November 2017 (3) Candygrams

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Saturday, November 25, 2017---Women of Troy Volleyball Senior Celebration

Trojan Candy was able to have access to the Galen Center court for the Women of Troy Senior Celebration before the USC-UCLA volleyball match. Thank you, SID Jeremy Wu!

I saw some families gathering in the tunnel before the ceremony began.

Don, Dana, and Ryan Leonard
Trojan Candy took this picture of Nikki Leonard's family first. Her parents Don and Dana and brother Ryan Leonard.
Alex, Dee and Bob Abercrombie, Jameson, and Ashley
Brittany Abercrombie's family posed with beautiful flowers for her. Brother-in-law Alex, her parents Dee and Bob Abercrombie, friend Jameson, and sister Ashley.
Mark, Evan, and Annette Geiger, and Ty
Next, Trojan Candy met Dani Geiger's family. Dad Mark, brother Evan, Mom Annette, and Danielle's boyfriend Ty.
Michael, Yvonne, Cody, and Ashley Withers
Further in the tunnel was Niki Withers' family. Her parents Michael and Yvonne and brothers Cody and Ashley.
Tom Whalley; Melanie Meyer; Adam Levin; Hayze, Zane, Quade, Trae, Stevie, and Kristin Meyer-Whalley
Senior Reni Meyer-Whalley had the largest family. Father Tom Whalley; Mother Melanie Meyer; Uncle Adam Levin; and brothers Hayze, Zane, Quade, and Trae; and, in front, sisters Stevie and Kristin.
Rachel, Alex, Jordan, and Mark Dunn
Trojan Candy was able to take just one more picture of Jordan Dunn and her family before the ceremony started. Jordan is with her sister-in-law Rachel, brother Alex, and dad Mark.

I had to run out of the tunnel and on to the court as soon as I could because the ceremony was starting. Luckily, I made it in time.

Dani Geiger with family and friends
Trojan Candy missed taking a picture of #21 Dani Geiger being introduced. I'm so sorry, Dani! So, I took this picture of Dani and her family and friends after the match ended.
Don, Dana, Nikki, and Ryan Leonard and Mick Haley
The second Senior introduced was #15 Nikki Leonard. Her parents Don and Dana, Nikki, brother Ryan, and Head Coach Mick Haley.
Mick Haley and Trae, Zane, Hayze, Stevie, and Kristin Meyer-Whaley; Adam Levin; Reni Meyer-Whalley; Melanie Meyer; Tom Whalley; and Quade Meyer-Whalley
Senior #14 Reni Meyer-Whalley was next. Coach Mick Haley; brothers Trae, Zane, and Hayze; sisters Stevie and Kristin; uncle Adam Levin; Reni; mom Melanie Meyer; dad Tom Whaley; and brother Quade Meyer-Whalley.
Cody, Michael, Niki, Yvonne, and Ashley Withers and Mick Haley
The fourth Senior introduced was #3 Niki Withers. Cody, father Michael, Niki, mother Yvonne, Ashley Withers and Coach Haley.
Jameson; Alex; Dee, Brittany, Bob, and Ashley Abercrombie; and Mick Haley
Senior #6 Brittany Abercrombie was introduced next. Family friend Jameson, brother-in-law Alex, mother Dee, Brittany, father Bob, and sister Ashley and Coach Haley
Rachel, Adrienne, Jordan, Mark, and Alex Dunn and Mick Haley
The last Senior, in the tunnel and on the court, was #5 Jordan Dunn. Rachel, mom Adrienne, Jordan, dad Mark and Alex Dunn and Coach Haley.

Nikki Leonard, Brittany Abercrombie, Jordan Dunn, Reni Meyer-Whalley, Niki Withers and Dani GeigerThere were so many people on the court taking pictures that I couldn't take a picture of the six Seniors facing me. Here's the best I could do. Nikki Leonard, Brittany Abercrombie, Jordan Dunn, Reni Meyer-Whalley, Niki Withers and Dani Geiger. Congratulations and FIGHT ON, Nikki, Brittany, Jordan, Reni, Niki and Dani!

FIGHT ON, USC Women's Volleyball!

Friday, November 17, 2017---John McKay Center and UCLA Rally

Gail Nagaoka and Trojan Candy
Trojan Candy's afternoon started with the USC Associate's Reception. My friend Gail Nagaoka and I posed with Traveler. Then, we walked over to another reception at Heritage Hall.
Alexandra Bitterlin, Julian Bonse, Scott Wandzilak and Suzanne Ebner
In the Bashor Lounge four friends smiled from behind the counter. Alexandra Bitterlin, Julian Bonse, Scott Wandzilak and Suzanne Ebner were busy working.
2016-2017 USC Athletes
Now, it was time to take a tour of the John McKay Center. My tour group walked down the Heritage Hall stairs past this picture featuring 2016-2017 USC Athletes. We continued into the John McKay Center.
The same USC Athletes are in the two murals in the John McKay Center lobby.
Second mural.
We walked upstairs to the Football Meeting Room. Before entering the room I saw plaques honoring USC football players who were drafted in the NFL.
Football Greats
Also on the second floor is this picture of USC Football Greats.
Some plaques on the All-American Walkway.
Adoree Jackson and Chad Wheeler
Adoree Jackson and Chad Wheeler are from the 2016 Football team.

Once outside, Trojan Candy walked over to the Heritage Hall patio to get a good spot to take pictures and videos of the upcoming USC "Jock" Rally for the UCLA football game.

Spirit Squad
Trojan Candy saw the Spirit Squad first.
Song Girls
Then, I was able to take a picture of the USC Song Girls posing with a fan.
Spirit of Troy
After waiting for fifteen minutes, Trojan Candy finally heard them. The USC Spirit of Troy led by the Song Girls marched into the Heritage Hall patio.
Football Team
Within a few minutes, the USC Men's Football Team walked into the patio.
Kenechi Udeze
Coach Kenechi Udeze addressed the team first.
The team was hyped up when the Spirit of Troy played "Tusk."
Nico Falah
Senior Center Nico Falah said a few words to his team.
Then, Nico held up the sword for "Conquest."
Paul, Wyatt, and Shannon Schmidt
After the rally ended, Trojan Candy was able to meet the parents of two players. I took a picture of Wyatt Schmidt with his dad Paul and mother Shannon. FIGHT ON, Wyatt!

Manzur, Nico, and Cathy FalahThen, I spoke with friend Nico Falah and took his picture with his parents Manzur and Cathy. FIGHT ON, Nico!

Another exciting afternoon on campus.

FIGHT ON, USC Football!