February 2018 (4) Candygrams

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Saturday, February 24, 2018---Women of Troy Basketball Senior Salute

Trojan Candy was able to take pictures on the court of the Women of Troy Basketball Senior Salute. I started at the tunnel where the team enters the court.

Jace, Jordan,Tausha and Jerrald Adams
I saw Senior Jordan Adams (3/24/2017) and her family first. Her brother Jace, Jordan, mother Tausha and dad Jerrald smiled for me.
Women of Troy
The Women of Troy warmed up on the court.

While I was walking around the court for the pre-game activities, my husband Jim was upstairs in the stands taking videos at the same time. Thanks, Hubby!

Song Girls
He took a video of the Song Girls dancing first.
Jordan Adam's extended family
Back to the courtside, Trojan Candy spoke with Jordan's mom Tausha. Then, I took a picture of Jordan's extended family at the tunnel entrance.
?, Valerie, Ray and Stacey Simon
Also at the tunnel entrance, I took this picture of Kristen Simon's family. They were Kristen's brother, mom Valerie, dad Ray and sister Stacey.
Jason and Leslie Hill
Trojan Candy walked further into the tunnel. There was Senior Team Manager Jason Hill with his dad Leslie.
Brianna Barrett
On the other side of the tunnel, Trojan Candy saw a familiar face. It was Brianna Barrett (3/25/2016)! She came back to honor her friend Jordan Adams.
Aliyah Mazyck and Ray, ?, Kristen, Valerie and Stacey Simon
I had to take a quick picture of Kristen Simon's family in the tunnel, because it was time for the Senior Salute to start. Teammate Aliyah Mazyck (10/11/2015) joined Kristen's family. Aliyah Mazyck, dad Ray, brother, Kristen, mom Valerie and sister Stacey.
Women's basketball team
The entire team watched the big screen video of the three Seniors.
Sadie Edwards with team
Senior Sadie Edwards (3/25/2016) was introduced first. She posed with the entire team when her jersey was presented to her.
Donna Heinel, Sadie Edwards, Mark Trakh, Blanche Alverson, Aarika Hughes and Jason Glover
Then Sadie posed with Senior Woman Administrator Donna Heinel and the coaches Mark Trakh, Blanche Alverson, Aarika Hughes (3/6/2010) and Jason Glover.
Valerie Simon; Mark Trakh; Ray, Kristen, ?, and Stacey Simon; and Aliyah Mazyck
The second Senior honored was Kristen Simon. She was surrounded by her mother Valerie, Coach Trakh, dad Ray, her brother, sister Stacey and team member Aliyah Mazyck.
Jordan Adams
Jordan Adams was the last Senior introduced.

Mark Trakh; Jordan, Jerrald, Tausha and Jace Adams; Sharon, Jessica and Ross Burnette; Tami Adams and Brittyn Adams; Nicole and Jayden Alvarez;  Janice Montgomery; Sydnee Bordinaro and Brianna BarrettJordan was surrounded by Coach Trakh, good friend Brianna Barrett and her family. Jerrald Adams (Dad), Tausha Adams (Mom), Jace Adams (brother), Sharon Burnette (grandma), Jessica Burnette (aunt), Ross Burnette (grandpa), Tami Adams (aunt), Brittyn Adams (cousin), Nicole Alvarez (aunt), Jayden Alvarez (cousin), Janice Montgomery (grandma), and Sydnee Bordinaro (friend) are included.

Trojan Candy was lucky to have taken pictures of the Seniors standing behind their jerseys. Unfortunately there was not enough time to have all three of them stand together for a group picture.

Leslie and Jason Hill with Sadie Edwards and Family
Here is Team Manager Jason Hill with his dad Leslie and Sadie Edwards with her family.
Kristen Simon's family and Jordan Adams with her dad and brother
Then I was lucky enough to take this picture of Kristen Simon's family and Jordan Adams with her dad and brother.
Kristen Simon's family with more of Jordan Adams' family
As the Seniors were told to clear the court, I took this last picture of Kristen Simon's family with more of Jordan Adams' family.
While Trojan Candy was on the court during the ceremony, my husband Jim took this video of the ceremony.
Jason Hill
Once Trojan Candy got off the court, I saw Manager Jason Hill holding a large cut out of himself.
Pep Squad
Next, I walked around the arena to take a picture of the Pep Squad.
Start of game
When the game started, I took a video of the tip-off until we scored our first basket.
Near the end of the game, I took this video of the three Seniors being honored as they were subbed out in their last home game.

Our team played very well against Colorado. We defeated the Buffaloes 65-53. FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Basketball!

Kristen Simon and Jordan Adams
Trojan Candy walked to the center of the court to take this picture of Kristen and Jordan. After this, the two Seniors bent down and kissed the court.
Sadie Edwards and family
I took a quick picture of Sadie with her family.

What a memorable night!

Friday, February 23, 2018---Women of Troy Tennis vs Cal

It's tennis season and it is still cold! We're here for the non-conference match with number 34 ranked Cal. Our Women of Troy were ranked number 48.

The competition began with the Doubles. Our Doubles Teams have been improving every week.

Here is the line-up for the Doubles.

Constance Branstine and Madison Westby
On Court 3 were Constance Branstine and Madison Westby.
Becca Weissmann and Gabby Smith
Becca Weissmann and Gabby Smith (2/10/2018) were on Court 2.
Rianna Valdes and Angela Kulikov
Rianna Valdes and Angela Kulikov played number 1 doubles.

Rianna Valdes and Angela Kulikov won 6-1 on Court 1. Then on Court 2, Becca Weissmann and Gabby Smith won 6-2. USC captured the Doubles point to lead 1-0.

Our women huddled after winning the Doubles point.

Now, it was time for the Single's competition. Court assignments from 1 to 6 were Gabby Smith, Becca Weissmann, Rianna Valdes, Madison Westby, Angela Kulikov and Constance Branstine respectively.

Trojan Candy will now show the Singles matches in the order that they were completed.

Angela Kulikov
On Court 5, Angela Kulikov was the first to complete her match by winning 6-3, 6-0 for our second point.
Becca Weissmann
Becca Weissmann played number 2 Singles and lost her match 3-6, 1-6.
Constance Branstine
On Court 6 Constance Branstine completed a comeback to win her match 1-6, 6-3, 6-3 for our third point.
Madison Westby
Number 4 Singles Madison Westby lost her match 2-6, 6-1, 0-6.

Now, it was down to the last two courts to decide the victory. A win on either Court 1 or Court 3 would win the match.

Rianna Valdes
On Court 3 Rianna Valdes lost a tiebreaker in the first set 6-7, won a tiebreaker in the second set 7-6 and then easily won the third set 6-1. That made the score USC 4 Cal 2. Our underdog Women of Troy defeated Cal!
Rianna Valdes
Rianna saw the team running towards her.
Then they mobbed her!
Gabby Smith
Number 1 Singles Gabby Smith battled to the very end but lost 6-3, 3-6, 5-7.

The final score was USC 4 Cal 3.

Our Women of Troy Tennis Team celebrated their victory by singing "Fight On."