October 2018 (2) Candygrams

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Saturday, October 27, 2018---USC Water Polo Alumni Matches

On the morning of the USC-Arizona State football game, Trojan Candy went to catch some of the Water Polo Alumni Matches.

Uytengsu Aquatic Center
At the Uytengsu Aquatic Center, I hoped to see my USC Alumnus Water Polo Friend Mace Rapsey (4/8/2011).
Water polo alumnae
I took three pictures of the women Alumnae playing a match.
Water polo alumnae
Water polo alumnae.
Water polo alumnae
Water polo alumnae.
Water polo alumni
Then I took these pictures of the men Alumni warming up.
Water polo alumni
Water polo alumni.
Water polo alumni
Water polo alumni.
Water polo alumni
Water polo alumni.
Water polo alumni
Water polo alumni.
Water polo alumni
Water polo alumni.
Water polo alumni
Water polo alumni.

Unfortunately, Mace had not arrived yet, and I had to leave for the USC-Arizona State football game. Hopefully, Trojan Candy will see him soon.

Friday, October 26, 2018---USC Water Polo Fund Raiser at the Terranea Resort

USC Sports Information friend Darcy Couch invited my sister and brother-in-law Patti and Dudley Poon, Jim and me to come to the USC Water Polo Fund Raiser at the Terranea Resort. We gladly accepted her invitation. And it was worth it!

Terranea Resort
A short walk from our car was the Terranea Resort.
Here is the entrance to the Terranea Resort.
View from balcony
Upon entering, Jim and I walked through the lobby and out to the balcony. What a beautiful location for the Water Polo fundraiser.
Jovan Vavic
Look inside the USC tent to see Coach Jovan Vavic just "chilling" in a poker game!
Jim Yee
From the balcony, Jim and I walked back into the lobby to tour the facility. What lovely flowers!
Reception area
After we toured the entire facility, we walked downstairs to the "Happy Hour" reception area.
This backdrop caught Trojan Candy's eye. Indeed, we have had "Twenty Years of Trojan Triumph!"
2018 NCAA Women Water Polo Champions
Look closer at the poster, and you will see our 2018 NCAA Women Water Polo Champions! Check out my blog on the Semifinals and Finals (5/13/2008). FIGHT ON, USC Women's Water Polo!

Monica Vavic and Rusty RenteriaJim and I got some hors d'oevres and sat at a table on the grass. Two young people were at a nearby table. Then I heard the young lady say, "You're the picture lady." I smiled and said, "Yes, I am Trojan Candy." She introduced herself as Monica. Then, I knew she was Monica Vavic. Monica introduced Rusty Renteria to Jim and me and told us that Rusty won a NCAA title against Pacific up at Stanford in 2013. Trojan Candy's entire family had gone to see the NCAA Championship matches that weekend. Check out my two blogs about USC's championship matches---Semi-finals (12/7/2013) and Finals (12/8/2013). FIGHT ON, Monica! FIGHT ON, Rusty! FIGHT ON, USC Men's Water Polo!

Carly Souza and Brooke PrestenI spotted two young ladies and some USC men water polo players sitting at another table. I went over to take their pictures but didn't have time to interview any of them. Junior Carly Souza, a USC Diver, and Senior Brooke Presten, a USC Women's Water Polo Driver, both posed for me.

Corey Allan, Orestis Apergi, James Kolenda, Marko Vavic and Sawyer Rhodes
There were current men players who smiled for a picture. Sitting together at a table were Freshmen Corey Allan, Orestis Apergi, and James Kolenda and Sophomores Marko Vavic and Sawyer Rhodes.
Paul Matt, Orestis Apergi and Jacob Mercep
Three players posed for Trojan Candy. They were Freshmen Paul Matt and Orestis Apergi (again) and Sophomore Jacob Mercep.
Darcy Couch and Patti Poon
My sister Patti and brother-in-law Dudley Poon finally arrived. So did good friend Darcy Couch. Darcy and Patti smiled for me.
Jim and I walked into the dining room and found an excellent table where I could take my pictures. Here is the podium with two great signs.
Our table
Our table was beautifully decorated by Lisa Vavic.
Trojan Candy and Bruce Furniss
We walked outside and viewed the silent auction items. That is where Trojan Candy saw USC Olympic Gold Medal swimmer Bruce Furniss (2/21/2014). I was honored to pose with him in this picture that Jim took. FIGHT ON, Bruce!
Mary and Chris Farley
Jim met two new friends. They were Mary and Chris Farley. Their son Mason, who plays at the 2M position, is red-shirting this year.
Ryan Cook and Jovan Vavic
Then Trojan Candy saw two men taking pictures of one another posing with Coach Vavic with their cell phones. Since I had my camera with my excellent flash, I offered to take their pictures. Here is Ryan Cook with Coach Vavic.
Jovan Vavic and Rod Diefendorf
Coach Vavic posed with Rod Diefendorf.
As soon as the Silent Auction was concluded, the guests went into the dining room for dinner. Master of Ceremonies and the Auctioneer Jeff welcomed everyone.
Jovan Vavic
Next, it was Coach Jovan Vavic's turn to welcome everyone in this video.
Steve Mack, Steve Luchetta and Patti Poon
Sitting at our table were two Steves. Steve Mack and Steve Luchetta posed with Patti.
Stefan and Jovan Vavic
Now, Trojan Candy decided to walk around and take some pictures. I found Coach Vavic with his youngest son Stefan. Stefan is a Senior at Loyola H.S. and will play water polo next year at SC. Throughout the evening I looked for Coach Vavic's wife Lisa but could never find her.
James Kolenda
At times, Live Auction Donors would step up to the podium. James Kolenda came up to describe his family's donation of a Sydney Harbor Cruise with lunch or dinner for ten.
Maud Megens
Maud Megens held up a USC needlepoint pillow handmade by Barbara (Grandma Gogo) Heublein that was bid on.

George CsaszarTrojan Candy decided to take a picture of the 1998 USC Men's Water Polo Team member who had come the furthest to attend tonight's function. He was sitting at the table next to ours. George Csaszar traveled all the way from Hungary to join his 1998 teammates who won USC's first NCAA Men's Water Polo Championship twenty years ago.

Maud Megens and Carly Souza
Meanwhile, the live auction was continuing. Maud Megens and Carly Souza held up an original handmade USC Water Polo T-shirt Blanket that was donated by Jovan and Lisa Vavic.
John Williams and George Csaszar
The Live Auction was finishing up. Trojan Candy walked around to take more pictures and to perhaps find Lisa Vavic. I took a picture of Coach John Williams and George Csaszar.
1998 NCAA Champion USC Men's Water Polo Team
Next, Trojan Candy took a picture of the entire 1998 NCAA Champion USC Men's Water Polo Team who came to their 20th Reunion. They posed with their Coach John Williams.
1998 NCAA Champions
Then, the 1998 Team posed with Coach Vavic also.
1998 NCAA Champions
The team huddled with both coaches. Jim took this video.
1998 NCAA Champions
And I took this picture.

Lisa VavicTrojan Candy finally found Lisa Vavic. She was working outside where Jim and I claimed our auction item. Indeed, Lisa was the hardest worker of all!

What a memorable night.

FIGHT ON, USC Water Polo!