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Saturday, May 19, 2018---2018 USC Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Part 1

Barry Zito2018 Hall of Fame Inductee Barry Zito started his day off at Dedeaux Field where he threw out the opening pitch.

Barry Zito and Mark MalconianBarry signed many autographs for the fans, and then he had to leave the game early to get ready for the USC Hall of Fame (HOF) Induction Ceremony at the Galen Center. Trojan Candy told friend Mark Malconian that Barry was leaving. Mark opened up a Barry Zito Bobble head, that was passed out to the fans as they entered the stadium, and ran out of the gate to find Barry. I was able to take a picture of Barry and Mark. The signed bobble head will be auctioned off by the Trojan Baseball Alumni Association as a fundraiser.

My sister Patti, brother-in-law Dudley and I also left the baseball game early to change clothes and go to the Galen Center in time for the 2018 HOF Induction Ceremony. We arrived early and found a table in the lobby where Trojan Candy could see everyone who walked in.

I took pictures of Heritage Hall friends whom I met when we volunteered at the information desk of Heritage Hall.

Scott and Cuyapi Jacobson, Julian Bonse, and Jannah Marie and Alex Garfio
First I saw Scott and Cuyapi Jacobson, Julian Bonse and Jannah Marie and Alex Garfio.
Patti Poon, Ron Orr, and Dudley Poon
Ron Orr posed with Patti and Dudley Poon.
Jennifer Noriega, Rebecca Morin and Isaac Flores
Friends Jennifer Noriega, Rebecca Morin and Isaac Flores were next.

Then, Hall of Fame Inductees started arriving.

Delphia and Charlie Weaver
Trojan Candy took a picture of new friend and 2018 Inductee Charlie Weaver and his wife Delphia.
Tina Thompson and ?
2012 HOF Member Tina Thompson (2/1/2014) and friend posed for me in the lobby.
Dudley Poon, Tina Thompson and Patti Poon
Then Tina posed with Dudley and Patti.

Trojan Candy decided to stand next to the official USC photographer as he took pictures in front of the Hall of Fame backdrop stand. Congratulations to every 2018 HOF Inductee whom Trojan Candy was able to photograph!

Wayne Black
Trojan Candy saw 2018 HOF Inductee Wayne Black. I took Patti over to meet him and took his picture.
Ous Mellouli and Julian Bonse
Being a former USC swimmer, Julian Bonse wanted a picture with 2018 HOF Inductee Ous Mellouli.
Ous Mellouli
Then I got Ous alone.
Patti Poon and Christine Ofiesh
TGLA friend Christine O'Fiesh posed with my sister Patti.
Chris and Desiree Claiborne
2018 HOF Inductee Chris Claiborne and his wife Desiree were next.
Troy Polamalu and Patti Poon
Trojan Candy strolled around the lobby. I photographed Patti with one of her and my favorite football players, 2018 HOF Inductee Troy Polamalu.
Tim Tessalone
I caught up with 2018 HOF Inductee Tim Tessalone. He was hard to get alone because Tim was talking to everyone.
Patti Poon and Barry Zito
Patti and I saw 2018 HOF Inductee Barry Zito walking by talking on the cellphone. We waited for him to hang up, and Patti asked him to autograph two of his bobble heads for my son Greg and grandson Zane. Barry obliged! Thank you, Barry!
Dick Leach, Wayne Black, Carl Neufeld, et al
Trojan Candy saw 2018 HOF Inductee Wayne Black posing with many friends. He gets around as much as Tim does! I recognized Wayne's USC Tennis Coach, 2003 HOF Member Dick Leach, the second from the left standing. Later I learned that Carl Neufeld is on Wayne's left.
Wayne and Irina Black
Next, Wayne posed with his wife Irina.
Jeff and Renee Nygaard
USC Men's Volleyball Coach Jeff Nygaard and his wife Renee were next.
Mark and Karen Tanimura
Trojan Candy said, "Hi" to friends Mark and Karen Tanimura.
Candy Yee, Richard Flores and Patti and Dudley Poon
Then, I saw good friend Richard Flores. The official photographer used my camera to take a picture of Patti, Dudley and me with Richard.
Kim Clark Jennings and her family
2018 HOF Inductee Kim Clark Jennings and her family were next in line for pictures.
Cheryl and Elliott Schwartz
TGLA Friends Cheryl and Elliott Schwartz posed for their picture.
Lynn and Charena Swann
Trojan Candy turned around and saw A.D. Lynn Swann and his wife Charena.
Jim and Janet Eddy with friends
Another TGLA friend Janet Eddy and her husband Jim gathered with friends.
Sharon and Bruce Furniss
2001 HOF member Bruce Furniss and his wife Sharon posed next.
Clay and Angela Helton
Coach Clay Helton and his wife Angela smiled for Trojan Candy.
Jovan and Lisa Vavic
I turned around and saw Coach Jovan Vavic and his wife Lisa posing at the HOF backdrop stand.
C.R. Roberts and Cathy Creasia
2007 HOF member C.R. Roberts posed with his daughter Cathy Creasia.
Lenny Vandermade, Alex Holmes,  ?, Troy Polamalu, ? , Keary Colbert and ?
2018 HOF Inductee Troy Polamalu gathered with his buddies for this picture. Lenny Vandermade (6/24/2010), Alex Holmes (9/22/2011), ?, Troy Polamalu, ? , Keary Colbert and ?
Alison Swain anRuth Rawlins
Coach Alison Swain and her guest Ruth Rawlins came to the HOF backdrop stand next.
Jan and Craig Stadler
1999 HOF member Craig Stadler and his wife Jan posed for their picture.
Alex and Lesley Holmes
Friend Alex Holmes and his wife Lesley smiled at the HOF backdrop.
Dusty Dvorak and his son
Trojan Candy's last picture in the Galen Center lobby was of 2007 HOF member Dusty Dvorak and his son.

Coach Helton asked all of the guests to enter the dining area at the south doors and all of the HOF Members and Inductees to enter at the north doors.

Trojan Candy entered into the Galen Center dining area quickly. There are always more pictures to take!

What an exciting evening already.