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Saturday, September 2, 2017---USC vs. Western Michigan Football Game

Football playersTrojan Candy waited at Gate 6 to enter the Coliseum at 12:15 pm. I entered the tunnel and walked all the way down the stairs to the field with my field pass. Unfortunately, most of the USC Football Team had already entered the tunnel. I was lucky to snap this picture of the last group of USC players.

However, there would be plenty of pre-game pictures and videos to take on the field before the 2:15 pm kick-off of our game against Western Michigan.

It was tremendously hot on the field. The temperature was 100+.

New screen
I took this picture of one of the two new big screens.
Entrance to tunnel
Here is the new carpet at the entrance of the tunnel.
USC players started running out from the tunnel.
Some players came ...
one by one.
Sam Darnold
Sam Darnold (12/14/2016)
Sam Darnold
Sam Darnold
USC players
USC players started to warm up.
Jack Jones
Trojan Candy caught Jack Jones dancing in this video.
USC players
Then, I saw some of his teammates warming up. It was unbearably hot on the Coliseum turf.
Brett Neilon
I saw a familiar face. Freshman Brett Neilon posed for me.
East end of the Coliseum
The east end of the Coliseum looks different. The scoreboard to the left of the torch has been removed, and the east end is now flanked by two big screens.
The clock and torch are intact.
Defensive Backfield
The Defensive Backfield came out to warm up. Cameron Smith started it off.

Josh NacionA new friend asked me to take a picture of him with his cellphone. Trojan Candy always shakes the cell phone when I take a picture. So I told Josh Nacion that I would take his picture and put him on my blog. Josh works for USC Athletics as a Digital Content Coordinator. Fight on Josh!

Bill BeasleyNext, Trojan Candy saw an "old" friend. Bill Beasley, who has worked at the Coliseum, the Galen Center, Dedeaux Field, and the Loker Track Stadium, gave me a big hug and then was back at work.

Tony BurnettTo my surprise, I saw another "old" friend walking towards me. USC Football alumnus Tony Burnett (9/9/2010) gave me a hug and smiled for this picture. Tony used to stop by the Heritage Hall desk when my husband and I were volunteering. He has played in the Canadian Football League for five years. Yes, he is holding a pink umbrella.

Genaro Carapia
Another friend came down on the field with me. Genaro Carapia stood at the entrance of the tunnel, and then, just like me, he walked around taking pictures.
Two more USC players walked down the tunnel on to the field.
Defensive Backs
The Defensive Backs warmed up.
Defensive Backs
Defensive Backs
Levi Jones
Levi Jones came on the field.
Sam Darnold
Trojan Candy was able to take this video of Sam Darnold leading the team out of the tunnel.
The offensive players stopped for a moment.
Football Team
The rest of the USC Football Team came out of the tunnel.
Spirit of Troy
Now, it was time for the Spirit of Troy to march on to the field.
USC Team
By now, the entire USC Team was warming up on the field.
Flying Tigers
The pre-game program began. Trojan Candy was able to catch the Flying Tigers fly over during the Star Spangled Banner.
Traveler galloped out of the tunnel so quickly!
Team Captains
Next, the Team Captains walked out of the tunnel.
Ron Yary
The Captains were followed by the entire team. USC Football Alumnus Ron Yary led the team out of the tunnel.
Richard, Marciano, and Rebecca Flores
It was time for Trojan Candy to leave the field now. As I walked up the Coliseum steps, I saw three friends. Richard, Marciano, and Rebecca Flores.
Reid Budrovich
Trojan Candy captured my friend, Reid Budrovich (8/22/2015), kicking his first punt as a USC starter.
Spirit of Troy
The Spirit of Troy put on a halftime show that commemorated our mascot Traveler.
Spirit of Troy
Spirit of Troy
Spirit of Troy forms Traveler.
Spirit of Troy
The Spirit of Troy played the William Tell overture. FIGHT ON, Traveler!
Jake Olson long snap
The most memorable play in the game was when long snapper Jake Olson (2/4/2015) hiked the football for the extra point.
Jake Olson
About Jake Olson
Jake Olson
About Jake Olson
Jake Olson
Thank you, Jake Olson!
Jake Olson
After his successful snap, he was congratulated by opposing players and teammates and put on the big screen. FIGHT ON, Jake!
Final score
The final score was shown on the big screen.

FIGHT ON, USC Football!