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Saturday, May 19, 2018---2018 USC Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Part 2

Once inside the Galen Center dining area, where the USC Hall of Fame (HOF) Induction Ceremony would be held, Trojan Candy found my table rather quickly.

Table 34
The table was decorated beautifully. The appetizers looked so delicious. But, no time to eat yet. Trojan Candy had pictures to take.
Mark Trakh and his wife
I saw Women's Basketball Coach Mark Trakh and his wife first.
Chris and Carol Fox
TGLA friend Carol Fox and her son Chris smiled for me.
Keidane McAlpine and Patrick Auerbach
Next, Trojan Candy saw Women Soccer Coach Keidane McAlpine and Associate Sr. V.P. for Alumni Relations Patrick Auerbach.
Mark Trakh's wife and Donna Heinel
Nearby was Senior Associate Athletic Director Donna Heinel who posed with Mark Trakh's wife.
Dudley and Patti Poon, Cheryl and Elliott Schwartz, Carl Neufeld, and Dorian and Javier Villasenor
Trojan Candy finally made it back to my table. The guests sitting at my table were Dudley and Patti Poon and Cheryl and Elliott Schwartz. Standing were Carl Neufeld (a former USC Tennis Assistant Coach) and Dorian and Javier Villasenor.

Carl Neufeld and Wayne BlackWayne Black came to visit with one of his coaches, Carl Neufeld. Carl is the current SMU Men's Tennis Head Coach. He flew to L.A. to see Wayne inducted, and he has to fly back to SMU. His team is still in the NCAA's.

We ate the appetizers as the 2018 HOF Inductees were introduced. Trojan Candy managed to eat some appetizers and then some dinner. All the time I was taking videos of the 2018 HOF Inductees whom I either knew before, saw them play or met yesterday at the Inaugural Plaque Ceremony. I tried to take two videos of each inductee. The first video shows the inductee's career highlights and the second video shows his/her acceptance speech. I was unable to get both videos of Kim Clark Jennings, Wayne Black and Barry Zito.

Here are ten 2018 HOF Inductees.

Kim Clark Jennings
Kim Clark Jennings made her acceptance speech. She competed in both soccer and basketball. Trojan Candy saw her and her twin sister Kristen Clark play basketball.
Wayne Black
Wayne Black's acceptance speech.
Ous Mellouli
Ous Mellouli's swimming career highlights.
Ous Mellouli
Ous Mellouli's speech.
Sam Clancy
Sam Clancy's accomplishments in Men's basketball.
Sam Clancy
Sam Clancy's pre-recorded acceptance speech.
Chris Claiborne
Highlights of Chris Claiborne's football career.
Chris Claiborne made his acceptance speech.
April Ross
April Ross's (1/12/2013) accomplishments in Beach Volleyball.
April Ross
April Ross's speech.
Charlie Weaver
Charlie Weaver's football career highlights as part of the "Wild Bunch."
Charlie Weaver
Charlie Weaver's acceptance speech.
Tim Tessalone
Highlights during Tim Tessalone's career in Sports Information.
Tim Tessalone
Tim Tessalone delivered his acceptance speech.
Barry Zito
Barry Zito's Baseball accomplishments and speech.
Troy Polamalu
Troy Polamalu's football career highlights.
Troy Polamalu
Troy Polamalu made an inspiring speech.
TGLA members and friends
During a short recess, friend Sandy Johnston came to get Patti, Cheryl and me and take us to her table for a picture of TGLA members.
Sandy and Rex Johnston
Then, I took a picture of Sandy with Rex.
Sandy Johnston, Ron Mix, Rex Johnston, Elliott Schwartz, Cathy Creasia, and C.R. Roberts
Friends joined Sandy and Rex in this next picture. Standing were Sandy Johnston, 1997 HOF member Ron Mix, Rex Johnston, Elliott Schwartz; Seated were Cathy Creasia and her father 2007 HOF member C.R. Roberts.
Sandy Johnston, Keary Colbert, and Lenny Vandermade
Several guests posed for this picture. Trojan Candy only recognizes a few of them. Two men stood with Sandy Johnston. Keary Colbert and Lenny Vandermade (6/24/2010) sat in the front row with a guest.
2018 HOF Inductees
All of the 2018 HOF Inductees joined the Spirit of Troy on the stage for our "Fight On" song.
2018 HOF Inductees
Trojan Candy made it to the stage. The 2018 HOF Inductees gathered there for a group picture. Friend Pierson Clair stood on a ladder to take his picture so all of the Inductees looked up at him.
2018 HOF Inductees and Lynn Swann
Then A.D. Lynn Swann joined the 2018 HOF Inductees.

Chris Clairborne and Javier VillasenorMy last picture of the evening was of Chris Clairborne and his friend and my tablemate Javier Villasenor.

What an action packed memorable evening.

Congratulations and FIGHT ON to all of the 2018 HOF Inductees!