2020)
Greg Johnson is #9.

Next, Coach Helton went off-line.

Then, two Offensive Coaches, Michael Jinks and Graham Harrell, appeared along with quarterback Kedon Slovis and receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown.

zoom capture
Here is the Zoom screen capture.

Today is Coach Graham Harrell’s birthday. He said that he is 35! (A youngster!) He spoke of his "special" players, self-discipline and "special" people. Coach Harrell also bragged about his four receivers who each had 100 yards in receptions against the bruins.

Running Backs Coach Michael Jinks said, “Ends, but begins up front” as a comment to Shaun Cody.

Kedon Slovis (on left) said that he is trying to keep in touch with the entire team. He calls and texts them just about every day.
Then Amon Ra St. Brown (12/12/2018) said that he has been so busy this summer with summer school, every day meetings and workouts.

The last section of the program was about Defense. Coaches Donte Williams and Todd Orlando were joined by safety Talanoa Hufanga and cornerback Chris Steele.

zoom capture
Here is the Zoom screen capture.

Coach Williams said that he is teaching "Football 101" to his players. He encourages his players "to pursue excellence everyday." He also said that there is a "Family atmosphere" in the team.

Coach Orlando said that "the team is very experienced and very professional."

4043#8 Chris Steele said that he has gained 13 pounds (in muscle?) this summer. He, like Kedon Slovis, is communicating everyday with other team members.

Lastly, Talanoa Hufanga said that he is recovering from surgery that he had after the season ended. He is also busy with summer school, working out daily and football meetings.

Thanks Coach Helton for setting up this informative meeting about our upcoming 2020 USC Football Team.

FIGHT ON, USC Football!