September 2017 (2) Candygrams

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Saturday, September 16, 2017---USC vs. Texas

Trojan Candy's day started out at the USC Fan Fest for the USC vs Texas football game. My husband Jim and I got many free items....boxes of delicious Pocky biscuit sticks, towels, many McDonald's coupons and packages of dried beef. Thank you, USC Vendor supporters!

Next, we walked on campus to the USC Associates football picnic. Every year, the Rossier School of Education invites us to the picnic. Trojan Candy saw many friends at the picnic and later at the game. Here is an album of my friends.

Lois and Bill Gerrie
Lois and Bill Gerrie
Lois Booth, Lorri Martin, and Sandy Johnston
Lois Booth, Lorri Martin, and Sandy Johnston
Jim Yee, Dudley and Patti Poon, Trojan Candy, and Lai Tan and Genaro Carapia
Sitting: Jim Yee and Dudley and Patti Poon. Standing: Trojan Candy and Lai Tan and Genaro Carapia
Armando Brown
Armando Brown, official USC photographer
Jonathan Reid, Carla Wohl, Diana Hernandez, Matt DeGrushe, and Stephen Lucasi
USC School of Education Staff Jonathan Reid, Carla Wohl, Diana Hernandez, Matt DeGrushe, and Stephen Lucasi.
Rachel Beal and Stephen Lucasi
Rachel Beal and Stephen Lucasi, USC School of Education Staff.
Trojan Candy, Jim Yee, Patti and Dudley Poon, and Genaro and Lai Tan Carapia
Armando took this picture of Trojan Candy with her family and friends. Trojan Candy, Jim, Patti and Dudley, Genaro and Lai Tan, and two Spirit Leaders.
Spirit of Troy Silks
Spirit of Troy Silks marched into the Associates picnic.
Spirit Team
Then the USC Spirit Team stood at the head of the procession.

Then we went to the Coliseum for the football game.

Steven Mitchell
Players huddled around #4 Steven Mitchell on the field.
Rey Maualuga
Our football team was led out of the Coliseum tunnel by Rey Maualuga (1/30/2009). FIGHT ON, Rey!
Matt Leinart
Friend Matt Leinart was honored for being inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. FIGHT ON, Matt!
Carson Wong and Trojan Candy
During the game, new friend and fellow alumnus Carson Wong came by to visit with yours truly. Carson works at NBC Universal.
Rebecca and Alexandra Flores
Rebecca and Alexandra Flores were sitting two seats away from us on row 69.
Chase McGrath
Trojan Candy took this picture of Chase McGrath making the tying field goal in the closing seconds of regulation.

We beat Texas in two overtimes!

Doyle and Georgia Hanchera
After the game, friends Doyle and Georgia Hanchera came by to celebrate the victory with us.
Final score
Here is the final box score.

FIGHT ON, USC Football!

Saturday, September 9, 2017---USC-Stanford Football Game

There was more excitement in the air in the Coliseum. Perhaps other Trojans, like myself, really wanted to beat the Cardinals.

Boeing C-17
The Spirit of Troy again had a flyover during the Star Spangled Benner. This week it was a Boeing C-17 transport plane.
Football team
Our team came out of the dressing room and were led out of the tunnel by USC Basketball star and NBA All-Star of the Toronto Raptors, DeMar DeRozan!
Spirit of Troy
Today was Joint Forces Day.
Otto and Gregory Yee
My son Gregory sat near my husband Jim and yours truly at the game. Greg's best friend, since nursery school, Otto got his MBA from USC. As you may recall, my son graduated from Stanford.
Beach Volleyball
In the second half, our 2017 NCAA Beach Volleyball Champions were honored on the field. Here is a big board video of our Women of Troy Beach Volleyball Team.
Beach Volleyball
Congratulations and FIGHT ON, USC Beach Volleyball!
Stanford Tree
Even though the Stanford Tree always has a smile on his face, his Cardinals were outplayed by our Trojans.
Big Board
The Big Board tells it all.

Congratulations and FIGHT ON, USC Football!

Friday, September 8, 2017---Soccer, Rally and Water Polo

Trojan Candy saw most of the Women of Troy Soccer game versus Santa Clara. Our team was behind 0-1 at the half and went ahead 2-1 in the second half. They went on to win the match 2-1. FIGHT ON, Women of Troy Soccer!

I left the match early because I wanted to get a "choice" spot to take pictures of the 5:00 pm "Jock Rally" at Heritage Hall. I did find an excellent spot on the corner of the brick wall near where the team would enter.

Laura and Sophie
Before the rally started I met two Song Girls (Laura and Sophie).
Song Girls
Next, I was able to take this picture of all of the Song Girls. Amanda, Laura, Jaclyn, Lauren, Adrianna, Allegra, Vanessa, Aya, Sophie, Cynique and Cassie. FIGHT ON, USC Song Girls!
Spirit of Troy
Trojan Candy heard them coming before I saw them. The Spirit of Troy marched in and stood at attention. FIGHT ON, USC Spirit of Troy!
Football team entry
Then, the team came through the two lines of USC Spirit Leaders.
Football team upbeat
The team was upbeat.
Spirit of Troy
John Baxter, Special Teams Coordinator and Tight Ends Coach, hyped up the team even more with his original poem and then the band played "Tusk."
Cam Smith
Now, it was Inside Linebacker Cam Smith's turn to address his teammates.
Song Girls
The Song Girls danced among the team.
"Conquest" was led by Cam Smith and the team exited.

FIGHT ON, USC Football!

Spirit Leaders
As I was leaving, I took this picture of the Spirit Leaders.
Water Polo
Trojan Candy quickly made my way over to the USC Men's Water Polo game versus Stanford. I arrived at the end of the First Period. We were ahead 5-3.
McQuin Baron
Our Goalie McQuin Baron gets ready for a Stanford 5-meter penalty shot in the 3rd period.
McQuin Baron
McQuin made a spectacular block on the penalty shot!
7-3 goal
We scored a goal on a 6 on 5 in the Third Period to make the score 7-3.

Our men won 8-6.

FIGHT ON, USC Men's Water Polo!