September 2018 (4) Candygrams

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Friday, September 21, 2018---USC vs WSU Football Game

Tonight was our opening conference football game against the Washington State Cougars.

Honor Guards
Before the game started, the Armed Services Honor Guards stood at attention.
USC Football team
Our Trojan Football Team left their locker room. They were led out of the tunnel by USC Alumni quarterback Mark Sanchez (4/4/2008) and center Kristofer O'Dowd (9/3/2009).
Now it was time for the game to start. Here was the countdown.

NCAA Championship Women's Water Polo teamDuring the game, the Women of Troy 2018 NCAA National Championship Water Polo Team was introduced on the big screen.

Kaylee BrownsbergThen, to my surprise, one of the Women of Troy Water Polo Champions and her mother came down our row and sat next to us. Naturally, Trojan Candy decided to interview her during the halftime. Kaylee Brownsberg, who plays the 2 Meter position, is a Junior. She's majoring in Health and Human Science with a minor in Nutrition. She started playing water polo in the seventh grade. Being such a great swimmer, Kaylee has worked as a Life Guard. For hobbies, Kaylee told me that water polo is her hobby. She also likes to go to the beach. Her favorite food is Mongolian Barbecue. Kaylee's favorite movie is "The Blind Side," and her favorite television show is "Friends." As for music, Kaylee loves any dance music, because she likes to dance with her friends. Lastly, Kaylee comes from a fourth generation Trojan Family! Her parents, Scott and Lindy Brownsberg, both attended USC, and her dad Scott played tennis at USC in 1985-1988. What a Trojan Heritage! FIGHT ON, Kaylee!

NCAA Championship Swimmers
In the second half, USC NCAA National Championship Swimmers were introduced. Carsten Vissering and Dylan Carter of the Men's 200 Medley Relay Team Champions were introduced. Then Louise Hansson, who won the 100 yard Butterfly National Championship in the fastest USC time ever, was featured.
Tyler Vaughns touchdown
Trojan Candy was able to take videos of two touchdowns that were scored at my end of the field. Tyler Vaughns (6/6/2018) scored his touchdown in the second quarter.
Vavae Malepeai touchdown
Vavae Malepeai (1/29/2017) scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter. A two-point conversion put us ahead 39-36.

We won!We won with a blocked field goal!

FIGHT ON, USC Football!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018---USC vs. UCLA Women's Volleyball

Jim and I arrived at Galen Center for the crosstown rivalry women's volleyball match with the UCLA Bruins.

Our Women of Troy Volleyball Team warmed up before their match with the Bruins.
Star Spangled Banner
Then they stood for our Star Spangled Banner.
Now it was time to introduce the starting lineups. The Bruins were first.
The Women of Troy 2018 Volleyball Team starters were introduced.
First point
Our team huddled and then scored the first point.
Their next huddle was with their new coach Brent Crouch.

We won the first set 25-21.

The second set was a blowout for our women. We won 25-8. Eight was the fewest a UCLA squad has scored in a single set against USC since the rally-scoring era began in 2001.
Celebrate 3-0
The third set was closer, but our women prevailed and won 29-27. We swept the Bruins 3-0! Let's celebrate!

FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Volleyball!

Saturday, September 15, 2018---USC vs. Texas

Finally, it's game day. Time for some FOOTBALL! Patti, Dudley, Jim and I started with the USC Associates tailgate.

AT&T Conference Center
It was held at the AT&T Conference Center on the University of Texas at Austin campus. Thank goodness it was air conditioned inside!
Matt DeGrushe
As we walked to our table, we saw good friend Matt DeGrushe. It was close to his birthday, so we gave him a birthday gift.
Gary and Carol Gasper and Meg and Robert Arnold
Trojan Candy walked around the room, looking for friends. I met four guests and took their picture. They were Trojans Gary and Carol Gasper. Their two friends were Meg and Robert Arnold, who were rooting for Texas.
Rachel and Ron Beal
Back at our table, Trojan Candy took a picture of friend Rachel Beal and her husband Ron.

We heard the Spirit of Troy coming, so I ran to the opposite side of the room where they entered. It was so hard to take a good video there, so I walked behind all of the tables and tried to take a better video at the other door.

Marciano, Richard and Rebecca Flores
There I saw good friends, Marciano, Richard and Rebecca Flores.
Song Girls, Silks and Pep Band
I sat down by them and took this video of the Song Girls, Silks and Pep Band.
Spirit of Troy
As the band was leaving, I took this video.
Rex and Sandy Johnston
Trojan Candy saw Rex and Sandy Johnston, who were chaperoning the band.
Joe and Carrie Wells and Scott Jacobson
After the band left, I walked back into the dining area and saw friend Scott Jacobson. He introduced me to two Trojans, Joe and Carrie Wells.
Mark and Karen Tanimura and Matt DeGrushe
Nearby, were friends Mark and Karen Tanimura with Matt DeGrushe.
Pat and Karen Gallagher
Back in the dining area, Education Dean Karen Gallagher and her husband Pat arrived at their table.
Caulin Creasia; Dean Karen and Pat Gallagher;  C.C. and Cathy Creasia; Rachel Beal; Craig, C.J., and C.R. Roberts; and Matt Degrushe
Then, the C.R. Robert's family all came at once. Here were Caulin Creasia; Dean Karen and Pat Gallagher; C.C. and Cathy Creasia; Rachel Beal; Craig, C.J., and C.R. Roberts; and Matt Degrushe.
Walt Greene, Jim Yee, and Patti and Dudley Poon
Now it was getting close to game time. As we walked to our seats, it was so humid. It felt like we were in a sauna. Trojan Candy took this picture of friend Walt Greene with my husband Jim and Patti and Dudley Poon.
Longhorn formation
In the pre-game show, the Texas Longhorn band formed the longhorn.
Heart of Texas
The Texas Longhorn band also formed the Heart of Texas.
First touchdown
Trojan Candy was able to take two videos of our two touchdowns against Texas. Here is the first one. 3091
Second touchdown
Here is our second touchdown.
C.R. Roberts
At halftime, Trojan C.R. Roberts was featured.
C.R. Roberts
I took two videos honoring him. Here is the first one.
C.R. Roberts
Here is the second video honoring C.R. Roberts. 3095

That's all Trojan Candy is going to write about the game.