December 2018 (3) Candygrams

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Sunday, December 30, 2018---Seeing a Good Friend Again

Kristen SimonDuring the half-time of the Women of Troy basketball game vs the Lady Bruins, Trojan Candy went down to the courtside to see good friend and USC Women's Basketball alumna Kristen Simon. I finally could interview Kristen! She was glad to see me and obliged to my interview.

Kristen told me that she is playing professionally now in Battipaglia, Italy. Battipaglia is forty miles out of Naples. She said that it is very strenuous to play professionally....she has two hard practices a day. Kristen said that she is "beginning to speak a little Italian." Kristen's favorite food is, coincidentally, pasta. Her hobbies are writing, relaxing and hanging out with friends. Kristen likes all types of music. Her favorite movie is "The Notebook." It was so nice to visit with Kristen. She told me that she is leaving for Italy on Tuesday, January 1st.

Elijah Jimenez, Kristen Simon and Zander JimenezHappy New Year, Kristen, and keep Fighting On!

Right after I took Kristen's individual picture for my interview, two children walked up to her to visit. Trojan Candy took their picture. They were Elijah and Zander Jimenez, current player Minyon Moore's cousins.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018---USC Football Awards Banquet-Part 2

Porter GustinAt the end of the Football Awards Banquet, Trojan Candy was standing almost next to Porter Gustin. Why? I was determined to interview him. And I did!

My first question was, "What are your hobbies?" Porter said that he likes to lift, hunt and fish." His favorite food is chicken breast. As for music, Porter likes all kinds of music. Porter's favorite movie is "Saving Private Ryan." Trojan Candy was lucky to interview Porter, because he was completely surrounded by a hoard of fans just as I told him, "Thank you." FIGHT ON, Porter!

Noelle, Reid and Tony Budrovich
Next, I saw a very familiar face. It was Reid Budrovich (8/22/2015) with his mom Noelle and his dad Tony. Reid told me that he just had an operation yesterday. Get better soon, Reid!
Grant Nichol and Karen and Mark Tanimura
Trojan Candy saw some good friends whom I see everywhere. They were Grant Nichol and Karen and Mark Tanimura.
Michael Pittman Jr and Jacob Willemsen
Close by, I saw "little" Jacob Willemsen, who sat at Trojan Candy's table earlier. His family was taking pictures of Jacob with friend Michael Pittman (2/3/2016). Naturally, I took their picture.
Chris Brown
Chris Brown posed for me with his John Dye Award for the Offensive Lineman of the Year trophy. Congratulations, Chris!
Isaiah Langley and Denise Kwok
Trojan Candy saw Isaiah Langley and Denise Kwok next.
Alijah Vera-Tucker, Brett Neilon, Austin Jackson and Erik Krommenhoek
As Trojan Candy walked near the beautiful Christmas tree, I saw some familiar faces. Three of them were the sophomore football players whom I just interviewed earlier in the evening. They were Alijah Vera-Tucker (12/12/2018), Brett Neilon, Austin Jackson (12/12/2018) and Erik Krommenhoek (12/12/2018).
Patti Poon, Cameron Smith and Dudley Poon
Cameron Smith (12/13/2017) posed with my sister Patti and brother-in-law Dudley Poon.
Trojan Candy and Cameron Smith
Trojan Candy was finally able to get a picture with MVP Cameron Smith.
Cameron Smith and Linda Hayashida
Then, Cameron posed with my banquet tablemate Linda Hayashida.
Jake Olson and Damon and Mary Johnson
Trojan Candy finally took a nice picture of Jake Olson (2/4/2015) with his teammate Damon Johnson (2/1/2017) and Damon's mom Mary.
Jordan Austin and Toa Lobendahn
As Trojan Candy was leaving, I saw two good friends at the stairs. They were Jordan Austin and Toa Lobendahn (12/13/2017).

With that, Trojan Candy says, "Good night!"